6 thoughts on “On patrol with MHI”

  1. That’s pretty good. I’m sure the prisoner will comment on it in between bouts of swearing at the officer.

  2. Dearest Larry,
    I was recommend your book by the idiot officer that wrongfully imprisoned me. I was so happy to see that those fed’s got what was coming to them. One other thing, can you make sure that more people are eaten by gargoyle’s? I really liked that part.
    Inmate 8437620

  3. Every patrol cop, whether consciously or subcounscously, likes to consider himself a hunter of monsters.

    Sometimes we even catch one.

    Keep up the good work, Larry!

    As for Inmate 8437620: I heard that.

  4. A friend of mine in the Nearby City PD had a ‘Cthulhu Fish’ emblem propped up on the back deck of his cruiser, and carried a stuffed Cthulhu in his front passenger seat.

    The really terrifying thing? He was head of Nearby City PD’s dive team…

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