Not much posting – lack of interwebs on home computer + COD:MW2

I haven’t posted much lately, as my only access to the internet has been at work, and I’ve been swamped there.  My home internet should be up again soon.  My wife got a new computer for Christmas, and I managed to take down our wireless router trying to hook her up.  I should have wireless for my laptop again soon though. 

That said, I’ve still been able to plug into Xbox live.  Thank goodness. 

I was given Modern Warfare 2 for Christmas.  It is massive fun.  Sadly, my first couple days of playing consisted of my being slaughtered by 14 year olds who’ve been playing for a month and are already at 10th prestige.  And it is true, dual shotgun guy is a dog rapist. 

Anybody who says that MW:2 is “ultra realistic” needs to be smacked upside the head.  Last time I looked, there weren’t a lot of teleporting ninjas running like olympic sprinters with a 100 year old ten-gauge in each hand on the modern battlefield.

My kill ratio is currently a pathetic .68, but I”m starting to get back in my grove.  In my first match with my beloved old standby from MW:1, the P90, I managed to get a 19 kill streak.   Running a chopper’s gun is a pure slaughterfest.

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23 thoughts on “Not much posting – lack of interwebs on home computer + COD:MW2”

  1. Hey, sorry to hear about your internet situation–maybe this will lift your spirits. I bought your book a while back and read it straight through within 25 hours. Now at home over Christmas Break, I lent it to my brother to read, and he read it within two days also. Afterward, he said that it was one of the best books he’s ever read! And just now, I saw a copy at the local library, so maybe even more people will become addicted…

    Good job!

  2. Awesome!
    I love MW2, but I’ve been playing Assassins Creed II since christmas. I’ll get back to it in a few days I’m sure. Send me an email and I’ll give you my xbl gamertag if you ever want to play together.

  3. ” And it is true, dual shotgun guy is a dog rapist. “

    I freaking hate that guy. Believe it or not the 1887 was even more powerful until just a week ago.

    I wish they’d quit trying to balance weapons out. Just make ’em perform as real to life as they can and let the chips fall where they may.

    1. It would be funny to see the dual 1887’s function realistically, every other shot you accidentally drop one trying to do that spinny reload bullshit, sometimes you forget how the damn things work, and every couple games you break part of one and can’t use it the rest of the match cause no one makes spare parts.

  4. Hell yeah, dual shotgun guys love to suck dirty dog cock, and the Chopper gunners are bastards! I’ve given up on shooting them down and just hide inside. Shoot me an email anytime to trade gamertags if you want.

  5. You would not believe how much the Marines onboard my last ship bitched and moaned about how unrealistic MW1 was, especially after we squiddies started mopping the decks with them.

    They were not just bad, they were atrocious.

    I can only assume they just kept trying to do the things they were trained to do, whereas we figured out how the game actually worked, and exploited it as such. Those 14-year-olds are probably doing much the same ;).

    1. Also, Mr. Correia, have you tried “Legendary” yet? Bit of an old game, and not that terribly good, but it plays like MHI: the Recruitment ;).

  6. If you level up enough to unlock the Stinger choppers fall a whole lot easier. I try and take ’em out quick before idiots on my team start running around in the open and getting crushed by them.

    1. Yeah, the flares always fuck me up, and I usually don’t have time for the follow up shot, but every once in awhile…. Yay! Kaboom! Kinda funny how happy I get when I shoot down an Apache, seeing as how my day job is fixing ’em.

      1. you just got to be persistant. you get 300 experience for shooting down a harrier which is equivalent to getting 4-6 kills depending on game type. so i have no problem getting killed 2-3 times for it. it would help if more people would shoot them down though

  7. I figure being a real life gunny and playing MW2 is like being a real life guitar player and trying Guitar Hero. It’s a handicap if anything.
    Needless to say, I SUCK at MW2 on live. I guess I just need to play more.

  8. I can sympathize, it’s funny the most powerful gunmof modern warfare 2 is an antique shotgun. I myself was hoping the A-12 would be better after seeing it on an episode of Future Weapons but people seem to misunderstand that shotgun pellets don’t spray immediately after leaving the barrel. Wait till you get the Aug light machine gun, I have somewhere around 1000 kills with that beast.

    Wishing you the best of hunting,

    1. yeah it’s like the completely pussified the vector and then the “H und K” UMP is the uber SMG, i mean rate of fire is it’s only draw back.

      ( i love the vector in real life and if i have the mony i’d get one, or three)

  9. Ha saw you online last night Larry. Yes MW2 is a hella fun! Hit me up sometime when your online.

    And I hate dog raping dual shotgun guy!


  10. MW 2 Spec Ops is my favorite part of that game. The wife got me Borderlands for Christmas, so I’ve been horribly addicted to that for now. Lots of guns + cell-shaded graphics + the ability to level up = WIN!!

  11. That is why I play first person and let the tweens duke it out in multi-player. That and I use way too much body english, and often will fall out of my chair trying to dodge. Much embarrassing at LAN parties.

    1. Tried MW2 at a friends house last night. I still suck, but at least on a couch, I don’t fall off. Thank heavens for wireless controllers.

  12. hey awsome! i was begining to wonder if you werent going to get it, or if you’d gotten it and just hadnt posted about it.

    anyway, dont feel bad about you K/d ratio. i say that abut i have a nice 1.16 so i dont know how much help i am 😛

    can you Email me your GT or something i’d love to paly with[against? >:) ] you sometime

  13. I snagged MW2 myself and the first thing I did was level up to where I could make custom classes and the first one is called the ‘MHI Kit.’ No joke. Primary is the UMP .45, secondary is the USP, which I might replace with the AA-12 as a substitute for Abomination. Frag Grenades, Stuns, and the Commando Pro perk so I don’t have to get in too close to chop some bastard’s head off.

  14. The FAL’s the shit. Thing is like a high cap sniper rifle, so much fun! Can’t wait to pick up one of the DSA clones, just gotta learn to poop gold bricks, or get deployed again.

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