EDIT: It's cool.

EDIT:  Okay, before reading forward, everybody can relax.  I spoke with the owner of the Two Hour Wargames after I posted this. Yes, he was inspired by the first part of MHI. He will be putting up a thing on his page about that is where he got the idea. He apologized, and will be linking to where people can get my book.   Ed apologized, said that he read that bit and got fired up, and should not have used my stuff like that.  I respect that he contacted me so quickly to apologize and to try to make things right. 

I don’ t mind fan fiction, in fact I love it and there is some great MHI fan fic on the internet. I know of at least a dozen different gamer groups that are running their own MHI based campaigns and I think that is awesome, but when someone uses a writer’s creation to make money, then that is different. Baen Books owns the rights to MHI, and anything that ties in there needs to be cleared through them through proper channels.

So I’m pulling this down. Thanks to everybody who jumped in there. I’ve got a brutal fan base. You guys rocked, but we’re cool here.

Book signings in Denver
Got some writing done yesterday, still a member of the Utah Literati.

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  1. These people obviously don’t know who they’re messing with. With the number of fans you have and the amount of vitriol and snark they bring to the table (not even mentioning the number of firearms, because that might be considered a threat…) they’re in for a bumpy ride even without a lawsuit.

    ‘Scuse please, off to write a scathing rant about plagiarists and the bad ends they come to.

    1. I have contacted Mr. Correia about this and pull the product from the site until we have had a chance to discuss this. Totally his call.
      Anyone having read ATH knows it is not the same story.
      Again, sorry for any misunderstanding and I am waiting for Mr. Correia’s response.

  2. It’s real simple. You get a lawyer to send a cease and desist letter, and all of your blogger buddies post about this so the first google result under the game’s name (and company’s name) is about plagiarism.

    That should about end that particular revenue stream for them.

  3. Pitchforks my friends… This is ridiculous. Hey Two Hour Wargames! If you’re going to be unoriginal, at least be unoriginal originally! Sheesh!

    However, Larry… That Rosleen thing? Sounds like a good read. Really familiar in fact. 😉

  4. On behalf of the RPG gamer community, I would like to apologize that this happened to you, and rest assured, I will pass the word that these punks need to be pilloried with great malice aforethought. I do however beg you, -please- dont let this sour you to future possibilites of a MHI tabletop game. I know I would love to run or play in such a game.

    1. WELL, i am one of those “punks” that you folks are talking so glibly about blowing away, putting in the pillory, leading mobs against, loosing the dogs of ambulance chasing on, and etc.

      no i do not have any financial connection to THWG, ED is not my brother, brother in law or related in any manner to me, but i am his friend, and have been playing with miniatures, rules, dice, terrain, on tabletops probably long before some of y’all were even concieved, or contemplated, and i have done been there and done that hell on earth where human beings kill each other, so i do not for one like to have RPGers or anyone else on the www blanding threaten me with violence, lawsuits, lynching, , corporal punishment, etc, such as i have been reading here..

      frankly, i doubt that 1 in 100 of you has the danglies to react in this manner to my face and within arms reach, but it is easy to be “brave” thanks to the intervening time/distance that seperates you and me, or you and anyone else, from a well deserved ante up to your long distance mouthing off. . . .

      this is the first time i have even “heard” of MONSTER HUNTER, but i know of at least two earlier RPGs that you folks might consider to be plagarizing the author’s work. BUREAU 13 and FRINGEWORTHY are the titles.

      also, doe it not behoove a lynch mob, real or cyber, to at least try to get the facts straight before shouting “plagarism!”, “kill the infidel” and etc?

      OKAY, now things are hunky dory between ED and the author of MONSTER HUNTER, they have made their “oeace” over what was an honest misunderstanding, so i think it is time for the lynch mob to disperse and return to their homes, begin going about their business again, etc.

      and i honestly suggest that any actual gamers among you lot, cruise over to THWG yahoogroup and “meet” about 3500 nice folks who play and enjoy THWG rules. i think that y’all will find that we are not a “cult” or band of punks, but, just nice folks like i am sure that most of y’all are with families, jobs, various gaming interests, who live in the real world most of the time, and enjoy our hobby when we can.

      looking forward to seeing some if not all of y’all over at the THWG yahoogroup!

      oh, yeah, i am an aulde fart gamer named DAWGIE. played everything from dinosaurs to starsships and starship troopers in my time; still own v/1 brown box D&D, and black box v/1 TRAVELLER, among other rules. my ever growing lead pile goes all the way back to the 1970s, too.

      currently, i am into mainly THWG rules, SKANK and a couple of other free rulesets for post apocalyptic gaming with miniatures, dice, and terrain on
      a table top.

      lastly a question: where can i find this MONSTER HUNTER book at for real world prices?

      have a nice day, folks!


      1. Dawgie, just relax man. Everything is good on both ends. Both of us have really loyal fans. Ed and I are square.

        You can get MHI for $7.99 or less at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

      2. “frankly, i doubt that 1 in 100 of you has the danglies to react in this manner to my face and within arms reach, but it is easy to be “brave” thanks to the intervening time/distance that seperates you and me, or you and anyone else, from a well deserved ante up to your long distance mouthing off. . . .”

        A word of advice? The internet tough-guy thing never works, really. and every once in a while, someone take you up on it.

        most of the people who come here are combat vets, competition shooters, and other nasty things that go bump in the night. waving your e-peen at them is only going to get you laughed at. It’s settled and done, so have a seat.

  5. DMCA takedown notice to angelfire, they’ll be down in a couple hours.

    Report them as copyright violators to paypal, and their paypal account will be suspended.

  6. Cry havoc and let slip the litigators of war!

    When I used to play RPG’s with friends over beer and pizza, we would occasionally play adventures that were pulled out of our favorite novels (Hammer’s Slammers played via Battletech) but for Cthulhu’s sake, this is someone trying to make money off of someone else’s idea. Glad he pulled it down, but there’s nothing to stop him from putting it back up once the sturm und drang dies down.

  7. Just so you all know what I posted on my group.

    Just got off the phone with Larry Correia (I called him) the author of Monster Hunter International and got everything square with him. It was pointed out to me by some of his fans that there were similarities between the two which I do not deny.

    Like I said to Larry, his fantastic book inspired me to get off my butt and start All Things Horror (yes, I know it has been sitting around for two years).

    I agreed to let everyone know about this and also I suggested putting a blurb about where his book can be purchased. He said this was good enough and ATH will be available again. He was a pleasure to work with.

    If you have not read Monster Hunter International , you really have to. It’s a must read..

    Thanks again Larry for the inspiration.


  8. Wow, that really is a complete rip-off of MHI. You might use different characters Ed, but the idea and plot are completely Larry’s.

    I would recommend taking the game off the shelves or Baen will likely be coming after you – you just can’t take someone’s idea and flip it for profit… not cool.

  9. There is no IP protection for ideas or plot. And you can, in fact, take ideas and run with them. The previous writer for The Hero (whose story was rejected) sold it independently. I’ve had ideas rejected one place, and reused elsewhere.

    Consider how closely the stories of Moses, Lawrence of Arabia and Paul Atreides are. Or High Noon and Outland.

    Now, if you start using characters, devices, names, close paraphrases of text, etc, you run into issues.

  10. Errrrrmmmm…I suggest you all take a look at Tri-Tac’s “Bureau 13” or even some of the stuff done for “Call of Cthulhu” or “Ghostbusters”. I once ran (1980’s) a CoC/GB variant that was “normal monsters” (vampires) and the player’s were bounty hunters working for a corporation.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    But good to see everything worked out. Now Larry can get back on “Vendetta” and other works!

    1. Bob, no doubt. Everything has been done somewhere at some time by somebody. That’s not the question. It was the very specific nature of a whole bunch of things in a row.

      Ed admitted using my stuff and apologized. I’m not worried. Everything is cool.

  11. Larry and I worked things out and it really should end there. The book is still great and it stands on it’s own merits.
    Like Larry said, we’re cool so can we just drop it? Nothing to gain here.

    1. Oh, hey, Bob, you know what? You’re right. Me arguing with random know it alls on the internet doesn’t help me or Ed.

      And I have the delete button. 🙂 Welcome to the scrap bin.

  12. Just think the next time Larry meets with fellow writers and the gloating that will ensue:

    Writer One: “My fans dress up as the characters and recreate scenes from my book.”
    Writer Two: “My Fans have created the largest numbers of fan sites ever.”
    Larry: “My nutjobs found out somebody might be making money illegally out of my book, loaded up on rifles, pistols and ammo, hoped in their armored vehicles, tested the 50 calibers and were on their way to rape, pillage and burn.”
    Writer One and Two: “So what happened?”
    Larry””This time they got the order right.”

  13. Having owned (and occasionally played!) a few Two Hour Wargames products for several years, I’d think that Ed’s ‘Chain Reaction’ system would be a perfect fit for gaming MHI on the tabletop.

  14. THANK YOU for the info about where to find your book.

    i am not familiar with your book and i have not even bought ATH yet, BUT, i would be SAFE say that i among other gamers with no knowledge of your book have written and GM scenarios about bounty hunters, sanctioned para military agencies, government agencies, and even the VATICAN have chartered to deal with “things man was not meant to know” since at least the 1970s for use with tactical RPG-ing or RPG w/lead as it is known to some folks.

    for at least the last 20 years the occasional movie or tv series has popped up here and in the UK, as well as other countries dealing with this kind of topic for profit. then there is the FPS video and computer game market where a lot of big time games have dealt with this very topic as well. and all of these folks have made mega bucks in the process.

    i am glad all is well on the homeland monster hunting front, and that everyone has decided to be nice to everyone. again i invite you or anyone here over to the THWG yahoo group for a shufty. i think y’all will find it a very nice place to visit.

    to second what some one above wrote, it is very possible to game almost anything on a tabletop with toys, dice, terrain, and THWG rules, so i can
    see where playing MONSTER HUNTER scenarios is doable too (even if i am clueless about the book content at this time).

    i mean, hey, if i am able to come with a scenario about arms traffickers, employees, bystanders and cops “all doing their thing” at a “dunkin donut” when hopped up street punks attempt to rob the place, or sweaty PA biker babes stopping for gas, snacks and bathroom break encountering zombies at a tiny nowhar burg out west i am sure folks with wilder imaginations or inspiring material to draw upon could do the same for the for of their local group of gamers.

    are you by any chance into miniatures, boardgames, paper miniatures, or paper/pencil type wargaming your self? it really is a hoot, especially the miniatures aspect ( the visuals captured my fevered imagination way, way way back in the 70s, and i have never looked back!).

    have a nice day!


    1. Dawgie, it was more than just the “secret org killing monsters for profit trope”, but I’ve rehashed the details once above for somebody else, and then ended up going back and deleting everything. It isn’t doing anyone any favors by bringing up specifics, so I’ll just leave it at that.

      I was a pretty hard core RPG nerd, starting in high school with D&D, then going on to 2nd edition and Top Secret in college. After that, life got too busy,and haven’t played in probably over a decade. Still think it is awesome. Still geek out at well painted miniatures.

      1. That include prepainted, Larry? I collect a little WWII ships line Wizards of the Coast puts out, and am planning a mass-repaint on a lot of my destroyers if I cna ever get my hands to stop shaking long enough… actually used to build a lot of model ships and planes, but ever since this problem started my workbench has been a graveyard of half-finished kits collecting dust and spiderwebs.

  15. ‘You can get MHI for $7.99 or less at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Go there now and buy one for everyone on your christmas list so that Baen will publish more of my books.’

    There I fixed that for you.

  16. MATTHEW,

    i an not playing internet hard case.

    i mentioned what i consider to be a very real instance of cyber threats and etc, not being done face to face and within arms reach by some if not all of the folks who are talking about it.

    . and i mentioned it because of all of the bs being tossed so glibly about here by folks who have probably never engaged in physical confrontations in their lives. been my experience that most folks who have actually fought and killed, do not stroll about with flashing neon signs over their nogginis that read” stone cold killer” or followed by backup singers singing ” i am bad! i am bad i am bad!”

    as for blowing holes in things that do not shoot back, done been there and done that for 40 plus years, rifle, handgun, shotgun; combat vet, been there and done that twice.

    and as far as taking any instructions, from you, with an open threat bluntly stated or implied by you, well, i have fire ants in the back yard that i am more concerned about. . .


    1. .


      Where to begin.

      I’m feeling contrary, so I’ll start at the bottom.

      ‘bluntly stated’ does not, in any way resemble a synonym for ‘implied’. And I’ve not threatened you. If you feel this is the case, I suggest you may be having comprehension problems. or, ‘I do not think that means what you think it means. Next, we have you making comments about how ‘badass’ you are, except that, in your experience,

      “that most folks who have actually fought and killed, do not stroll about with flashing neon signs over their nogginis that read” stone cold killer” or followed by backup singers singing ” i am bad! i am bad i am bad!””

      … oh, the irony, I could make a suspension bridge with it.

      And finally, your -laughable- suggestion of cyber-threatning.

      Nobody threatened anyone with violence. I, personally, stated that I intended to make it known that Ed was a plagarist. hint, look up the definition of ‘pillory’.

      The only injury would have been Ed’s reputation, and rightly so. Now, Ed and Larry have come to an arrangement, so it’s a moot point.

      then you come in, and proceed to make an ass of yourself. Way To Go. Show everyone how ‘cool’ Ed’s people are, by being a netjerk. Truely, I am impressed, Sir. I am certain Ed -truely- appretiates your support.

      oh, and disparaging the skills of everyone who frequents this blog was a nice touch.

      the only thing at risk right now is your ego, and reputation. I suggest you sit down, and let the adults talk, before you go and give yourself a virtual boo-boo.

  17. MATTHEW,

    i came here out of curiosity to see what all of the up roar was over, and to find out what LARRY had to say, since i knew what ED had to say.

    what i found was all kinds of cyber bad mouth, talk of pillorying, talk about folks here being full of snark, vitriol, and having lots of guns to bring to the table, threats of legal action, recommendations from fans about how to go about trying to ruin a man’s business before they even knew both sides of the event.

    the few folks who were not going ape about alleged plagarism seem to be in the minority of respondents to the event, and were totally ignored.

    LARRY, for what ever reason he had, DELETED the messages from BOB MINADEO for what ever reason, but left his replies posted and that implied tone of his posts was less than friendly.

    over at THWG yahoo group, there was not anything happening that even came close to what i saw here.

    i was offended and i responded in a civilized manner, made a statement that i know to be true about the majority of cyberspace threats not even being considered as an option by the actor in a real life, face to face confrontation.

    LARRY and ED both replied (seperately) that ” all way cool” . LARRY answered some more of my questions about WTHO , told me where to buy his book, and talked a bit about his previous personal wargaming experience.

    i was happy to see that things were due to settle down, and then i read your email; i did not like what i read. in particular, i did not like the bit about being aware that the list is loaded with combat vets, target shooters, and things that go bump in the dark. i was told to sit down and be quite by you, not LARRY, and i have not a clue as to when GOD appointed you as my minder.

    well, i will repeat what i said;

    most of the combat vets i know do not walk around with a chip on their shoulder, proclaiming to be stone cold killers, and leading a parade of back-up singers proclaiming “i am bad! i am bad! i am bad!”

    as for target shooting, like i said, this does not mean an awful lot, as paper targets, do not shoot back at you, so other than friendly sporting competition stress, target shooters have not a clue about stressful shooting and getting shot at unless they are a combat vet.

    there is no real world comparison between the two types of shooters, period.

    i pointed out that i have been blowing holes in paper targets for 40 plus years with handgun, rifle, and shotgun without ever feeling like i was going to be shot back at by them. targets that shoot back are a lot different from targets that do not shoot back.

    also admitted that i was one of the fortunate combat vets who had survived both of my combat tours, in combat. no brag, no dismissal of anyone else’s combat time.

    and i do believe that i did not feel obligated to follow your instructions, and that i tend to consider you to be less of a concern of mine than the fire ants in my yard.

    oooh, yes i do know what a pillory is.

    anyway, i came back here today to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and new year, and found your love letter. . .

    soooo, i am going to wish everyone here a happy and safe CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR,

    LARRY, i appreciate your hospitality, and wish you luck with the MONSTER HUNTERS series!


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