Back from LA

The signing at Mysterious Galaxy went well. They’re a great bunch of folks out there in San Diego.  I’m also glad to hear that my book is very popular on the USS Ronald Reagan.  Rock on. 

Day 2 was spent doing store drive bys, meeting the managers, and signing store stock. 

Day 3 was in LA, and most of it was spent meeting important movie type people.  At one point I was eating lunch at an outdoor table at a restaurant filled with the beautiful people.  Somebody overheard our conversation, and the next thing you know people are dropping off their bios and headshots.  I suppose that is what happens when you eat lunch with people who’ve won Oscars. 

Yes, there is the possibility in the future of a big MHI movie. I can’t say much else at this point.  Let’s just say that the book has been read, and is being read, by people who make decisions.  I’ll post more as things develop, but right now, it is all a pipe dream until somebody gives me a big sack o’ money.

I'm in Arizona this week
I just made the Locus Bestseller list for November!

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  1. Good luck with the movie business. Whatever you do if someone offers you a big sack of money you should retain creative control. So Hollywood doesn’t turn your book into a messed up Twilight wannabe, with guns.

  2. An MHI movie would be awesome! Assuming that the movie stays true to the book. It would probably be pretty long, though. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  3. Seriously, the best of luck Larry. Even though I think MHI should be done as a Mini series by John Carpenter, whomever gets the rights better pay you a good loot. You deserve it!

    1. Yeah! Consider how well he did with Vampire$ by John Steakley… Oh wait…
      +1 to the 2 sacks of money, though…

      1. OK, Michael Mann then… at least we know he will do weapons right.

        And I liked Carpenter’s Vampire’s.

        Jack Crow: Let me ask you a question. When you were stabbing that vampire in there?
        Father Adam Guiteau: Yeah?
        Jack Crow: Did you get a little wood?
        Father Adam Guiteau: Mahogany.
        Jack Crow: Excuse me?
        Father Adam Guiteau: Ebony.
        Jack Crow: What?
        Father Adam Guiteau: Teak.
        Jack Crow: Are you possessed by demons?
        Father Adam Guiteau: Major Chubby.

  4. Great News! Again, this information is truly exciting, but does not surprise me. I’ve been expecting it for a long time.

  5. A movie would be great but a graphic novel would be a good thing along the way…. 🙂


    North Alabama Corpse DeAnimation Team

  6. Just be careful not to take advantage of those poor naive hollywood types;) remember Clive Cussler and the Sahara movie. Oh and Angelina Jolie as Julie, yeah I said it.

  7. No…you’re off 😉 (J/k’ing).

    Julie’s gotta be Jordana Brewster.

    Anyway, awesome to hear!!!! I ain’t gonna jinx it by saying it “Has to” get a contract, but there’s a good chance.

    Even if it wasn’t a big hit with other people,etc. DVD sales alone should make it good.

    My biggest concern….can the story be told in 2 hours? 2.5? Or even 3? There’s alot of material there.

  8. While a movie would be quite cool one point that you should keep in mind is that you will probably not be able to maintain creative control. When an author sells the movie rights to a book the best said author can hope for is that it won’t be to far off. I seem to recall when David Weber sold the rights to one of his stories he had a clause stating that if he ever had a particular objection they had to make a written response stating their reasons for a particular change. The hope being that they would actually have to give whatever changes they were making a little thought.

    To be a bit blunter the only way you’ll realistically maintain creative control is to not sell the rights.

  9. You can be a Twilight knock off if you want. Just think about how much better Twilight would have been if someone had been hunting down those blood sucking pedophiles.

  10. I hate it when a single movie tries to cover an entire book, so much gets left out. I say go the other way and spread MHI into two, or dare I hope – three scripts! Lots of monster shooting goodness…

    I think Rachel Nichols would make an excellent Julie. She filled out the GI Joe armor nicely!

    1. Larry’s post already put a stupid grin on my face. But the idea of it being a Whedon directed mini-series is almost more than I can handle.

  11. An MHI movie would rock! Fight for some real creative control. See what they did to Jim Butcher’s Dresden files to see the utter hack job that was done and how fans didn’t tune in to watch. Also note the Harry Potter series and how much of a hack job the movies are compared to the books. 3rd example – Starship Troopers. Hate to see MHI get hacked badly as those 3 did. But then again, if its the real difference between an load of dosh and not, then CASH IN baby! We’ll still respect ya in the morning. ;)I’ll always think of MHI with your books first.

  12. I also second sandpine’s comment of a graphic novel! Again, Jim Butcher thing, but he’s maintained editorial control and they have turned out fantastic.

  13. Extras? You say you need extras?
    Just say when and where.
    Heck, we’ll even bring our own props (guns).
    Just keep me stage right so my good side is to the camera.

    1. “Heck, we’ll even bring our own props (guns).”
      And probably will have to teach the actors how to shoot. The bill will be paid in ammo hopefully.

  14. Larry, this is the epitome of awesome. A movie! Hell, even if it just means options, that’s free money, man! I hope they option MHI — and its sequels — for decades. I also hope that if the option is ever turned into an actual film deal, that you get a quality director who is willing and able to back the project up and make it a success.

    Anyway, sounds like you had a gas. Well done, and well deserved.

  15. Yes! A movie would rock! Even a half ass good movie would be great to see. Congrats Larry, hope it works out well for you.

    Oh, definately up for extra work if there is ammo involved and maybe a flight in a Hind! Can’t imagine a better vacation.

  16. Larry, one of the guys above got it wrong: not “some” creative-control, FULL!

    Ditto on the Whedon miniseries idea–maybe Nathan Fillion (Mal Reynolds) as Harbinger and Adam Baldwin as Franks? (Heck, make it a Firefly cast-reunion!) Going by how Jenny McCarthy did as Tanya in Red Alert 3, she might make a plausible Holly… Ving Rhames as Trip? Owen’s gonna be a Texas-size problem: I don’t know of any actors with both side-o’-beef mass, and the ability to portray a combo of brains and toughness… Wayne (“Dennis Nedry”, Jurassic Park) Knight’s about the right size, but none of him’s muscle and he has neither the toughness of mind nor the voice to be Lead Dude material. Steve Buscemi as Milo?

    If I get the non-NFA Abomination built before time to sign papers, can I have a consulting-engineer gig on building the film version?;)

    1. Forgot to add, dittos on the extra and Hind-ride thing… think MHI would have any use for a sawed-off, soggy-around-the-middle Assault Poindexter? LOL

    2. I think Ryan Hurst, who plays Opie Winston in Sons of Anarchy on FX, would make a good Owen. He’s built, but not a pretty boy, and is a good actor. Check him (and the show) out!!!

      1. Ryan Hurst ? Yes! He has that big dunce/dangerous guy face. Jordana Brewster also has my vote. Ron Pearlman for Harbinger and Christopher Walken for Old man Shackleford. Isaiah Washington for Trip, Ali Larter for Holly

    3. Hmmm..Never thought of Fillion as Harbinger…..sorta fits… Same for Mccarthy. She’s actually a decent choice. I guess I was prejudiced because she turned a bad-azz character into a…umm…*in-appriote word*.

      A MHI fanfic (Geek here), I got Baldwin as the actor portraying Frank’s brother (Or as much brother as what they are). Good match, although he’s sorta getting old for the role.

      1. I dunno, Grant, I thought JM did pretty good for the screwed-up storyline she had to work with, although sticking with the RA2 cast woulda been preferable, aside from the dude playing Einstein (who they shoulda kept the guy from RA1 all along–he nailed depicting AE).

        Started by trawling memory for gals with both racks and some acting talent, since Holly’s… er… “strategic assets” are such a prominent part of her character (Pun unintended) and JM was the first name that jumped to mind, although any actress with an “action” or “horror” background who can be pumped up to have at least the illusion of double- or triple-Ds would probably do.

  17. Good news. Here’s hoping you get the movie.

    Hell, the book’s a cult already. You’ve got people doing songs, people doing sculptures, frack knows how many people want an Abomination (including me, and I’d never be able to own one here), and IIRC, someone’s doing a miniature too.


    If you’re ever filming in Scotland for some reason, and need a chubby geek, give us a shout.

  18. Ok, it would simply be awesome if MHI eventually turned into a movie – as I probablymentioned before, the entire feel of the book seemed entirely suited for the big-screen… especially the fight scenes :).

    So… where do I sign up to be a background/expendable grunt? 😉

  19. MHI would translate very well to a graphical novel and with a good movie team will make an excellent film. All of the CGI / effects have been perfected via films like Blade 3, Hellboy 2 , Resident Evil etc. so we would have believable monsters to be shot / blown up / stabbed 😀

    I saw a few hints at a second and third MHI novel , can we have a hint when / if they are going to be released?
    🙂 want to get my pre-order in!

  20. Sign me up as a guy to get squished! Please! Now that you are a famous hollywood author, will you grace MA with your distinguished presence? 🙂

  21. I know there’s gotta be some metal for Skip and Owen, but other than that the score’s gotta be instrumentals–nobody less than John Williams, James Horner or David Arnold. Am I the only one who, while reading Earl’s big speech near the end, had the “President’s Speech” music from Independence Day running through my mind?

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