8 thoughts on “I just made the Locus Bestseller list for November!”

  1. And rightly so! I picked MHI up on a whim at the book store (big fan of Baen’s scifi books) because the cover looked cool, the synopsis on the back sounded interesting, and most importantly because of the sample on the inner cover. I was blown away by this book, which exceeded all expectations. Raved about it to friends until they bought the book, then they understood.

    Any news on MHI2 you can share with us?

    1. Aaron, MHV (Monster Hunter Vendetta) will be out in about a year even though we have threatened Baen to invade their offices with fully armed fans 🙂

  2. At this rate, MHI2 will be a best seller in no time! And by “no time” I mean, “as soon as it comes out”.

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