Halloween shotgun match in Arizona – with MHI action

I received this e-mail a few days ago:


I thought you might like to see what we did for our Halloween shotgun match:

Stage 1 Monster Hunter International

SETUP: Shooter will begin at the low ready in Box 1. His shotgun will be fully loaded with the safety
PROCEDURE: At the buzzer, the shooter will engage the two Wights until they are fully neutralized. He will then move to Box 2 and engage the Vampire until the heart is destroyed (no red remains on the target or 5 hits). He will ground his shotgun, retrieve an edged weapon (either from the table or from his person) and behead the Master Vampire (switched to cutting in half; people kept launching the sword). He will then retrieve his shotgun and move to Box 3. While moving to Box 3 he may engage the Seeing Eye of the Cursed One. After the Eye has been neutralized, he will engage the 10 tentacles of the Cursed One.

Me on all 4 stages:

Bloodfeast on Stage 1 boomstick division:

Discussion Forums:

—Russell Phagan
Cavalry Arms Staff


Okay, now that is pretty darn awesome.Β  I’ve shot a lot of 3gun, and designed a lot of 3gun stages, but I’ve never had anybody do one based on a book that I’ve written before!

And here is another post about it from WTA:


MHI isn’t just a book, it is a movement! πŸ™‚

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15 thoughts on “Halloween shotgun match in Arizona – with MHI action”

  1. “MHI isn’t just a book, it is a movement!”

    Are you just realizing that? People in my club are sick of me talking about the darn book πŸ™‚

  2. That is so awesome . . . there is no other way to put it. πŸ˜€

    On another note, I was impressed with how fast he could fire that side by side.

  3. That is just incredibly awesome.

    If I was going to do that, I think I would have to reload buckshot, because I can’t afford to buy that much!

  4. Damn that looked fun as hell!
    “This is my boom stick!” on the Army or Darkness level was a nice touch.

  5. What, a shotgun-mounted bayonet is insufficient for bloodsucker-beheading?

    Seriously cool… if most rangemasters up here weren’t fun-hating prigs I’d love to see it run in the NorthWet!

  6. Yeah this was a real hoot! And for me it revealed areas in real life I need to train. can’t beat that. The cav arms guys are awesome. All the RSO’s were great. Kept things running smoothly. Had so much fun.

  7. Was there a hat-mounted video camera in use there? I think I need one of those! (But honey, it’s a training expense! It’ll pay for itself!)

  8. This match introduced me to MHI. They were describing Stage 1 and I thought “Wow, what in the hell kind of book is this?” So I went out down to B and N and bought it. Loved it. My wife loved it too. And I got to tell her “See all this 3 gun shooting is just getting me ready for 1) the zombie apocalypse and/or 2) a chupacabra attack and/or 3) the return of Cthlulu, you should be thankful.”

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