MHI in Leatherbound Hard Cover?

Okay, here is something a little crazy for you to consider.  A bunch of people have been asking me about the possibility of a hardcover copy of Monster Hunter International.  I ran this past the publisher, and she said that it was a possibility eventually, as this has happened with other Baen series that have become really popular (like Miles Vorksogian and Honor Harrington), however, I’ve still got a way to go before that, and an omnibus edition once there are more MHI books out is more likely first.

But…  a limited run of these would be a possibility:

So, the question is, how many of you would be down for a leather-bound, fancy, signed edition of Monster Hunter International?   The downside is that you pay for quality, and it would run about $50.  No, you don’t get to pick what kind of monster the leather is made out of.  (but if anyone asks, you can tell them that it is real minotaur). 

So what I need from you is to post in the comments here if you would buy one of these.  Please, only post if you really would pony up the money, because I need to get an actual idea if this is doable or not. 


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118 thoughts on “MHI in Leatherbound Hard Cover?”

  1. I do believe that I’d be down for it….. That’d make a good gift for my wife for Christmas, and could start reading it to my son this coming year…..

    I’ve already got the signed paperback in the case with a patch, a signed leather bound version would be nice

  2. I’d love one and would be ESPECIALLY appreciative if you could reference that ever faithful Kimber .45 when you sign it.

  3. My son and I have read MHI twice, and the book is getting dog-eared. I’d buy a signed, monster-bound copy like you are describing in a heartbeat.

    1. What were you thinking?? Those things are collectors items!
      Tell them to go buy their own paperback! ;D

      Larry, I would probably buy one depending on WHEN they came out (if I have the cash at the time- right after the holidays would be no, midyear would be yes..)

  4. Yes, I would be happy to shell 50.00 for a quality edition. Especially if it is signed and has a lower number than Eric Shelton’s.

    Besides, Eric would only tie it to his truck and drag it behind in the desert to see how durable it is.


  5. I would be very very interested in 2 Leather bound signed copies.

    I was very sad the Austin signing didn’t work out. Please come back to Texas if you get the chance.

  6. Sign it and I’m in. I made the mistake of loaning out my Vanity Press copy to one of my sisters and she put a nice crease on it.

  7. TXGunGeek and MisbeHaven would be down for one to add to the library.
    BTW, the autographed copy we got for my shooting boss and his wife got some feedback. She finished it Saturday and picked up another book to read then put it down because it wasn’t as good as MHI.

  8. Yep! Would get one, even if it would most likely end up costing me double on account of this being northern Europe.

  9. Shoot yeah! I love the Easton Press stuff (I have quite a few of them in my library right now). I would def pony up for one. If the timing was good, maybe even two!

  10. I would pay that for such a signed edition.

    However, in my current economic situation (recently unemployed), coming up with the 550 clams might be a bit difficult, if not improbable.

    What kind of lead time are we talking about, here?

    Pagan Blacksmith

  11. The Easton Press books are nice. I’d drop $50 on a signed leatherbound edition. But that’s pretty near the top end of my “discretionary luxury item” scale. (Yeah, I’m a fuckin’ cheapskate.) So it couldn’t be much more than that before I’d have a hard time pitching past my my “I don’t really need that” filter.

  12. I’m down for at least 2. You have to tell me that it’s made from real Werewolf hide first though. 🙂

    Seriously, I’d love to support this.

  13. It it’s $50, maybe up to $60 autographed and delivered I’d take one. Much more than that and I just won’t be able to justify it in my mind.

  14. There is no way I would miss it. I have both softcover editions and would be all over this. Would pay some more for autographed, even!

    Where do I send the money?

  15. Put me down for one as well. I was wishing it was in hardcover when I was halfway though the original MHI print edition. Both the orginal print run and the newer paperback version are on my shelf next to Lovecraft, Howard, Butcher, and Zelazny, among others.

  16. $50 for a signed copy….leather bound?

    Sign me up. (I’ll also take a patch if we’re getting the books directly from you, and you have an extra one or two!)


  17. I would definitely buy one and put it in the safe with the original. I bought a new print to reread and it took 3 days cause I’m getting old and lazy. Can’t wait for the next books.

  18. Not only would I buy one; I would buy one, sew my MHI patch to the cover and display it top, front and center of my book case.
    Possibly even two! Christmas is right around the corner after all.

  19. I’m the kind of person who would wait and get a nice leatherbound hardback set of all 3(or however many there end up being) for $150 or whatever assuming good paper and font. I’m not a fan of nice looking leatherbound books with cheap paper. If you’re only doing the leatherbound edition of MHI 1 then I’d probably just buy 2 more paperbacks for replacements when my current one wears out.

  20. I would definately get one! The patch from the first printing would be incredible for us that missed that publishing!!!

  21. Count me in. It would find a place of honor along side my data books & Barnes silver bullet reloading manuals… Keep up the good work Larry!!!

  22. Yep, I’m down.

    We just need to get Cor-Bon to make some PowRBall with silver instead of lead, then we’d be SET.


    1. Don’t forget some of the special MHI silver .308, buck and slugs… who made Milo’s Breacher rounds of choice, anyway? (Yeah, I mean the ones that take basketball-size holes outta sides o’ beef and blow fresh vampires in half with one shot…)

    2. Forgot in above post: anyone have ideas about building Mordechai & Milo’s dreidl-loads to actually fire?

  23. Hell yes I’d buy a couple at that price point. I’ve been telling you this since your self published edition…….

  24. So when do we hear yea or nea? Christmas is just around the corner and I could really use this to answer the “what do you want for Christmas?” question. Hell, I’ll buy a couple (at least) for presents for others.

  25. Larry, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again……..YES!

    Hey my copy of ‘Hard Magic’ arrived yesterday, I’m stealing time from my gunsmithing to read it. Just a few pages in but very interesting! And THANK YOU for the very nice personal enscription.

  26. Yeah! I’m definitely down for that. And yes I would love a patch. Oh just an idea,,, how about a real serviceable high quality kukri with the MHI patch etched on it? Most of us would buy that too.

    1. I like the kukri idea, too! Good one, Nelson. For that matter, how about licensing the MHI logo to be custom etched into 1911s?

      Larry, how about revisiting this with Baen?

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