Sugerhouse Barnes & Noble author's event October 10th

If you live in Utah, come by and see me at the Sugerhouse B&N, from 12:00-3:00 this Saturday, October 10th. 

It won’t just be boring old me signing books. There will be several other authors there as well, and we will be conducting a writing panel too.  Check out who’s going to be there:

Paul Genesse:

John Brown:

Mettie Ivie Harrison:

I’ve been on panels at different Cons with all of these writers. They’re all really interesting, funny people. This should be a good event. 

The manager at this B&N had heard that my other local signings had done really good, so he ordered a pretty big batch of books.  Please come and buy some so I don’t look like a dork.  MHI makes a great Christmas present, and as we learned from the wisdom of the Christmas Noun, everybody likes to get stuff for Christmas. A paperback might not be a rocket pony or a bag of adorable puppy-rabbits, but it beats a rock.

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8 thoughts on “Sugerhouse Barnes & Noble author's event October 10th”

  1. Anything new on if you will be in Half Moon Bay at the end of the month? We are hoping to meet Dave Farland also. He doesn’t have those dates confirmed on his website yet either. Thank you.

    Kathryn Fisher

  2. Kathryn, it is kind of up in the air right now. Dave’s publicist was setting those dates up, but then there was some confusion. As soon as I know where we are going I’ll post.

    I’ve already bought the plane tickets, so I really hope he gets it sorted out. 🙂

  3. Thanks Larry. Just trying to make a plan for that weekend. I understand. I’ll watch your page and try to be patient. I hope the confusion you referred doesn’t mean those signings are going to fall through.


  4. What time will you be signing books? I wanted to get a couple signed, but I am pretty busy that day and didn’t want to have the panel interfere with things.


  5. Dave, I actually don’t know what time the signingis vs. what time the panel is. I think it is panel first, with 2-3 being the siging. (that’s the most logical)

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