Texas book signing troubles – Need help from the Texas contingent

Okay, I’ve been having a heck of a time getting a signing scheduled for October 17th. 

My job is sending me to San Antonio for training, so I was going to stick around an extra day and sqeeze in a Texas signing.  It was one more I got to do without having to pay the airfare myself.  But as I’ve been calling around, everyone in the San Antonio/Austin area has been booked.

I don’t really know my way around down there.  If you are from the San Antonio/Austin area, and you’ve got a local store that would have me on that Saturday, could you let me know?

I’ve talked to most of the B&Ns (as that is always a good one) but there is some sort of Texas book event going on then, and most of them are already scheduled. There is a big independant called Book People in Austin, but I’ve not heard back from them.  If you know of something else that would want to host me and order in a case of books, please give me a heads up.

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15 thoughts on “Texas book signing troubles – Need help from the Texas contingent”

  1. I live in California so that’s no help I’m afraid. I do have a related question however regarding other signings in October. We’re hoping you are going to be doing one in Half Moon Bay. Your schedule says that is still to be determined as of September 9th. Do you know anything new about that? I believe your choices were Fairfield or Half Moon Bay and we’re voting for the latter.

    Thank you.

    Kate Fisher

  2. I’d try Half Price Books… Or Borders.
    BTW, my wife and I showed MHI colors at FenCon last weekend, saw one of your patches, but NO used copies of your book in the Dealer’s Room… which to me is a very GOOD sign! Our group, The Loose Confederation Of Fandom, can’t wait for MHI 2!
    MHI needs a motto, any ideas?

  3. Well, you are a bit from College Station but if you can’t get a book signing, maybe you want to come out to the range and bring a few books with you for students to buy? We have a Defensive Pistol Skills Class the 17th so I can’t make it anywhere you did have a signing.

  4. Kate, that part I’m tagging along with much-more-famous author Dave Farland, so I’m going wherever he sets it up.

    Thanks, Texans. I’ll look up the Borders & Half Price books in the area and see what I can find out.

    1. Thanks Larry. I understand. When you know for sure where you two will be you will post it on your schedule? Essentially if you’re going to Half Moon Bay we want to make a trek over there.


  5. Larry,

    Book People would be ideal. It’s two stories tall. They have authors in to lecture, read and sign all the time. I go there all the time.

    Try Austin Books and Comics. They carry some books and would definitely have people in their store who would be readers of yours.
    http://www.austinbooks.com – (512) 454-4197

    Other comic stores to try:
    Dragon’s Lair
    dlair.net – (512) 454-2399
    http://www.tribecag.com – (512) 693-4300

    One other weird possibility would be a bookstore on the edge of UT campus called Brave New Books. They have some great stuff (Libertarian, Austrian Econ, Guns/2A, etc.) and some kooky conspiracy stuff. They have speakers in all the time. I’m pretty sure it’s a 2-man operation right now, so you will probably talk to the owner quickly. Maybe sell it as a 2A presentation + horror fiction. Worth a shot:
    1904 Guadalupe St # B
    Austin, TX 78705-5640
    (512) 480-2503

    If you do end up in Austin and have the time, I’d love to show you around. If you have some time while here, I can make arrangements for a place to stay. We also have a modest shooting group that would probably take up a collection if you wanted to offer some instruction.

  6. Unfortunately, other then Book People the local book stores I know of are all “Fight the Proletariat/Anarchy for All” type places. We do have multiple Barnes & Nobles though.

    A quick check shows that none of the local B&N or Borders books have anything scheduled for the 17th, so I’m not sure what they mean. Texas Book Festival doesn’t start until the 31st, so I’m not certain what festival they are talking about.

  7. 10%, I have no idea. I’ve talked to a bunch of them, and they’ve all told me how they’re just so busy right now…

    Gee whiz, Texas. When I try to do one in Utah they’re all sorts of excited to have an author. You guys must be so lousy with authors that it is like “sigh, here comes another writer…”

    I’ve got a call in to the Books A Million in San Antonio. They’re supposed to get back to me shortly.

  8. +1 on Borders. I’d try to keep it on the North or Northwest sides of town. Huebner Oaks (that’s ‘heebner’) has a killer Borders. There’s also one in the Alamo Quarry, which is close to the airport, but in a nice part of SA.


    They have a store locator on their site.

    And the food is way better in San Antonio;)

    For Half Price Books, they are also in Huebner Oaks, though a bit smaller of a bookstore.


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