ACORN, Still Pimpin'

Acorn still pimpin'


This poster was Miguel’s status on Facebook.  Words to live by right there. Still pimpin’, still tippin’, still wood grain grippin’, you know what I’m sayin’ G?   

It turns out that yet another sting was released yesterday.  This time from National City, which is outside San Diego.  The ACORN immigration expert was extremely helpful in trying to get James and Hanna hooked up on how to import El Salvadoran sex slaves. They told him that they were thirteen to fifteen years old, but hey, whatever.  I can say one thing for ACORN. Those guys have some kick ass customer service.  I’m talking about service with a smile!

Remember the ACORN lady from San Bernadino? The one that talked about how she got away with murdering her husband, and then advised the stingers not to let their teenage hookers learn to read, because then they’d get uppity?  Yeah. That little cup of sunshine.  Well, she was in the paper yesterday saying that she had only gone along with it because she was there by herself, and she was “intimidated”. 

Was she intimidated when she took them across the street to meet with another douchebag who gave them more advice about pimping in the area?  

Meanwhile, you know it is bad for ACORN when the senate votes 83-7 to not give them any more money.  When Al Franken thinks you’re scum, that is really saying something.  It says something about those other 7 senators though, like the ones, ironically, from Illinois. (hmm… I’m trying to think… isn’t there some other famous guy from Chicago that originated in that same evil, corrupt, political machine?)   

Keep in mind that ACORN is part of the same organization that helped Obama get elected.  Billions and billions of stimulas dollars were being funneled to ACORN.  It turns out they’re totally corrupt.  So maybe, just maybe, we should look into this? 

And the government actually wanted to use these corrupt scumbags to conduct the census.  Remember, that little thing that determines US population, and how many congressmen your state gets?  Yeah, the thing that determines the balance of power?  Yeah, that little thing.  The same people who have no problem with 13 year old El Salvadoran hookers were going to take care of that for us.  I’m sure nothing bad could possibly happen there.

ACORN is having an “internal” investigation… I’m sure that will be just swell.  It will show that these 5 seperate incidents were all totally isolated cases, just flukes… figments of your imagination. 

I’d like to see an investigation.  I’d like to see an actual RICO investigation.  I’m talking, old-school, take the down the Gambinos kind of thing.  I don’t want an internal investigation.  That’ s not good enough.  I want the FBI.  And because they answer to Eric Holder, who answers to Barack Obama, I don’t want regular FBI.  Iwant the hardboiled, doesn’t give a crap, bad-80s-cop-drama, alchoholic, wife left him, but does the job, no matter what, kind of investigator to go in there, kick ass and hit people with phonebooks until they confess kind of cop.  I want John McClane and Jack Bauer and Bob Lorenzo to head up this investigation.   

Because I’ve got a sneaky feeling that the corruption runs deep, like a great flowing black river, deep in the bowels of the earth.  I’d like to see heads roll, and not just at the street trash, local ACORN level.  I want to know about the congressmen and senators ACORN (the non-profit) was illegally using tax payer money to win elections for.  I want them to roll over on their bosses, and theirs bosses to roll over on their bosses, until this cancer has been cut out with a bone saw.

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21 thoughts on “ACORN, Still Pimpin'”

  1. I’ve got to admit I’m a little more curious about the 10% of the Senate that apparently took the day off.

    Namely, how can we make the other 90% follow suit?

  2. This is apparently today’s Demo’tard pravda, Larry … that Obama was never involved in ACORN, their support was a coincidence, as was Obama’s signature on a spending bill giving that crime gang billions of dollars this year.

  3. Kristopher, dude, chill. I know Dave Sohm. He’s a good dude. That was an honest question.

    Dave, do you remember back during the primaries, when all of a sudden some nobody like Obama managed to just man handle Clinton? And everyone was like, wow, where did this nationwide political machine come from that was able to take on the Clinton machine?

    Easy, nationwide “community organizers”. ACORN got out the vote for Obama. SEIU manhandled Nevada. There was all sorts of stuff going on. They took the Clintons by surprise. They bussed people around (across state lines even). Half of Chicago managed to vote in half the eastern primaries.

    Remember all the allegations of voter fraud, and all the dead people that signed up to vote? ACORN. Remember when Mickey Mouse registered to vote 3 times. ACORN.

    But we were told that that was a fluke, and aberation. It was just some low level employees who were getting paid by the name. There was no conspiracy there… Uh hu.

  4. OK … I’ll stop with the friendly fire. Didn’t realize he wasn’t an astroturfer. These people have been invading blogs and forums a lot this year, so I’ve developed a hair-trigger.

    Here are some of Obama’s own words on the subject of his involvement with ACORN:

  5. Thanks for that link, by the way. Led me to an article that had facts. I had been catching flak for not being able to point to a connection. Now I can point to one. I even made a blog entry about it.

  6. Larry, an investigation like that would be great. It will never happen, and we all know it. Too many people in the right places (for them anyway) would block it any way they can.

    Too bad…


  7. No problem Dave. I am glad that you read the link instead of just turning around and bitch-slapping me.

    I apologize for the name calling … there are plenty of more appropriate targets for my bottomless pit o’ spleen.

  8. Hey, there is a way we can get the .gov to go after ACORN. Spread a rumor that they’re illegally converting rifles into fully automatic weapons, and sic the BATFE on them. We might need to bring back Janet Reno though to ensure we burn down their headquarters get a clean sweep.

  9. Caleb- Would not work- see, here is how the lefts mind works. Any crime is forgivable if it is for the “cause”. Nothing is too small to be ignored, if it opposes “the cause”.
    The thing is, to a leftist, the ends always justify the means.

  10. Caleb: The pres would just thank you for the good idea, make give ACORN certification as a federal LE organization, and give them M4s out of current DoD stocks.

  11. First off, Larry, MHI is just the coolest book ever.

    As far as the discussions on politics and corruption, I recommend going after the head of the monster. Anyone seen Aaron Russo’s film “America: Freedom to Fascism” ?

  12. If we put Larry Craig in charge of ACORN they wouldn’t be pimping little girls anymore! And if you want bigtime corruption look at Goldman Sachs..

    1. Tom, I think they all suck. But I think that this takes the cake by a pretty fair margin. A politician being a dirt bag and participating in kinky sex? Corporate greed? Check. Seen those before. An institution in 5 major cities actively helping in the trafficking of child sex slaves? Uhmm… I’m pretty sure Goldman Sachs never did that.

      We’re talking about actually friggin’ slavery here guys. I don’t care what side of the aisle you find yourself on. That’s something we should all be able to agree is bad. The other side sucking too isn’t exactly a defense in the case of child sex slavery.

  13. The saddest part is that still nobody in the regular media cares one bit about the slavery angle. Can they be so brain washed by the Liberal KoolAid that they are willing to overlook such contempt for the lives of innocent children (even if they only existed in the imagination of the two kids that did the investigation) because it is not politically favorable to their cause?

    The media was more outraged when some numbnut placed a pair of panties over the head of a terrorist and how it was a violation of his rights, but yet they dismiss the fact that 5 offices of ACORN were willing to help criminals to have little girls raped for profit. And even the one in San Diego was helpful enough to provide the two investigators how to arrange safe passage across the border.

    And what bis really scary is that none of the ACORN advisers even batted an eye when hearing all this. It makes me wonder if this is not the first time they have done something similar and that my tax dollars are now being used by some sick freak using child prostitutes for his personal gain.

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