"Tens of thousands" show up to protest

Interesting… When I read about this last weekend’s protest in the regular news, it told me that “tens of thousands” of people showed up.


That seems to be “Tens of thousands” multiplied by about a hundred.  If the middle of the road estimates are correct, it is about a million more people that what showed up for the Million Mom March.  Hmmm… No bias here… Move along. 

There was some lady on CNN doing the “gravely serious” voice, talking about the troubling nature of this protest, because it was all motivated by race. So, it looks like us right-wing, racist, nazi, whackjob, crazy people, who just can’t handle a black man succeeding as president, managed to get together over a million people, but it still doesn’t matter, because we’re just crazy.  Yep.  No bias at all.

Meanwhile, the Yahoo headline this morning was about how some bank exec got fired for holding a party at a property that had been foreclosed on.  I’m still waiting to see anything about ACORN in 3 cities promoting prostitution, tax evasion, and child sex slavery of illegal aliens.  I don’t know why anyone should care, this is only an organization that was given something like 8 billion dollars by the government, and they wanted them to conduct the census.  Nothing to see here.  Scandel? That’s crazy talk.

It doesn't matter what we say anyway...
Because the ladies requested it...

5 thoughts on “"Tens of thousands" show up to protest”

  1. From what I’ve heard, Obama wasn’t even in town during the protest. Every time one is scheduled, he makes plans to make some speech elsewhere in the country. He doesn’t even have the balls to be in the same city as a large group of people who know how screwed-up he is.

  2. When we had our Tax Day Tea Party, the local paper reported it as <4,000 people. SAPD's numbers put it at about six times that, if I recall correctly. Of course, they never corrected themselves.

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