Pimpin' ain't easy!

Last night I was able to finally view the video of the ACORN sting.   It was priceless. Absolutely priceless. If you haven’t seen this yet, you really need to go watch it, right the hell now.

Basically a couple of young people in Baltimore decided to sneak a video camera into the Baltimore ACORN office. The girl played a prostitute and the guy was her boyfriend. She is only 20. He is something like 25.  These kids are brave as hell and sharp as tacks. They showed more initiative than any “investigative reporters” I’ve seen in years. 

They went in, undercover, pretending that they needed help to buy a house. That’s part of ACORN’s job after all.

The ACORN rep, fully informed and believing that the girl was a hooker, did everything in her power to help them evade taxes, lie on their forms, (occupation: Performance Arts), and it just kept getting better and better.  Up to, and including, how they could bring in a bunch of illegal alien fifteen year olds from El Salvador, to work as child sex slaves.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Do you remember when we were young (I’m only 34) and there were exposes and hidden camera things on the news all the time? Whatever happened to that? Oh, that was probably when the media turned into the propaganda arm of the progressive movement.  It took a couple of kids to go out and do this. 

Keep in mind that ACORN is the type of people the president surrounds himself with. Keep in mind that the porkulas package has given ACORN billions of dollars. That is BILLIONS of dollars.  ACORN is one facet of a network of hoodlums, union thugs, progressive scumbags, radicals, socialists, and communist activists that the president works with.

Now some of you will say, oh, no, Larry, you’re just overreacting.  These are just a couple of bad apples…

Really? And you’d know that how? Because of all the hard core investigative journalism that has been shone on them?  I’m sure that Baltimore alone is helping pimp slave girls, evade taxes, and help hookers buy houses. Only. Baltimore.


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9 thoughts on “Pimpin' ain't easy!”

  1. And the same filmmaker released another video. This time an ACORN office in Washington.
    Add to that the 11 ACORN members indicted in South Florida for voter fraud.

    In the meantime, Mainstream Media sees these incidents as “isolated” …..

    They have indicted mafiosi Dons under RICO with much less evidence that this.

  2. Anthony: Nah. Try “Typical Democrats”.

    Don’t believe me?
    Then just tell me when the waves of revulsion from the DNC over this kind of scandal happening in one of their main GOTV groups is going to start.

  3. Do you remember when we were young (I’m only 34) and there were exposes and hidden camera things on the news all the time? Whatever happened to that?


    Patricia Jessamy, the partisan Democrat and Obama supporter who serves as State’s Attorney for Baltimore, is looking to prosecute the two journalists who broke the ACORN story.

    It would take some research to confirm, but at the moment I sense a connection here. As in, all those “hidden camera” and “hidden microphone” news stories went away precisely because many states started outlawing such practices, in terms that did not contain a press exception.

  4. HEY!! We are now up to three (3) yes, count ’em, hidden videos- they did the same thing in NY! Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrid time is enemy action.

  5. ACORN is corrupt,it has always been about pork.So is the Government from top to bottom,one party with two marketing departments.Calling the MSM liberal is a bad joke,look at who owns and controls the media,it is all about power and control.If you want big time corruption look at banking,real estate and finance,ACORN is Billions,there you see Trillions.Corruption is bipartisan and endemic in our broken system.

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