Good news, patches are on the way to me

So I’ve got another 200 MHI patches that should be here shortly, and I think I’ve got enough books in finally to fill the rest of the pending autographed orders. I’ll try to get those out as quick as I can. 

Man, editing with a deadline consumes your life! 

And you know you want one of these: 



Hat tip to Jack Clemons for the Abomination jpg.

And you also know you want one of these:

MHI Tactical Onesie
MHI Tactical Onesie
Puppies and Rainbows and Healthcare for Everyone! YAY! Barack Obama saved Christmas!
And the Winners are...

16 thoughts on “Good news, patches are on the way to me”

  1. Great images. Fortunately I don’t have anything to put the Onesie on. Except maybe my 20lb cat:) But a patch or t-shirt will probably be indicated. The patches are available now? I really think I need one.



  2. The onsies are cute, but I’d like a lady’s nightshirt with the “There’s No Monsters Under My Bed” statement and logo, and I’d like to have a sharp-pointy-thing under the logo dripping in monster gore. 😉

    So, how do I get one of those?

  3. 😮 The Abomination! I WANT IT!

    Anywho, I suggest taking your time. I know you’re still busy editing MHI 2 and well, that’s always the funnest part of writing 😀

  4. Man, I’ve got a few nuetered S12’s sittin in the closet and you’re killin me…
    The more I read and think about it, the more I want to create Abomination… VERY BADLY
    use a Chaos Quad rail with extended part over the rear cover, CAA PG, Tapco Folding stock, Eotech, and there’s a ‘grenade launcher’ out there I just can’t remember the name…. AAAAHHHHH, consuming my life!!!!!!!!

  5. all i need now is the abomination a patch and the biggest set of MHI armor that Milo can make and i’m good

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