And the Winners are…

The winners of the 2009 Monster Hunter International Patch-Off are:

Utah County
Utah County


Utah County got the most votes. But it wasn’t really a fair fight. This patch was designed by the son of a member of Reader Force Alpha, Bob Westover. Bob has one of those Mormon families where he’s got like 16 kids, who had 16 kids, each of whom married somebody with 20 brothers and sisters.  When Bob calls in a favor, he gets a FAVOR.   A wagon train rolled up, voted, built a barn, and then moved on. Congratulations, Utah County.  Eric, shoot me an e-mail so I can get you your autographed copy. 

There is now an MHI team stationed in Utah. That is offical.  UC-MHI will appear in Monster Hunter Vendetta.

Next up:

Los Alamos, New Mexico
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Back off man, they’re scientists. Congratulations to the Atomic Nerds. Their patch had the 2nd most votes, and I really liked the patch and the backstory.  Because I’m the writer, I can do whatever I feel like, so I decided that they win too.   It is good to be me.

Los Alamos will also have a cameo in Monster Hunter Vendetta.  In fact, I think I might have just the thing.  I’ll have to talk to the Atomic Nerds to see if they mind their entire team suffering a horrible fate worse than death, well, and then death, mostly by mincing and chopping.  But that is the life of a Monster Hunter. 

And the author’s choice award goes to:


This one stuck out for one main reason. There is a story element that I want to explore in future MHI novels. This may or may not be in Monster Hunter Vendetta because of the universe’s timeline, however, it will be playing a part in something else.  One of the things that I mentioned in MHI is that there are other competing companies, but I never discuss them much.  There are other companies out there collecting PUFF and competing with MHI.  MHI, being capitalists, will either compete with these other companies, or purchase them outright.

I’ve spoken with the creator of this one, and he’s cool with it.

Thanks to everyone that entered a patch. They were absolutely awesome. I loved them. I’m proud that I was able to create a world that other people can play in.

We will be doing something like this again. I’ve got a lot more books to write, and I’m far too lazy to come up with everything.  🙂

Good news, patches are on the way to me
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18 thoughts on “And the Winners are…”

  1. Aww shucks. I was holding out for California getting the good ol’ zombie apocalypse treatment with the few, good areas being saved by MHI. Good patches to win though. Congratulations to the designers. 😉

  2. Given that the original Project Y team was not 100% certain they wouldn’t set the atmosphere on fire and end the entire world, and conducted experiments in which they held spheres of uranium and plutonium together *manually* until fission started (and this continued even after they lost one person to going critically melty), I’m fairly certain that the entirety of MHI Los Alamos suffers a fate worse than death about once a decade and still gets a surplus of recruits anyway.

  3. Well…I guess I can accept Oklahoma as long as they keep Texas first! Good job to the winners.

    So the real question is, when can I buy all three for my rifle bag?

  4. I can just hear the barracks chatter at MHI now…
    “What, you thought ‘tickling the dragon’s tail’ was just a cool-sounding metaphor for a high-risk experiment? And you’ve been here how many weeks?”

    Thanks, Larry, we’re flattered as all hell on this. 🙂

  5. I had a feeling that TALON would be the patch that made it in, no matter what. That’s why I didn’t bother to vote for it.

  6. Hey, I resemble that remark about Bob’s family! And for clarification, there’s only 7 kids in our family – which is WAY, WAY more than I’m ever going to have! Congrats little bro, you rock!

  7. I had a great idea , but no artistic talent. Since I am from Tupelo,MS, I thought a outline of the state of Mississippi, with a Taking Care of Business lightning bolt going across the state . Since the originator of TCB came from Tupelo, that’s where the lightning would start.

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