5 thoughts on “I love showing up in random places”

  1. The only thing they didn’t mention is the large number of free e-books available at Baen under their “first taste is free” marketing

    1. They did, Randy. In the second to last sentence of the article ‘no cost’ is a link to the Baen Free Library.

  2. Wait a second – Advanced Reading Copies? Please say that the MHI sequel will be available early at a small premium.

    I’m sure there are a great many others who are itching for the sequel, even a little early…

  3. At first I thought that maybe you had showed up in a surprise visit to Va Beach, then I was going to be mad because I’m only 4 hours away and I would love to get my book signed (if I can ever get it back from my daughter).

    But this is good too.

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