We broke half a million hits today!

Monster Hunter Nation broke 500,000 hits today.

I started this little blog in September of 2007, so it has been around for almost 2 years.

In case you are curious, using the highly advanced WordPress software, I have broke down where these half million hits came from:

4,682 came from Bob Westover’s relatives voting in the MHI patch contest for Utah County over the last 2 days.

7,300 came from people who wanted to know when MHV is coming out.

14,895 were Google search hits for “Megan Fox sucks”

325 hits were from liberal bloggers who stopped by to call me a Neo-Con.

I’d get a couple thousand each December for families gathering around the laptop for their annual traditional reading of “The Christmas Noun”.

15 were from sick freaks who totally misunderstood the meaning of “Hold the Pig Steady.”

Over 8,000 were searchs for the mispelling of the word Swedish.  (“Ikea, Sweadish for Wait in Line” was the #1 Google search for ‘Sweadish’ for about a year, until I replaced with “Sweadish Erotica” which I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds like it involves blond people and modular furniture).

500 were for various B-Movie reviews. In all honesty the ones that turn up on the most searches are Monster Ark (sucked!) and Automation Transfusion (rocked!)

700 or so were from my mom checking in daily, because I “never bother to call!”

The remaining 450 thousand were from people telling me I was poor and stupid because of “HK, because you suck, and we hate you” and that I should go back to my trailerpark to play with my SKS and then overdose on cheap Wal-Mart cough syrup.

It has been a good two years. I look forward to as many more as we have before the Internet Czar shuts it all down to prevent global warming climate change  or something.

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8 thoughts on “We broke half a million hits today!”

  1. Yeesh, when I first skimmed your headline I thought you’d sold half a million books.

    Are those hits, or unique visitors? Because 1 unique visitor can generate hundreds/thousands of hits per pageview-depending on the makeup of the page.

    In any case- lyckönskningen!

  2. And 4,640 of those votes came from my dead relatives who requested to be buried in Chicago cemeteries so they could remain politically active.

  3. Hey, wait. Where’s the review for Monster Ark?

    I saw it a month or so back on Sci-Fi and I thought it was a super-fantastic god awful b-movie. Now I need to see the Correia take on it.

  4. Y’know, while visiting a friend yesterday, one of his neighbors came by and invited us to his trailer to show off his guns and swords collection… an SKS, a Mosin Nagant, a Hi-Point 9mm (that he swept me with!), a Jennings .22 and a Ruger Mark II – probably the only thing there he paid more than two figures for.

    Except for the 20+ “katanas”, the battle axes, “broadswords”, etc, EVERY ONE OF WHICH, I swear, came out of the Bud-K catalog. We’re talking India-made, pot metal CRAP.

    And he was proud of them, too… Why, no he actually DID have all his teeth; why do you ask?

  5. “14,895 were Google search hits for “Megan Fox sucks””

    Let me guess, the people who clicked through from said search engine were to be disappointed?

    Kidding*. Keep it up!

    *I hope.

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