VOTE NOW! Monster Hunter International PATCH CONTEST!!!

The entries are in, and now it is time to vote.

Go here to view the patches!

Please post to the comments in this thread which patch you think should become part of the official MHI universe and get a cameo in the second MHI book, Monster Hunter Vendetta. (coming Fall 2010 from Baen).

We have 47 entries.  Please post the name of the patch in the comments. Please only vote once. We authors are easily confused.  Please, tell your friends, post it to your blog, spam the intertubes. (sell more books!) Whoops. That last one was subliminal. 

I will leave this open for this week. At the end of the week I’ll count up the votes, figure out the winner and announce it here.

The Minotaur controversy continues...
Patch Contest Voting starts tomorrow

200 thoughts on “VOTE NOW! Monster Hunter International PATCH CONTEST!!!”

  1. Utah County – Werewolf toting subgun is a tribute to Earl Harbinger’s dedication to eradicating evil in our world.

  2. St. Mary’s

    I’ve been to St. Mary’s County (Assuming that patch is from St. Mary’s County, Maryland) and there are plenty of monsters there. I’m pretty sure my ex girlfriend’s dad howls at the full moon.

  3. Honorable mentions to the Bloody Bun and the Armadillo, but my vote goes to “Excite! Chemicus Sum!” — almost solely for the backstory, which made me giggle.

  4. Exite! Chemicus Sum!

    If for no other reason than Science + Monsters + Wierdness + Latin is a traditional combination 🙂

  5. I got to go with Texas Poisen Bite Me.

    Honorable mention to Chanute Kansas, Italia, Talon and Utah County to name a few.
    I can’t believe I voted for a Texan team….

  6. Kentucy Skull Hunters.

    And that was tough, ’cause the Georgia Skull Crackers, and Exite! Chemicus Sum! are sweet.

  7. I have to go with the Middle TN Death Angels, due to a regional bias. (I live about 40 miles north of Nashville) Black Mesa was awfully tempting, though.

  8. I vote for the Arizona Rangers patch.

    To me, all the ones that actually spell out the company name, or even anything that is too clear of an indication of what it’s about, miss the point that this is a patch that someone is supposed to be able to wear in public among people that have no clue about the nature of the business.

    Which is actually very common among military patches.

    Just look at the original MHI patch for guidance on something that gets around the obvious.

    Even the Arizona one is pushing it, IMHO, but since the public will just see coyote heads when they look at it, it works.

  9. Arizona Rangers

    Because Arizona is Perfection, NM is whats left over, UT is what he couldn’t use for anything worthwhile and CO was and is totally worthless. 🙂
    (Don’t get me started on Texas!)

  10. Georgia Skull Crackers – 1st

    Arizona Rangers & Arkham, Ma – 2nd, with the colors muted to olive military shades.

    Texas Poisen Bite – 3rd

    Lake Elsinore, Ca – 4th, awesome design, but needs to not spell out Monster Hunter International.

    Honorable Mention to: St. Mary’s County Hellslayers, No Cal – The Bloody Run, Central Utah Beehive Militia, Montana Headhunters, Dugway Proving Grounds Response Team and The California MHI Team.

    Liked A Lot of the other ones too.

  11. Chanute Kansas
    Dorothy showing excellent skeet form and perfect smirk.
    And those divine ruby slippers simply MAKE the outfit.
    Would have voted for my own but if I can’t produce a proper patch I don’t deserve to win. Damn digital technology. Gonna go wind up the Victrola and listen to some John McCormack 78s.

  12. This was a tough choice, but I think that I’ll go for professional loyalty over location loyalty.

    1. Excite! Chemicus Sum!
    2. Arizona Rangers

    Still very close vote for me. Kudos to all who designed these patches.

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