Help write the lyrics for the hit heavy metal song, HOLD THE PIG STEADY from MHI 

Head over to Gun Geek Rants. We have a band capable of producing proper metal and interested in the challenge of recording the song from MHI. 

If you remember, this is the song from Owen’s brother’s band, Cabbage Point Killing Machine.  The only known parts of the song were sung by Skippy.  “Hold pig steady … dum dum dum … ra ra ra … yeah. Pig. Pig! PIG!”

And no spoilers, but Skippy isn’t the clearest of speakers. So that gives you a lot of room to work.


Let’s ROCK!


EDIT:  A google search shows a surprising number of hits for “Hold the Pig Steady.” Apparently holding your pig steady for various things is rather important, and should not in any way be taken lightly.  Monster Hunter Nation is not responsible for any injuries sustained from lack of proper pig manipulation. Void in California.

Guns of MHI on MadOgre

19 thoughts on “Help write the lyrics for the hit heavy metal song, HOLD THE PIG STEADY from MHI”

  1. Needs something about bacon for breakfast. Maybe the theme of the song could be about getting pork from a porker to some extent?

  2. I have to admit, I, too, was wondering if you had written the whole lyrics for it, Larry.

    I don’t really like metal, but I’ll definitely have to make sure I purchase the recording when it’s done. Just for the giggle value.

  3. For some reason, when reading the book and thinking of taht song, I imagined something very Avenged Sevenfold like…I’ll see if I can channel M. Shaddows during the lunch break.

  4. Just thinking a little more about this, and while Ryan’s lyrics are moving, I have to wonder… would David “Mosh” Pitt, who doesn’t even TALK to his father, write a song about him and even title the album for that song?

  5. Hold the pig steady, it’s starin’ to squeal
    Hold the pig steady, it’s not just a meal
    Hold the pig steady, it’s ready to die
    Hold the pig steady, and watch it BLEED!!!!

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