Guns of MHI on MadOgre 

George has done a series of articles “Guns of X” where he goes through a movie and talks about every gun in every scene. He is attempting to do the same thing with MHI. It is still a work in progress, because as he says, there are a LOT of guns in this book.

Check out his other Guns Of articles. They are pretty sweet.

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6 thoughts on “Guns of MHI on MadOgre”

  1. I loved the book Larry! I nice break from my ccna classes! I was kinda disappointed the none of the hunters were using a .50 Beowulf..maybe in the sequel?

  2. If he’s gonna mention Trips ‘hawk then he has to talk about the Ganga Ram that Z carries. The story behind the Himalayan Imports Ganga Ram is pretty cool and deserves some mention. I’m sure that Yandu, the kamis and yes, Uncle Bill, would appreciate it.

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