Anybody want autographed copies of MHI?

I’ve had a few people e-mail me about this, and I hadn’t really thought about it too much. 

Show of hands, how many of you would like me to sell some autographed copies of Monster Hunter International off the blog? 

I’d just order them from Amazon (gotta keep those stats up!) and put them out here. They’d just go for the cover price + shipping (meaning that I’ve got to figure out whatever free packaging the post office has that a paperback will fit in). 

Any interest?

I’ve got a signing at a small shop in Delta this weekend. (this one is for Mom), and whatever I’ve got left from that I’ll put out, but after that I’ll need to see about ordering some more.  

I’ll not only sign them with my pathetic squiggly lightning bolt signature, I’ll personalize them if you want, maybe draw some cartoons or something… I don’t know, I’m actually not that creative unless I’m staring at a computer screen.

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42 thoughts on “Anybody want autographed copies of MHI?”

  1. Yes. I just got the one from Amazon-but I’ll take another with an autograph. Please find the page with the word “creator” substituted for the correct word (creature). ( About 3/4 of the way through the book-I think near the cave vision?) and sign it there ;-).

    Seriously though, I will buy another copy if it’s autographed.

    Plan to review it on Amazon as soon as I finish. So far, SO GOOD.

  2. I too have already purchased a copy – no question I would get it as soon as it came out – but I would love an autographed copy – so count me in.


    Have my original copy already, actually just got it back from being loaned out for the fourth time and got the Baen version from Amazon last week and read it for my second time.

    Been reading you since THR. I’ll spring for an autographed copy in a heartbeat.

    When is Nightcrawler coming out? That was some awesome pairs writing you did there.

  4. How about a HELL YEAH! (My copy from the self-print has been loaned out several times, now the Baen copy is out on loan, but of the people who have borrowed my copies, 3 of then went out and bought their own!)

  5. Okay, looks like I need about 10 so far.

    TX, me and Mike are working on it. He’s on active duty right now so we’re a ways off.

  6. Hey, I’d be up for an autographed copy.

    Let me know when to send the money, I’m in.

    AND, I can’t WAIT for the sequel to come out…. 🙂 Finished the book in under 2 days. couldn’t put it down.

  7. I’d love to have you sign the 5 copies I have so far 🙂 Hopefully you’ll find a time to make it to Salt Lake/Bountiful for a book signing.

    Keep me in the loop! Thanks Larry!

  8. Suggestion:

    I order book from Amazon, addressed to me @ your address.

    You open package, sign, reseal and re-address based upon address I send you via PayPal for the shipping fees.

    After purchasing two copies of this fine book and two patches, I’m a bit strapped (work is trimming back on hours, etc), until my next pay check. But I thought that might help you with packaging costs, it would be ‘green’ as you are recycling, etc.


    1. Pagan, I could do that. No problem.

      Guys, let me go by the post office and see the best way to ship a paperback for cheap and I’ll get back to you.

  9. I’d go for a couple.
    Can you find any heavy metal people to do a single of ‘Hold the Pig Steady’? You could include those with autographed books!

  10. I would totally buy an autographed paperback. I just lent my copy to a friend. So having another copy would be great. When is your next book coming out? Thanks.

  11. I will take two…..Personalize mine with freehand drawings of an MHI patch!
    Waiting for the sequel!

  12. I just heard about the book 2 weeks ago on Gun Nuts Radio, listened to the interview this past Wed on the podcast and bought the book today… My wife will not let me read it, she wont let it out of her grasp. She was reading the free chapters on my iPhone while i went into the store (an hour’s drive each way) to get the book.
    She has even said “do whatever it takes to get me the next book, I HAVE TO HAVE IT”
    I’m definetly in for one book, and maybe a proof-reading copy of the sequel (she is seriously begging), maybe with a sketch or somethin of your Saiga12 – I just converted one of mine and its awesome…..

    1. Sure. Send me an e-mail and I can respond with my shipping address. monsterhunter45 AT hotmail DOT com

  13. I would be interested. Just let me know what to do.

    Just on a side note I have not read something this entertaining in awhile. Great writing.

  14. I’m in for multiple, if possible. I’ve got a signed copy of the original, and I wanna get copies of the new one for me and all my friends. I’ve got an idea for a personalization, too. I’ll shoot you an email or Facebook message, Larry.

  15. Larry,
    Talked to a band this weekend at the range. ( about doing a cover of Hold the Pig Steady. Their answer was , “we love metal” so I’d like to work out lyrics if you’d like or want to make it a contest?

    1. TX, I’ll have to think about that. I’ve got no idea. 🙂 If somebody wants to record a version of Hold the Pig Steady, they are more than welcome. I have zero musical talent.

      1. SO, how about I hold a contest for people to suggest lyrics for the song. You have ultimate right of refusal for the final result. Once we have lyrics, I can work with my friends to crank out the music and get this recorded. Release it as an MP3 free to the MHI masses.

  16. The only problem with recording “Hold the Pig Steady” is finding anyone who can play guitar as well as Mosh…

  17. TX, I’m okay with that. All that I require on my end is that is must rock to a shockingly high degree. 🙂

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