10 Reasons why the Obama-Joker Socialist posters are appropriate


Some people think that this now famous poster is not fair, and that it is mean spirited, and that it doesn’t address the issues, and whatnot. I disagree, so I give you the following reasons why this is an appropriate comparison between the Joker and Obama.

#1. Burning piles of money. Both Barack Obama and the Joker light giant piles of money on fire for no logical reason. The Joker did this in a dramatic scene from the Dark Knight, but Barack’s got him beat.  We’ve thrown away so much money for Cash for Clunkers, so fast, that it makes the Joker’s bonfire look like a Cub Scout camp out. Remember, he keeps bringing up how he inherited a 1.4 Trillion dollar debt? Well whoever replaces him in 3 1/2 years will inherit a 6-8 Trillion debt. We’d probably be better off if Barack just put it in a big pile and burned it, because at least then we wouldn’t have to worry about paying interest to the Chinese. 

#2. Some men just want to watch the world burn.  Remember that scene where Batman was trying to figure out the Joker’s seemingly insane schemes? And then Alfred came along and explained that some people don’t have a rational reason for what they do, they just want the world to burn? Well, most logical people can’t make heads or tails out of any of Barack’s fiscal policies, which seemed designed to do the exact opposite of what he’s promised for them to do. I think he just wants to watch America burn so it can be reborn as a glorious worker’s paradise.

#3 Neither have loyalty to their minions.  The Joker has no problem shooting his own men, or shoving them off of moving cars, or implanting exploding cell phones into them.  Barack will ditch any of his people who get in his way, whether they’re family, friends, mentors, pastors, or associates. Barack tossed his own Grandma under the bus.  Even the Joker thought that was harsh.

#4 The Origin Story.  The Joker told a few different stories about how he got his scar, and the viewer is never told which is the truth. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because the Joker is just the ultimate bad guy. Barack is an ivy-league elitist who plays himself off as some average joe who has been discriminated against.  He’s different things for different audiences. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because barack is just the ultimate socialist.

#5 Both can kill you with writing implements.  The Joker does it by stabbing the pencil through your brain. Barack does it by signing such terrible legislation that makes you want to drive a pencil through your brain.

#6 Bit players.  One has a two faced lawyer, driven mad with power, horribly disfigured, with a weird googly eye. He’s a true believer, but is just a pawn to be used by the mastermind. His name is Rahm Emmanuel.  The Joker had that guy played by Aaron Eckhart.

#7 The nemesis.  The Joker had to battle the Dark Knight, Batman, scourge of evil, hero of the shadows, righter of wrongs. A man who will do the right thing, no matter what the costs. A man who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. Obama had to fight John McCain, who’s just like Batman, if you made Batman old, and removed half his brain… and he cared more what the press said about him than his own party… Well, nevermind, this one doesn’t work.

#8 Going to any lengths to win.  It doesn’t matter how bad the odds, the Joker was willing to do anything to win. He was prepared to blow up a ship full of innocent people, and found really creative ways to take out his enemies.  Nothing was off the table. Barck will do anything to win, will blow up the economy, is really creative about using the press to slander his enemies, and nothing was off the table. 

#9 Prey upon the weakness of your enemies.  The Joker was not about sniveling and begging to survive. He used Batman’s morals as a weapon against him. He took Batman’s strengths and turned them into weaknesses. Barack uses America’s morals as a weapon against us. For example, how long did it take for the Joker/Obama poster to be called racist? One LA newspaper said the only thing missing was a noose… Because most Americans are not racist and don’t like to be called that, Obama’s folks do not hesitate to play the race card, because they know it is a quick and easy way to get many of us to back down.

I’m not really sure how its racist, unless they’re thinking back to the blackfaced white performers of the early part of the 20th century. Which is really ironic, since the most famous of them was Al Jolson, who loved Black America and was a pioneer of positive race relations, and who was beloved by the black community.  Unless they think that painting your face white is racism, and if that’s the case, they need to raise some hell with Kabuki theater.

#10 Both will lose in the end.  Yay!  Batman eventually beat the Joker, and only 3 and a half more years of FDR2!

EDIT! Darn it, I wrote this at lunch and totally forgot about the part where the Joker pretended to be a medical professional and then blew up a HOSPITAL!  Oh my gosh, this stuff writes itself. 😀

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24 thoughts on “10 Reasons why the Obama-Joker Socialist posters are appropriate”

  1. so Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson calls this mean-spirited and dangerous? I couldn’t agree more. Obama is destroying this country in ways a foreign army or terrorist could only dream of. Its only patriotic to be mad and mean spirited about that. Dangerous? Sure, dangerous to Obama’s goals because little by little people are waking up to the reality of what is going on. The August recess is only going to spread that awareness.

  2. I think we would have been better off with The Joker as president.

    Can we elect him in 2012 if Sarah won’t run?

  3. FDR2 gives him way too much credit, FDR was a consummate politician. BO is really Jimmy Carter 2, his people are already getting tired of him

  4. Biggest problem, is that when he loses in 2012, the president who comes in after him, will have such a mess they can’t fix it in 4 years, and the whole fiasco will be blamed on HIM (the replacement) instead of where it truly sits.

  5. It seems we have forgotten the mess that Bush created!

    Bush has turned America into a third world country, destroyed our image abroad,stomped on civil liberties, etc.

    It’s amazing how quickly people forget things!

    1. I’ve spent two months abroad in India and Ireland handling technical liaison with some of our company’s offices.
      Guess what? They all hate Obama too.
      India, because they want no part of any international agreement to cut back on global emissions (as was pushed by Hillary Clinton in her recent visit there); Ireland, because Obama’s plan to double-tax multi-nationals will cause massive layoffs in their IT industry.
      The idea that Obama has made everything hunky-dory on the international stage is retarded at best and uninformed at worst.

  6. Hey Mark.

    I haven’t forgotten a thing. I hate every single thing George Bush did that took America away from freedom and toward control.

    But the Joker has kicked this handbasket up a notch.

    And I could give a shit about our image to a bunch of socialists and media hacks. You really should get out more and actually see how real people feel.

    It seems that once again the standard response to Obama criticism is that the other guy sucked too. Well, that’s great. So when is he going to quit whining about that 1.4 Triillion defecit he inherited, while he’s busy multiplying it by 4?

    And by the way, since you are apparently wiser than most of my readers, would you please answer the question that I’ve posed again and again – If Obama is not a socialist, can you name 5 laws or policies he’s pushed since he’s been president that Karl Marx himself would not approve of?

    I’ll be waiting.

    1. If we aren’t frightening the cheese eating euro surrender monkeys, then we aren’t doing diplomacy right.

      If you want masters of foreign diplomacy, look to the old Soviets … and they would never hesitate to lean on and frighten a euro if it got them something they wanted.

      If US Presidents started acting like Khrushchev or Brezhnev, we would have a lot less problems with terrorism.

  7. Ok, I can maybe see the “mean-spirited”… (Though they didn’t decry the Bush poster as mean-spirited.)

    What is “dangerous” about it? Is it because of dissent? The realization that not everyone is in lockstep on the march to socialism?

  8. I agree to alot of that. Bush wasn’t the greatest President alive. But Obama just quadrupled the problems.

    And I agree with the above statements on what a American President should be.

    Take Reagan, the whole world was scared of the US from 80-88(Some of Bush Senior’s too), because he didn’t take crap off nobody, and the whole world thought he was crazy enough to nuke them.

  9. Only one thing bothered me in that bottom-10 list.

    You used the term “race” the way that our enemies would want you to.

    There is only one race of intelligent bipeds on this planet. (Well, unless your last novel is based upon fact.)

    They’re called Humans.

    All of the other “races” are the creation of the Racists.

  10. #7 The nemesis. The Joker had to battle the Dark Knight, Batman, scourge of evil, hero of the shadows, righter of wrongs. A man who will do the right thing, no matter what the costs. A man who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him…

    Ah, so that’s why he’s so scared of Sarah Palin! He’s pegged her for his nemesis!

    Well, even a deaf, dumb, blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then…

  11. Obama ain’t BURNING money- if he was, I’d be clapping. Burning money just makes the extra money worth more. No, what Obama and his team of bankster criminal friends are doing is Printing money, and Borrowing money thus devaluing the “other” money, you know, the money you have painfully saved and put in the bank? The money your grandma has under the mattress? The money you put away for a rainy day instead of going to Vegas or taking a cruise or buying that Barrett .50?
    That piece of criminal garbage scum Giethner just sent a note to Congress wanting the debt limit of 12 TRILLION + raised up even more- maybe so Congress can buy themselves some more new jets to take expensive foreign vacations with? Sons of aids infected whores, most of them. I do not know what concessions the Chinese got from US to continue buying our Treasuries, but it had to be good- maybe the first born daughters of every American? They would have to be dunber than a post to believe our interest payments are going to be worth anything.

  12. I came across your book this morning on Amazon and yes I saw that first and had to read what you had written. I thought the Joker Obama article was hilarious and yes I voted for Obama and still stand by my Joker. Was glad to see a McCain stab in there for sure. Anyway I put this on my forum also with a link leading here. I run a paranormal website. We have interviewed many from UFO Hunters off the history channel and more. Anyway I have a joker fetish and loved the article even though I support Obama and I still bought your book! Take care!

  13. Dear god you are ignorant. You are the type of person people like the bias lying media prey on. Obama didnt kill his grandma you idiot. If you think obama’s policies dont work
    you probably dont want them to since you want to hate on him. The economy’s recover is slow but it exists. It does t mean he wants the world to burn. What about him killing bin laden? Hes done more to end the war on terror than Bush. Hell all bush did was start the atrocities. But obama did continue the drone strikes. Im not completly on obama since i look at the facts.

    What changes to origen story? He said he was born in hawaii? Did that ever chamge
    What about romney’s flip flopping.


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