More MHI Patches! Order yours now.

I just got another box of Monster Hunter International patches today. I just finished taking care of the orders from the folks who’ve been waiting patiently since I ran out. (so if you are one of those, they’re going in the mail tomorrow).

Same as last time, patches are $3 each, and that covers postage. The easiest way to order is to just paypal me at slg2qcorreia AT yahoo DOT com. (that is S L G 2 Q not an i, it is an old Utah State designation I’ve been stuck with for 10 years).  If you don’t have paypal, e-mail me at that same address and I’ll give you a mailing addy.

I have about a hundred and fifty left, and will be getting more made as long as you want them.

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Busy week

22 thoughts on “More MHI Patches! Order yours now.”

  1. I received a fat box of MHI in my little bookstore on Thursday so I decided to go hunting for some info on the author – nice blog you have here! We’ve sold a good few copies of MHI already and the customers are giving me some pretty good reports, so I’m thinking I’ll have to make it a recommended title. Keep on truckin’!

    1. Sugerhouse is in October in conjunction with Dave Farland, Lee Modesett, John Brown, and maybe other writers. I’m doing Jordan Landing on the last Saturday in August.

  2. I loved your book. Definitely getting a patch. I haven’t been this excited about a series since my dad turned me on to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series when I was 10. I can’t wait to hear when your second book is coming, because it obviously will be published. I passed your book around to my family on vacation and simply said “Just read the first chapter.” Needless to say they all want the book now. Can’t wait to read more from you.

  3. I was going to ask if there was a limit on the number of patches per reader.
    They’re all subdued woodland colors, right? No chance of getting subdued desert so I can wear them on my tan flight suits, too?

  4. Larry,

    Thanks for the patch. Sung the praises of the book at the local tactical gun store today ( mostly EBR’s and semi auto pistols) Read the passage where Milo introduces Owen to abomination, and Owen asks how may gun laws it breaks. The guy next to me with this far away look in his eyes, says in a dreamy voice “Gun Porn”

  5. i got a patch last time and have wanted more since, so great news.
    i have sent payment for 2 more. I don’t want to be greedy

  6. Son of a bitch. In the course of 2 fucking chapters you put me on a pulse quickening adrenaline rush, nearly make me cry, and then literally laugh out loud. There should be a warning on this book like so many roller coasters. Pregnant, heart condition. Etc.
    I promise to use clean language in my Amazon review. Now, what favors do I have to do to get on your infamous review team? I will refrain from pointing out the few errors I have found already in this one.
    I’m ready to devour the next book. You’ll probably hear from me on Gun Nuts Radio on Tuesday. I sound like the bank recording. You”ll know.

  7. Have you considered making a batch of stickers of these instead of just patches? I’d love to throw one of these onto my motorcycle luggage.

  8. I’m looking into stickers and some other stuff.

    Thanks for the reviews. You guys are too cool.

    The smallness of my early reader group is mostly because of my extremely weak constitution. I don’t think I could take too much abuse. 🙂

    (actually, I never really thought about it, and now I’ve got about two dozen requests to proof new stuff, so don’t really know what to do!)

  9. You will be happy to know that the Barnes and Nobles in Corpus Christi was out of MHI. And according to the very nice little old lady that works there, she just got a “bunch in”. Warms the heart.

  10. I’ll proof!!!

    Lol. Just kidding. My spelling and punctuation is atrocious.

    Although if you compiled a list of people willing to pay 3X just to read the rough draft a year early……. 😉

    1. Actually, Baen ( lets him do just that–sell his “ARC” (Advance Reader Copy) for 3+x what the regular book runs for people who want to get it earlier.

      While I know most of your sales are going to be in paper from Amazon, etc., please keep publishing electronically via Baen–those of us who have gone all electronic will really appreciate it.

      Thanks and: awesome book!

  11. Us Portadees gotta stick together. Seriously though was at the local B&N looking for something to read and as usual went straight to the new arrival paperbacl section and i’ll be honest the main reason that i picked your book over 3 others is that you have a Portuguese name. But i am glad i did . Great read , kept me up to the wee hours of the morning for several days. Really , excellent book for a first publish i take it? Well in any case i hope to see some more MHI stuff in the future. The only major thing i did not like about the book is that it went maybe a little too far in that ” Star Trek red-shirt” direction at times. Anyways keep up the great work compadre.

  12. PayPal did not CANCEL the Soldiers’ Angels account – they suspended it for twelve hours because one of the fund-raisers was a raffle that included a Para-USA 1911. They seemed to feel this violated their terms of service. They suspended all donations to Soldiers’ Angels until SA pulled the PayPal button off the web page for the raffle.

    We’re about to rectify that situation to allow credit-card orders of raffle tickets again, just not through Pay(not your)Pal.

    My copy of MHI finally arrived from Amazon yesterday. I’m about halfway through it. OUTSTANDING!

  13. buzz must be good because MHI is a featured title on two different displays at my store- and that means nationwide. Great book. Loved it. Gonna handsell the crap out of it and yeah, I need a patch or 4

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