#1 with a bullet

Well, not quite, but it feels that way! 

Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1,036 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)

#22 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
#33 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Contemporary
#47 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction

That is higher than I have ever been before! You guys rock to a shockingly high degree.

EDIT: Because it got even better

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7 thoughts on “#1 with a bullet”

  1. Running errands this morning. Stopped at my local B&N. Inquired about MHI since none were in view. SYF (Sweet Young Female) went into the back room, bringing out three copies, saying displayed copies had sold out. Told SYF to be prepared for influx of requests for the book. Took book to counter and repeated previous request. Now I have a loaner copy.
    …just being a butterfly flapping its wings trying to create that tsunami somewhere.

  2. “Full auto, magazine-fed, 12 gauge shotgun.” Larry, those are words that go straight to my heart. That, a dude carrying a combat tomahawk, and the greatest elves ever written about… Where is MHI 2?

    I’m definitely not sleeping tonight until I finish the book.

  3. I finished it last week and then read it again — just to make sure it was as awesome as I thought it was the first time (answer: it was!). It was a wild, fun ride. And I fully agree with C Kelsey’s comments. Ash himself would have bowed down and wept in joy and awe at all those boomsticks.

    I honestly have to say the last debut novel to impress me this much was “Mad Mike” Williamson’s “Freehold” (and I’ve read some damn close runners up since). So, this one’s definitely a winner, and I hope it sells like hotcakes. Whatever you publish next, I’ll definitely be glad to lay my money down for it.

    MHI — because monsters suck, and we hate them 😉

  4. Well,

    I got tired of waiting on Amazon and USPS. I went to Borders, this evening, and asked about the book. I was told they were in the back room, but unable to put them out until tomorrow, the 28th.

    While the store manager was telling me this, I called the local Barnes and Nobel store. I was told, over the phone, they had put them out on Thursday of last week and sold out, already.

    Borders decided to make the sale, and to stock the ‘mass print paperbacks’ table with your book.

    Once I had book in hand, I went to dinner and was late getting work as I fell into the world you have created.

    Thanks for the mini-vacation. I will bee getting back to it, once my shift is over.


  5. Just got my shipping notice! Can’t wait to get this one after reading all the above comments!

  6. I pre-ordered from amazon and while at
    B&N I saw they had it so I bought copy rather then wait. This was yesterday. Now on chapter 15 and loving every minute of what I have read so far. When Amazon delivers I will bag and tag it so I will always have a spare copy since I know I will be reading this book over and over again.

    Thanks for a good read!!!!

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