One Last Push – The Monster has landed

Even though the offical release date is still a few days away, I’ve received confirmation that many stores have already put MHI on the shelves and Amazon is actively shipping. 

So now I’m going to ask you a favor, please spread the word, post reviews, tell your friends, stick a plug on your blog, harrass your family, burn a giant happy face into your lawn with Roundup, overthrow a small 3rd world country and name it Correialandia, whatever.  Actually, don’t do the lawn thing, because that’s just kind of weird and creepy. Overthrowing small countries on the other hand… hey, I’m Portuguese. Get three or four of us together and we just start kinda having an inclination to go invade somebody

I’m just really hoping for good stats in the opening month. I’m about to actively embark on selling two more series (Dead Six & Grimnoir) so if I can even show up somewhere relatively decent in the sales stats, it will really help. Plus I’m a capitalist, and money is my friend.  I know I’ve presold a bunch, but I have no idea how many yet.   

If you ordered off of Amazon, please post a review when you’re done. Same with B&N or anywhere else. 

This is it.  Thanks everyone. I couldn’t have done it without you.

IN STOCK! and cruising up the charts!
Good news - Amazon release date moved up

15 thoughts on “One Last Push – The Monster has landed”

  1. Larry,

    Just finished MHI last night. If you don’t write several sequels to this book, I’m going to hunt you down and beat you with a tire iron like you were a stone gargoyle. I mean it.

    Damn what a good story! Can’t wait for the next tomes of yours to hit the shelves.

    I’ve put up a blog post for ya’. You might make a book or two extra in sales from it. Every little bit helps, I’m sure!

  2. I purchased a copy of MHI tonight from the Books-A-Million in Destin, Florida.

    I’ve already read MHI. I read it in 2006, the first rough draft. I might read it again.

    You’ve waited a long time for this, Larry. But here we are!

  3. Great!

    Ain’t got a notice yet, then again I was late on the pre-order.

    About Dead Six: I musta missed something, is this going to be the “book 1” of that series? Or combining the entire “Trilogy” NC mentioned.

    Still a collaberation with Nightcrawler?

    I read the stuff on THR, but in all that I kinda missed how it was evolving.


    1. Yes. Larry’s more or less finished his half of the book. I’m working on mine as we speak (quite literally, trying to do up a flashback sequence right now).

      I have certain military obligations that restrict my free time, and I’m a pretty slow writer (especially compared to Larry) to begin with. Still, I hope to have the draft of Dead Six completed by the end of the summer.

      If that goal is met, we should be done editing within a month or two after that, and then we’ll be shopping for publishers.

      Unfortunately, due to the peculiarities of the publsihing industry, it’ll likely be 2011 at the earliest before Dead Six can be found on a bookstore shelf.

      That’s my fault though. If I could write like Larry, I’d have finished Dead Six months ago.


      1. Hey no problem. You’re doing something worthwhile (Not that Larry isn’t). I just wasn’t sure.

        Thanks for the update!!

  4. 2009-07-25 21:19 PST
    Picked up a copy at the Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego Barnes & Noble! Awesome to see it in print. Still have four more on the way from Amazon! Very cool Larry! Talked the girl at the counter into buying one as well. Turns out she’s a zombie/werewolf fan… hehe! Too bad I missed Comicon – heard it sold out this year!

  5. I’m a B&N employee, and I shelved our 8 copies of MHI after close tonight. Can’t remember being this excited about a book coming out. I’ll be pushing it to customers and trying to make sure it gets as much faced-out time as possible. Congratulations on MHI getting into the big leagues!

  6. Telling friends about it. No particular reason other than the fact that I’m selfishly wanting to see if Z gets to have another chance to feel up his girlfriend’s sexy dead mom…

  7. As soon as it comes in to my bookstore, I am so there. Overthrowing countries. hmmm. How about Jamaica or Haiti? Relatively close, in need of some cultural and infrastructure upgrades, and damn, if there probably aren’t more than a few chupacubras or zombies running around just for practice.

  8. Picked a copy of Monster Hunter International at local B&N on a whim (cover caught my eye and the back cover synapse was enough to make it worth the risk).
    Once I started reading the book I didnt put it down until finished sometime about 5am the next morning.

    The style reminds me of my favorite collection (David Drakes Hammer’s Slammers) with just the right amount of grit and touch of humor. While I am not a gun enthusiast (only ever owned a .22 target rifle) your almost Tolkenesque detailed descriptions of the gear used by your characters sent me to the internet to learn more about them.

    Was upset this morning when a quick search suggested this was your only book in print. Cant wait for more.

    Thanks for the great read.

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