T minus 9 days and counting

M Day is coming. We are now in the single digits for the paperback release of Monster Hunter International. Review copies have been sent to various magazines and review webpages.

The e-book is out at Baen’s Webscriptions, and I’ve been getting bunches of e-mails from people who’ve now read the book, and it has been extremely humbling. When you put a lot of effort into something, and a reader comes back and tells you how it brightened their day, or they couldn’t put it down, or that it just captured their imagination, then you are on top of the world. You guys like it, I’ve managed to entertain you, and that, my friends, is an absolutely wonderful feeling.

And so is getting paid!  Book is doing well on Amazon. Still dominating in the Christian Romance (snort!) section on Tower (but they’ve got Jim Butcher in there for some reason too, so whatever), and I’m now as high as I’ve ever been on B&N. For the longest time, if you just put Correia into the search engine on Amazon I came up first (take that Correia Art Glass, which is really pretty by the way, and we’re probably cousins, so maybe you could hook me up for something nice for my wife’s birthday… just saying),but I was always further down the list on B&N and Tower, behind various cookbooks by Correias, and movies with Correias in them, but now I’m first.

I figure it is kind of like the Highlander, and various Correias will square off until there can be only one, but I’ve still got some pro baseball players and hockey players to go, and those guys are in better shape, so I shouldn’t talk too much smack. Man, I’m just glad my last name isn’t Jones or Brown.

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7 thoughts on “T minus 9 days and counting”

  1. Way to go, Larry!

    I, for one, can’t wait (as I keep saying and saying and saying etc.). Gonna be at B&N first thing on Tuesday!

  2. Just out of curiosity, I checked with the local Barnes and Noble while I was in there today, and this one particular branch has eight copies of MHI coming in next week.

    You’re gonna sell a bunch of these, I’m thinking.

  3. Gotta say great book. I read the sample chapters this morning on Baen and had to buy the E-version of it same day. Finished the whole thing in basically one sitting.

  4. I would like to say that if you could be persuaded to write a Correia-style Christian Romance novel, I guarantee I would buy and read a copy.

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