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I broke 107,000 words on Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic yesterday. Overall size should be around 130-150K, but you know how those estimates go. I figure that the 1st draft will be done by the end of August. Not bad since the idea for this project started only 4 months ago and I had to spend bunches of time doing research rather than writing.

Mike is down to approximately his last 27,000 words for his half of Dead Six, so we’re getting closer there. When he’s done I’ll be editing the two together.  Him being on Active Duty has screwed with our schedule, but he’s doing an awesome job writing in his free time. (massive hat tip to Chris Byrne and the Gun Counter boys for getting him that laptop).

If everything goes according to plan, I should have both of those cleaned up and ready for submission in the next few months.  That will give me three active series at one time.

MHI:2 is just awaiting publisher feedback, and as soon as she says jump, I’ve just got to say how high and make the corresponding changes. So if that happens soon, everything else gets put on hold.

I’ll be doing the Writing Excuses Podcast this week sometime. If you aspiring writers out there haven’t listened in, it is excellent.  http://www.writingexcuses.com/  The guys on there give some excellent advice on the craft of writing. I’m just hoping that I don’t screw it up. Let’s just say that I’m a writer for a reason. I’m extremely witty and clever when I’ve got time to think it over, then go back and edit. On the stump… not so much. Now for those of you who met me through being your firearms instructor, sure I may seem quick and funny when I’m teaching, but keep in mind that I’ve taught thousands of people. I’ve heard every question you can think of, and I’ve got a good answer. However the first time I was asked that question, I probably thought of my great answer on the drive home from the range.

On that podcast note, I haven’t listened to their latest, but it is about genre blending. I’m interested in that one because I’m currently writing a serious novel that has magic, ninjas, alternative history, John Browning, talking animals, lots of guns, gangsters, Tesla super weapons, J. Edgar Hoover, Imperial Japan, teleportation, Al Capone, more guns, Black Jack Pershing, dirigibles, dirigible fights, the Great Depression, air pirates, and the FDR of my world is one step below the Emperor from Star Wars. 

Meanwhile as far as genre blending goes, my one published novel has been described as a X-Files meets Rambo meets Heavy Metal with a Wonder Years narration… Go figure.

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5 thoughts on “Writing update”

  1. Is that the frog in the blender school of genre blending? And somehow having it in my head hearing FDR saying “Rise my young apprentice” to Truman has given me a fit of the belly laughs.

  2. Dirigible fights….Excellent…

    And the FDR in…YOUR world? Ain’t he a constant? lol, 😉 Anyway, keeping my ears out for whenever the next dead six is finished.

  3. I dunno how it went, really. Howard said something bad about Firefly and the rest of the time I was really just hearing a strange buzzing white noise in my ears. I would say it sounded like the red sparking flashes that filled my vision, but that probably doesn’t help.

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