TWENTY DAYS until Monster Hunter International

We’re down to 20 days until M-Day.

I bought my plane tickets today for California. I’ll be doing San Francisco, San Diego, and LA. Details on stores and times will follow.

I’ll also being going to the World Fantasy Convetion, and I’m really pumped about that. 

Twenty days from now I’ll be spamming everybody I’ve ever known in my life to go buy some books. Yee haw!

E-book webscriptions
Preliminary book signing tour schedule

3 thoughts on “TWENTY DAYS until Monster Hunter International”

  1. I can’t wait. BTW, the e-book will be available for purchase and full download before the book hits store shelves. (I have the book on pre-order and have already purchased the e-book).

  2. California? Those bankrupt bozos? They’ll be totally out of money before you get there!

    You should have come to Arizona, where we actually have several weeks before we’re in the same boat!

    Don’t take any IOUs when you’re in California! They’re actually bankruptcy notes!


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