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In the Twenty Days countdown to M-Day post, someone pointed out that for those waiting for the final quarter of the e-book, it should be dropping any time now. It is always posted before the book actually ships.

If you purchase the webscription E-book directly from Baen, you get Monster Hunter International, and five other books for a real low price.  They are posted in quarters, one each month, until the book actually ships, and then the whole thing is there.

So if you want to read it a little early, it is now available. Otherwise, TWENTY MORE DAYS!

Even if you don’t want to get the E-book version, the first seven chapters are posted there as a free sample.

EDIT: There is also something on there about how to use your Kindle to download, so apparently you can read it on Kindle, so all of you Kindlefolk can quit yelling at me!  🙂

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TWENTY DAYS until Monster Hunter International

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