Preliminary book signing tour schedule

Monster Hunter International starts shipping on July 28th. 

I have a book signing at the the Jordan Landing Utah Barnes & Nobel on August 29th, at 2:00.

EDIT: I just scheduled a signing at the Utah State University bookstore in Logan Utah on August 26th at 2:00. This is where I worked while I went to USU.

The following dates are still preliminary.

I will be doing a signing at the Layton Barnes & Nobel, some time in August. I should know the date and time next week.

I believe that there will be a signing at the Sugerhouse Barnes & Nobel on October 24th. I may possibly be in Provo on Friday the 23rd.  

My company is sending me on business to San Antonio in October. I would like to try and do a signing while I’m out there. This will probably be on October 17th. No idea where yet.

After that I will be doing some traveling. Dave Farland (Runelords) and John D. Brown (Servant of a Dark God) are two excellent Utah fantasy authors. They’ve asked me to come along and do some signings with them.  Right now I’m trying to figure out how much time I can get away from work and how much I can afford to travel.  Dave’s planned dates and locations are:

San Francisco – around Halloween. (and World Fantasy Convention)

San Diego- November 12th

LA – November 13th-14th

Phoenix – November 19th-21st ?

Denver – December 3-5th

I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do yet. I also have a request from a shop in Delta Utah (because that’s where I graduated high school).

TWENTY DAYS until Monster Hunter International
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17 thoughts on “Preliminary book signing tour schedule”

  1. I wonder if those Barnes and Nobles realize that almost everyone coming to see you will have a gun under their shirt. That will be a lot of guns in a bookstore.

  2. Dave,

    They may get suspicious when they sell out of SWAT, American Handgunner, Concealed Carry, and Shotgun News all on one day.

  3. My best friend works at a Barnes and Noble in Virginia Beach, VA and I’ll be ‘suggesting’ he speak to his employers about getting you out our way for a signing. Given the high percentage of population that is either current or former military and you personal propensities, I think you’d fit in just fine.

    I realize it’s a bit of a way for you to come all the way out to the East Coast, but hey, you gotta love a state that says, “No, you don’t have to register your guns. And yes, you may certainly open carry. What’s that? You have a DD-214? Well, we’ll just waive that CCW class and the $45 fee.”

    Bring patches…lots and lots of patches….

  4. Please post a list of sites if you start getting out the eastern way. I am telling everyone around this area about the release. We are in Ohio, so I’m not holding my breath that you will be in the neighborhood. BUT, if you are, I have dinner at PF Changs. Best. Chinese. Ever. It is the dinner of legends.

  5. Plenty of freakish monsters in NYC (we call them native new yorkers) Come on out and I’ll get you a ride- along.

  6. Larry,
    Mapquest says 7 hrs from St George to Phx, via Las Vegas. You can do the Kanab-Page-Flagstaff route, if you want to avoid Sin City. Add’s 1/2 hour, more or less.

  7. Larry,

    It’s about 400 miles, and I’ve done it several times. I actually really like the area around St. George. I’ve had a great time up there running around the canyonlands.

    The good news, is that you can do 75 most of the way, and by tour time, the damn bypass should be fully open. I don’t know how you drive, but it takes me five hours from Vegas on a good day.

    Maybe you could get George to come down with you, and we could set up some reactive target shooting (i.e. boomers). ‘course we would do that no matter what, but the more the merrier.

  8. Hey, how about you come out to the gunblogger rendezvous, the weekend of Sept. 11th, out in Reno.

    We’re driving up a couple days in advance, at the very least we can stop by and say hi.

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