Hate mail time

In the recent thread about HK suing the Airsofters, I mentioned that I received a lot of hate mail for the original Suck and Hate You post. Most of it isn’t very creative, so I don’t bother to pay much attention to it, but every now and then, I get a real gem.

Like Jim here.

I wrote you one of those hate mails, chum.

I’m not your chum.

At the time you were selling cheap, bargain basement chicom AK’s to your fan boys to pose with in the mirror in their underwear –

I sold guns that ranged from cheap to extremely expensive. The single most common gun I sold were Stag rifles that were usually in the $800-$900 range. Most of the cheap AKs were purchased by people who were on a tight budget.  

As for posing in the underwear, I had a strict policy to never ever ask about stuff like that. And guys, now that I’m not in the gun business, I still don’t want to know.

and you tried to tell them that junk was not only as good as an HK, but better!

And what HK civilian-friendly non-scalper-priced rifle should I have sold them instead?

Oh wait, there isn’t one. Moron.

Yep. I would take a good AK like a Vepr or a custom Saiga over a G3 absolutely anytime. But then again, unlike most of the internet, I actually like to shoot guns and not just brag about what I own. When I was competing in a lot of 3gun, I managed to kick some butt with a Vepr. The only modifications were a custom stock (that I made myself and I suck with woodworking, so it is very ugly) and Krebs Galil style sights because I was shooting limited (iron sights).  

On a different note, my shooting has gone to crap because of lack of practice time, but I’m finally going to get back into competition. I think I’m mostly going to do USPSA and IDPA because rifle ammo has gotten too expensive to practice with and I don’t want to raid my reserves. I remember when I used to buy cases of practice ammo for $75-$95, burn through a couple thousand rounds a month, and be a happy camper. Those were the good old days, but I digress.

I guess as long as it puts a buck in your pocket, there is no harm in some idiot thinking that a piece of junk is a high end rifle…

Hmm… Jim, if I’m such an evil capitalist pig like you think I am, why wouldn’t I try and sell that customer an $800 or $1,000 gun instead of a $400 one… (we did have a $3,300 USC turned UMP once, but nobody was dumb enough to buy that thing)

I see that the Mad Ogre…who wrote a contemptable piece entitled ‘Why I hate the AR15′ is now selling them and trying to cash in on the AR fad.

For some reason a lot of Mad Ogre hate always seems to run downhill to me. I think it is because we’re friends in real life. I can’t speak for George, but I also know Joe Chetwood, who is building guns with him at Crusader. He used to work for me. I haven’t seen any of their stuff, but they’re both good guys and I hope they do awesome.

You gun bloggers are pretty much whores – but I suspect the whores would have more credibility than you guys.

What’s with all the anti-whore hate? Are you still upset about that one that turned out to be a dude? 

For the record, I haven’t been in the gun business since 2008, and I’m not famous enough to get any free stuff.  Whatever you read on my blog is my opinion. Ironically most of the people like Jim haven’t actually read the original post. They skimmed it, made some crap up, and moved on. In reality I mostly complained about HK being overrated and having lousy service. (and terrible triggers and ergonomics and price… never mind). So I went ahead and posted a response in the Airsoft thread.

Got his second post this morning, and it made me decide that Jim was worthy of his own blog post.

Just givin’ ya some of your own back and saying some things that need to be said.

Well thank goodness somebody is willing to step up and defend the little guy!

Here’s a couple more: Do you think your suppliers will treat you better becuase you slag the crap out of them and their products? The guys at HK won’t sell you the time of day and I don’t blame ‘em.

Ironically their service sucked before I ever wrote the rant. Plus, hate to break it to you, but there isn’t a dark cabal of German arms dealers who have my picture pinned to the wall with daggers and they curse my name. I’m pretty sure that I’m not that famous, nor important.

You’re an ass!

The internets have spoken. Who am I to argue?

Yes, they have misgivings about selling to civvies. Who can blame them?

Uhh… Civilians?

This next line is where Jim earned his very own blog post!

The chicom/russo pricks that sell you those bargain basement Kalashnikovs also sell them to the pisslamic swine that kill our boys in the sand box every day. Nice business associates you have there chum.

You mean Osama gets his guns from Century Arms, Vector, or Robinson Armament? Bastards!

Good thing Jim set me straight. HK is wise to not sell guns to regular Americans, because those guns will only end up in the hands of Al Queda… Jim probably also believes that all the Mexican drug lord’s guns come from gun shows.

Let me make sure I got this right. So the AK is bad, because it was designed by Soviets who then sold it to bad people, and by extension American companies who build AKs and sell them to regular Americans are therefore bad too, but HK which was founded by fleeing Nazis is good, because they refuse to sell to regular Americans and only sell to governments, including bad ones. And government guns never turn up in the wrong hands…

Hate to break it to you Jim, but the “pisslamic” guys will use whatever they can get their hands on. And yes, we’ve caught them with HKs, as well as FNs, Enfields, Brens, BARs, and one of my friends kept a Tommy Gun in his Humvee after they captured it. Heck, somebody sent me a picture of a captured STG-44 once. The AK is just the most common gun in the world.

I have a couple HK’s, a Bushmaster and a Colt in my gun room – and not a single AK POS in sight.

Good for you. But are you sure that you want to start a pissing match about who owns what with a guy who used to own a gun store? I own a few guns. Some are very nice. A few were really expensive. But I don’t need to post and brag about owning fancy guns, because my ego isn’t attached to what I can afford, rather what I can outshoot you with.

And since you just said that you don’t own any AK POS, you might want to try a good one before you knock it. You might be surprised. I’ve owned guns from HK, FN, Bushmaster, Armalite, DSA, Rock River, Stag, Sig, STI, Kel-Tec, Colt, Marlin, Remington, Winchester, Robarms, Century, RAA, Kahr, Ruger, Springfield, Browning, CZ, S&W, and others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.  All of them had shortcomings in one way or another, some I liked better than others, and a few I will never part with.

I can afford to shoot good guns AND buy them from better men than you.

And I couldn’t sell you a gun anyway, (not being an FFL anymore in favor of being a novelist), so I’m not really out anything, but I’m sure that you are just an absolute joy for your local dealer. Plus we already know from your unfortunate hooker experience that you are an expert on men.

In any event, carry on. All I am seeing here is another self proclaimed gun expert trying to set himself up as some kind of authority on the subject. Your fan boys await. Cheers, Jim

Jim, I may be rude at times and I may have fans, (I’m still wrapping my brain around the MHI fan club on Facebook), but I don’t think I’ve ever claimed to be an expert. At the end of the day, I’ll still be who I am, and you’ll still be an elitist prick, looking down on people who can’t afford guns like the ones that you mistakenly paid too much for and sticking up for the European sentiment that thinks American civilians getting their rifles is equivalent to arming terrorists.

So long, chum. And by that, I mean the mass of smashed pulp and fish guts your argument stunk like.

Has anyone used one of the Magnolia State Armory .223 Saiga adapters?
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38 thoughts on “Hate mail time”

  1. I think you pretty well nailed it.

    The HK fanboy crowd seems to have nothing but the following talking points, none of which are ever supported with factual evidence:
    1) Cheap guns are crap
    2) Expensive guns, by definition, are better than cheap guns in every way
    3) The Germans make good stuff (I think Shamwow Vince is a HK fanboy)
    4) Elitism is just a reflection of how really good they are (be it the fanboys themselves or HK and their service department)
    5) If it is what X unit uses in real life, it absolutely must be superior to everything else
    6) If I own the same weapons, I am every bit as good, I just don’t get to practice as often.

    These morons never once consider that guns are tools- you use what fits the intended use, provided you are able to employ it effectively.

  2. Ditto to Phil, and Jim’s a douche. I really like my USP, but that’s because it’s my first pistol, but I’m alson not going to run up and down the halls trying to poop on everything else made by anyone else. It’s also way to big to carry day to day, unless it’s the dead of winter and I have a huge jacket that’ll cover it. As for the rest of HK’s stuff, no real opinion, never got to shoot it. Maybe if I didn’t have to sell a kidney to afford one, that’s be different, but civilians are to icky for those nice germans to sell to anyway. Oh yeah, Jim’s a douche.

    1. Hmm, you have a full size USP or a Compact? I have a UspC in .40, and Larry was kind enough to arrange for an NSA II IWB for it back when he was at FBMG. I’m a small guy, and it gets pretty hot here in South Africa, but the UspC disappears in that holster.

      Hk’s handguns click with me, particularly the P7. However, I’m not into tactical rifles. Let me know when they make something I can actually carry on a hunt without being laughed back to camp.

  3. If you want to compare ‘evil companies that sell guns to evil nations’, H&K had the contract to supply…Iran.

    WTF is up with Jim, anyway? There’s a bunch of blogs- including some gunblogs- where I think the blogger is an ass. I don’t waste my time sending them antifanmail or trying to convince them that I’m right and they’re wrong; I just don’t go there.

  4. One other thing I neglected to add:

    The HK fanboys never ever contradict the actual points made. That HK is going after airsofters is not in question. That their attitude toward civilian sales is ambivalent at best (but closer to completely indifferent, if not mildly contemptuous) seems to go without saying. Those pointing out HK’s fault usually aren’t even calling their firearms crap- they may point out that they have their own issues or are overpriced, but are worthy of sitting alongside any other firearm out there. But for some reason the fanboy crowd reacts strongly, and does so with precious little other than ad hominem or other poorly reasoned attacks.

    Yeah, there’s always a group of the “Your favorite gun sucks” club out there, but you can’t even have a reasoned and adult discussion of HK without the fanboy crowd showing up and foaming at the mouth.

  5. Look at ’em wail! That just has me LOLing my fish-gut brains out.

    You can polish that AK turd as much as ya want, at the end of the day it is still a turd for guys like you to sell to people that can’t afford a decent gun or are too stupid to appreciate one.

    Your buddy the Mad Ogre is now building AR15’s, not AK47’s. Gee, I wonder why?

    I am not foaming at the mouth; I am laughing my guts out. I can refute you in a few sentences – you have to devote entire columns to justify yourself to me.

    Maybe I should foam at the mouth a bit to prove I am as cool as your fanboys? Fine: You suck, and I hate you!!!!

    Everyone feel better now? 🙂

  6. Does anyone know if Pepto-Bismol can help with diarrhea of the mouth? Jim needs some help and he needs it bad.

    If you can refute anything Jim, please do. Otherwise, please spare us all from exposure to your unfortunate condition.

  7. Jim, if you CAN, then go ahead and DO. Don’t just sit around and talk about it. Put up or shut up.

    I’m trying to figure out why you have such a hard-on about the AK sucking. It is the benchmark of reliability for autoloading rifles. It isn’t the most accurate- it wasn’t designed to be. The ergonomics suck for simplicity’s sake, but HK’s ergos aren’t the best in the world either (and they can’t hide behind simplicity as an excuse). But to call it crap just makes you look like you know absolutely nothing about firearms.

    You keep coming back to the “poor folk don’t love HK because they can’t afford them.” In the words of Wikipedia, [citation needed] there, boyo. You love to pontificate, you hate to back it up.

    Honestly, I half wonder if you’ve never busted a single primer on a real round in a real gun and love to sit around talking with your Counterstrike buddies about the badassery that is Heckler und Koch, where they’re so awesome they can even load their magazines BACKWARDS and still pwn all n00bs.

  8. Looks like you have a new friend, larry.

    Hey Jim, You got something against larry? I am not trying to be a prick but what is the deal? Did he take your girl or something?

  9. What exactly did you refute?

    You know you really kicked somebody’s ass when their main comeback is some variation on: “well you sure did use a bunch of words!”

    Jim, in 2004 I went to a state tactical carbine match. There were a ton of really good shooters from all over the state, some of the best 3gunners, IPSC guys, and tactical types in the region. The guy that took first has also won at several national events including RMMG and Mystery Mountain. He shot a JP Enterprises that was super trick, with a magnifying optic on top and a dot on the side.

    I came in second overall and won limited. I was shooting a Vepr K in 7.62×39 with Krebs peep sights.

    I don’t need to polish terds. I polish trophys. 🙂

    So, how good can you shoot that HK of yours, Jim?

    1. “well you sure did use a bunch of words!”

      WIN. I’m going to use that on you, Larry, every time you complain to me about something. You wordy bastard with your…words. And your synonyms. Pfft.

      I was going to add that H&K licensed the G3 to Pakistan and Iran, but that’s already been pointed out. Needless to say there are plenty of H&K designs being fired at “our boys” in the sandbox right now.

      But that’s irrelevant. The Yugoslavian parts kit that Century resassembles into a working rifle is one less AK out there on the black market for the bad guys to get their hands on. I say buy ’em up, just like we bought up all the SKS rifles!

      Wait wait wait. Back up the truck. Back it the hell up. *BEEP BEEP BEEP* This comes from an Airsoft forum? Oh for the love of…AIRSOFT GUNS ARE TOYS. THEY’RE NOT REAL GUNS. THEY’RE FOR PRETEND AND MAKE-BELIEVE. OWNING AIRSOFT GUNS DOESN’T MEAN YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT REAL GUNS.

      I don’t care how good you are at Microsoft Flight Simulator. Until you’ve put a Cessna 150 down on an icy runway in a ten knot crosswind you can shut the fuck up about your skill as an aviator. The same goes for airsofters.

      For the record, I used to sell guns for Larry. If a customer looked at a WASR-10, we’d tell ’em exactly what it was: A semiautomatic Kalashnikov clone built by monkeys at Century Arms. The rifle’s quality could vary depending on how hung over they were the day they built it. It might have trigger slap, and the furniture looks like crap (but cleans up okay with a little elbow grease). The best you’ll get out of it is 3-4 MOA, assuming you even buy the sight adjustment tool (which few customers did). Despite all that, it’s a reliable rifle and not a bad buy for $450.

      That’s exactly what we told people They bought ’em anyway. Even if we wanted to stock H&K, what did H&K have to offer? The USC? The SL-8? Ten round neutered guns with poorly-designed thumbhole stocks and really expensive, hard-to-find, and proprietary parts? Puh-leeze.

      You can go on and on about how great H&K is. Truth is, as far as serious rifles go, they’ve got nothing they’re willing to sell you. You CIVILIAN. NEIN!

      1. My local shop has a USC in stock. I have no idea why the owner bought that thing to sell- it’s a POS. 10 rounds of .45ACP? Not all that wonderful in something larger and more cumbersome than something that shoots a real rifle cartridge. The ergonomics are somewhat worse than the drunk-monkey WASR on the same wall- at least the safety on the WASR doesn’t dig into your hand when shooting. Overall fit and finish is just a notch higher than the Hi-Point carbine (which, if they ever make a .45ACP one, would be infinitely preferable).

        A $1800 (I think that’s what it was) 10 round .45ACP blowback carbine? You’ve gotta be kidding me. The SR-556 right above it is an infinitely better weapon for any reason you care to name.

  10. Jim, instead of ad hominem attacks, please explain why your HK rifles are the best in the world. I own a P7 and have fired many HK rifles, but I’ve not seen anything special enough about HK rifles to justify the price. Also, having a well made AK variant is just as good or better than having a HK for those who actually shoot. It’s pleanty accurate, it’s cheap to feed, and not so spendy that you need to sell a kidney. Just admit that you’re trolling and go fondle you small collection of German goodness. Get a life.

  11. “You can polish that AK turd as much as ya want, at the end of the day it is still a turd for guys like you to sell to people that can’t afford a decent gun or are too stupid to appreciate one.”

    So just because someone can’t afford to drop $1K plus, maybe even more for a vaunted H&K, they don’t deserve to own a gun?

  12. Jim.
    I own a so called polished turd. More specific a Century Arms WASR10. Funny thing, we shoot regular IDPA-like rifle matches in our club and I have to admit I never win. Then again I usually end up in the middle of the field of shooters in a club where 90% of the shooters have AR types. That means that it is not a the weapons system but the shooter, not the arrow but the injun.
    If you think that your overpriced wunder stahl guarantees you a winning fight, you may end up shot by somebody with a polished turd.

  13. Here’s a random thought, if somebody comes back after you fisked the hell out of them, and they say something about how you used too many words, is that like saying, yes, you may have beat me like a rented mule, but you threw too many punches?

    Yes, Mike Tyson killed that dude, but he had to hit him in the face like seventy times! Okay… I don’t really see how exactly that’s a bonus for the dude with his nose hanging off.

  14. Hey Jim … question for ya:

    Which shooting groups do you compete with? Or which military unit do you serve with?

    If you don’t compete, or you aren’t active .mil, then you suck. Period.

    Do something more than ballistic masturbation at the range once a month, and then get back to us.

  15. Just a random thought, but do you think the elitist European thinking that selling to American civilians is like selling weapons to terrorists, relates back to what we did as Americans to the British establishment back in 1776.They are still scared or envious of what we did.

  16. HAR!

    If you really want to have fun with those HK fanboys, ask them how it was that a bunch of commies with those cheap-ass Mosins and PPsHs kicked the living crap out of the Germans in 1945.

  17. LOL.

    Hey chums, I just stopped by to to flip the bird at the stupid kids in the slow lane and watch them freak – I won’t insult my intelligence by actually arguing with ya – it would be like shooting fish in a bucket.

    By all means, indulge those inferiority complexes girls. You come by them honestly.

    1. Inferiority complexes? We aren’t the ones going to airsoft boards and knocking HK. You’re the one coming here, claiming to have undeniable information that you refuse to share to back up your untenable position.

      HK is fine, but it’s hardly the end all be all, and there’s usually far better value to be had with absolutely no tradeoffs.

      Have fun with your airsoft buddies and your cheap Chicom knockoff accessories. We’ll be busy using real guns firing real bullets.

    2. Jim, you first should develop some sort of intelligence and then maybe we could try to insult it…. if you mattered anyways.

    3. Post a picture of one of your firearms next to tadays paper please.

      I don’t believe you own anything that shoots actual bullets.

  18. You know, Jim’s right! Here’s some true facts about H&K:

    -H&K’s are engineered to never miss. Even a shot 180 degrees off will hit!
    -Just the knowledge that a team has H&K weapons will cause bad guys to surrender!
    -Every bullet shot by an H&K is lethal. A .25 ACP HK 4 has more stopping power than an S&W .500!
    -In fact, if H&K made an airsoft gun, it would be just as lethal as the guns that fired cartridges.
    -H&K’s never run out of ammo!
    -Every H&K is totally reliable! Backwards shells, empty cases, even the wrong cartridge- it all will load and fire!
    -In fact, an MP-5 can chamber and fire 7.62 Nato!
    -H&K once planned to build an elephant gun- but soon realized that just building it would cause the extinction of all elephants- without firing a shot!
    -Culuthu and Chuck Norris all just fear one thing- H&K!

  19. Okay, so the guys who aren’t married to one brand, and even own some HK stuff, but shoot whatever they feel like have inferiority complexes?

    (head scratch)

    Wow, Jim, you sure showed us…

    I really hurt my fists, what with slamming them into your face over and over and over again.

    And here I thought you might actually be somebody I could get a decent argument out of for once but the internet has let me down again. You’re not even a very creative troll. You’re like the runt of the troll litter. You’re not even the Gary Coleman of trolls, you’re more like the Urkel.

    Welcome to the the spam range, chum. Bye bye.

  20. Comrade Misfit: In fairness, when you have manpower in the millions and no conscience, there’s quite a bit you can accomplish.

    I love my CETME, but if shit hits the fan and I can only carry one gun, it’ll be my cheap piece of shit WASR-10. It may suck, but it’ll never die, and it doesn’t occasionally rip brass casings in half like the CETME does. It’s also cheaper to practice with, lighter (also: when your gun is HEAVIER than a stock AK, there’s a good chance you’re doing it wrong), and it can be used by people who aren’t 6’6″ like I am. It’s not super accurate, but 3″ groups at 100 yards qualifies as minute of bad guy.

    Of course, I imagine if my CETME were actually manufactured by H&K, the extra money I spent for a different logo on the side would have guaranteed its accuracy, longevity, reliability, and utility.

  21. Jim responded again, but it was more of the same, this time talking about how fat you guys were, and how you’re all trailer park trash. (he obviously wasn’t talking about me) 🙂

    So I marked him as spam. If you’re going to troll, you should at least have to put some effort into being entertaining.

  22. Jim didn’t answer my question … Where does he compete, or what unit does he belong to.

    I think the answer is that he doesn’t … in fact, I’d be surprised if he even owns an HK … he sounds like some airsoft or counter-strike fanboy trying to lecture actual shooters about firearms.

  23. Don’t mock Counter Strike. That game is all it takes to recognize that HK is the best manufacturer EVAARRR!!

  24. that was good for a few chuckles. I’ve seen pics of Larry with machine guns. And it’s rude to ask if they are his or part of FBMG. But why would anyone risk it if they know you might have access to Machine Guns? WTH!?

    LOL. Why can’t trolls work harder to be more fun?

    1. You forget, there’s no accountability or consequences on the internet. It’s impossible to alter someone’s view when he can jump straight back onto a forum based in the same mindset and be validated by the other posters.

      ‘Sides, the uncouth always count on more competent people having less inclination to get under the skin of others.

  25. Dunno about little Jimmuh there, Larry.

    I have a few battle rifle toys floating around, AR, FAL, STG-2000, M1 Carbine, CZ-52, SKS, etc.

    And I have spent some time with a number of full auto’s of various flavors.

    To be honest, there is one major commonality I have noticed with both the G3 and the AK.

    Three pounds of steel slamming back and forth with every round…

    Don’t much care for that experience…

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