MHI ships in ONE MONTH!

We are now exactly one month away from the shipping of the Baen edition of Monster Hunter International. I’m positively giddy. If I get a little too giddy, I’ll just watch the news to bring me back down, but until then I’m eagerly awaiting July 28th.

When I signed my contract with Baen and discontinued the Print On Demand version of MHI, it seemed like it would be forever until it was available again. During that time I wrote two and a half other books.  I can’t believe that it is time.

MHI is available from Amazon:

Barnes & Nobel:

Tower Books:  Now this one is by far the cheapest at $6.79, but I’ve never purchased from Tower and don’t know anything about them. (though they lumped me into Christian Romance, which doesn’t make any sense at all, but I’ve been dominating! Take that Romantic Christians!)

Baen’s Webscriptions E-Books plus this has Seven FREE SAMPLE chapters.


It should be in your local book stores. I’ve called every Barnes & Nobel in Utah, and they’re all ordering between 8-12 copies to start, which seems decent as far as I know. My county library system has ordered a dozen.

If you are a long time fan of MHI, all I ask is to go out and harrass your friends until they’re sick of you, and then go harrass complete strangers until they purchase this book. If you take your harrassment too far (which I don’t hardly think is even possible) then you can inform all the other folks on your cell-block about the sheer coolness that is MHI.

Then when it releases, I need everybody to go to Amazon and post an honest review. I said honest, not mean. You know the kind of Amazon review I’m talking about: “Moby Dick, there was far too much whale action in this book, or at least in the first chapter that I skimmed. I hate whales. They’re like all fat and eat plankton and stuff. Plankton is stupid and so is Herman Mellville! 1 star!”

I’m doing the happy dance. Picture a large man that looks like Tony Soprano doing an end zone dance, and you’ve got the basic idea. One month and counting!

HK hates you, but they especially hate Airsofters
A cartoon from 1948

17 thoughts on “MHI ships in ONE MONTH!”

  1. “they lumped me into Christian Romance, which doesn’t make any sense at all, but I’ve been dominating! Take that Romantic Christians!”

    Of course you dominate. You’re a huge Christian. Huge is romantic, right?

  2. 1. I’m not worthy of 3 Wolf Shirt grade comments. Julius Ceaser wore a 3 Wolf Shirt when he crossed the Rubicon. I might stack up against the Magestic Sea Cow shirt, barely.

    2. Kindle ain’t my call. Click the “You want this on Kindle?” LInk on Amazon. Though, I do believe that the Baen E versions are downloadable for that, but I don’t know, since I personally still like my books made of paper.

    3. John, I am huge. Hugenormous in fact. I expect to be #1 in Plus Size Mormon Fiction in August.

  3. Good to hear.

    I hadn’t had a chance, but this afternoon I am pre-ordering it off of Amazon. Can’t wait for it to ship! The first 7 chapters didn’t have me hooked. Had me addicted!

    I’ll be having the shakes by the time the book arrives 😉

  4. Can not wait!! I was hooked from chapter 2 cause only in going back and rereading did I realize I had skipped chapter 1…haha.

    I was a sad panda when I saw I could not buy and DL an ARC copy at

  5. I used to work for Tower. They started out as Tower Records, which was just a little space in the owner’s dad’s drug store- Tower Drugs.

    He grew it into a huge company with hundreds of stores in multiple countries, branching out into books and videos. Then, tragically, they greatly underestimated the value of the internet. They saw their online sales as being equivalent to that of a typical Tower Super Store, and gave it about as much attention. Other outfits put a lot more emphasis on their online sales and Tower has had some really big financial problems for a few years now.

    Their corporate IT department were housed in an industrial area. Our building looked just like the one next to it that wholesaled various filters. On the inside, they had fixed it up a little bit, but it was still basically cubicles in a warehouse.

    It was good enough for us and it saved them a ton of money. He was pretty good at saving money, from everything I heard.

    Now, why they would lump you into a Christian category is beyond me, unless the people buying your book also tended to buy Christian books. Still…

  6. well of course your in the Christian category. Did you mention faith a few times in your book. you know, “hey Milo where can we get a few gallons of holy water at 3:00am.” And of course there are always religious overtones in hunting vampires.

  7. …bought the ebook (webscription) from Baen.
    Did you know it only has chapters 1-23? Chapters 24-28 are MIA.

  8. Baen posts them in quarters, each month, so the last seven chapters will hit in July along with the release of the book.

  9. Well, I’ve got my patch hanging on my cubicle wall, and my book hermetically sealed (okay, not quite) and two of the new ones on order. I’ve been wanting to share it with some friends but haven’t been willing to risk having them beating up my rare and valuable copy.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. keep in mind that the good folks over at Baen will be closely monitoring the sales so the more books Larry sells- the more sequels he’ll get to write! Buying a book or two is good- convincing everyone you know to buy two or three is even better. It’s a WIn/Win situation!

    (Disclaimer: I am not on Mr Correia’s or Baen Books’ payroll. This is an unsolicited comment worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary- Some restrictions may apply. )

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