Writing Update

We’ve come up with a new title for the second Nightcrawler book. The series is now:

Dead Six

Swords of Exodus

Project Blue

Dead Six is getting closer to having this draft done. We’re doing some revamping now. I’m hoping to start submitting this one soon.  Dead Six is the name of a rogue black operation in the mid-east. Exodus is a pseudo-religious sorta-terrorist organization dedicated to ending slavery (and Swords are their warriors), and Project Blue is a secret plot to change the world, but you’ll have to work up to that.

MHI has been doing really well on Amazon. We’re down to just over a month left before shipping.  I’ve checked every Barnes & Nobel in my region, and they’ve all ordered between 8 and 12 books each, which seems like a decent start. It looks like I’ll be doing book signings at three of them, dates will be posted when I’ve got them.  I might be doing a multi-state mega-roadtrip in October and ending up at the World Fantasy Convention. I’m not sure yet though. My real job is sending me back to San Antonio in October also, so I’ll have to talk to my buddy Rabbit down there and see which book stores I should contact.  (which reminds me, I’ll be posting some pics tomorrow of a present he sent me for my STI! MHI Logo custom grips!) I don’t have the discretionary budget to fly wherever I want (yet) so if my regular job is sending me someplace, I’ll be darned if I won’t squeeze a signing in while I’m there.

MHI:2 is still on the publisher’s desk.

I’m still cranking on the Grimnoir Chronicles. Now that I’ve come up with plots for at least two more books, this one is now called The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic.  Think of it as Raymond Chandler meets David Eddings and you’ve got the general idea.  This can’t even really be called Contemporary Fantasy, since it takes place on Earth, but in an alternate 1932.  I’m loving this one.

I don’t know if it just my personal politics shining through, but I find it interesting how much the FDR of my world has in common with the Emperor from Star Wars…

Behold the Awesome- MHI logo STI grips
The media sucks

9 thoughts on “Writing Update”

  1. Wait wait wait…there was a first Nightcrawler book? Where could I find it? Also can’t wait to see this one finished, the little parts you’ve posted have really pulled me in. And Grimnoir will most likely be my first quasi alternate universe/fantasy type novel. Fingers crossed that you’ll hit up a B&N or Borders in the DFW area. Hell, I may be working on a campaign in Austin soon, so SA wouldn’t be out of the question.

  2. Dead Six is the first Mr. Nightcrawler. That’s the one we’re currently polishing for submissions. If you click on the link at top for My Fiction, you can read the original thread on THR that sparked it all. Consider that thread an extremely rough draft of the book that became Dead Six.

    MHI starts in Dallas. I really should see if I can make it up there while I’m in Texas. I’ve driven between Austin and San Antonio once, and that wasn’t too bad, but how much farther is it from Austin to Dallas?

    1. I still can’t believe y’all shamelessly stole “Dead Six” from *coughcoughcommandandconquercough* but I must admit it was well stolen…

  3. Form Austin to Dallas, depends on how and when you drive. If you don’t get stuck in Austin traffic, then anywhere between 2.5-4 hours. A college buddy and I went down in a Vette with some mods, and made it in just a hair over two and a half hours. I did it in a BMW 3er in three and a quarter, the average non blazing drive would be between three and a half to four hours.

    The drive itself is a pretty straight shot, nothing to complicated. Just decide if you want to go to Fort Worth or Dallas just around Hillsboro. You have to watch yourself in Waco, though. Both of my fast times were done with Valentine V1s, and the ‘Vette had a laser jammer on the plates. They are pretty rough in Waco on speeders and the like.

  4. Are you going to be posting a full list of stops for your book tour on here? And please stop in Missouri, I don’t care where I will be there.

  5. I’ll post signing locations as far in advance as possible.

    My main problem is that travelling to other states is time consuming and expensive, but I will do what I can.

  6. Wait. Are you saying you think FDR was a bit dictatorial? Well, maybe. Kinda. Sorta. A little bit.

    But, he gave us GCA34. Oh. Right. We hates that.

    He abolished the gold standard (and private ownership of gold other than jewelry). Oh, yeah. That sucked too, and started the current inflation/deflation cycles.

    Well, he started the CCC, to put people back to work during the great depression. Okay, so they had to leave home and family, and get almost nothing for their labor but food, but hey, they were too busy working for the government to foment rebellion, so that was good. Right?

    And look. He and his policies are the role models for our one and only, President BHO.

    Hmmm. You may be right after all.

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