I don't know if this is a big deal or not, but it looks like I'm on Simon & Schuster's highlight list


I have no idea if this means anything, but Simon & Schuster does distribution for Baen (my feeble understanding of the publishing industry says, beats me how it actually works) and I am on their list of highlighted books that they’re trying to sell. This appears to be the international distribution one.

I just found this through random googling. I think that this is some kind of handout for bookstore buyers.  If you scroll down I’m in the end of July/beginning of August section.  So this list is basically Stephen King, Stephen King, Dan Brown, famous author, famous author, major bestseller, movie tie-in, Stephen King, and Larry Correia… wait a second, Larry who?

The only other Baen authors on there are Ringo and Weber. That’s some fine company to find yourself in.

So, does this mean that my book is going to end up in a lot of international stores? Man, I hope so. I’m going to be positively huge in Uzbekistan, Andora, and Yap.

On that same note, if you are a fan, and you know the folks at your local bookseller, do me a favor and ask them next time you are there if they plan on ordering MHI. A little awareness never hurts. Same thing if you are at your local library.

And while I’m thinking about this topic, Baen will be sending out review copies to all the usual sources that review Baen books. I recently e-mailed back and forth with Fangoria, and they’ll be getting a review copy as well. (of course I read Fango, I’m a certified monster movie nerd) If you work for a magazine, newspaper, or big review website, or you are friends with somebody who is a professional reviewer,  and you think MHI might be up their alley, let me know and I’ll be in contact.

We’re getting closer. I’m excited.

In the meantime, read the post below and go order a cookbook. I’m on my way to Paypal now.

It is Sotomeyor, just say it in English
Chris and Mel need help - Buy cookbooks!

5 thoughts on “I don't know if this is a big deal or not, but it looks like I'm on Simon & Schuster's highlight list”

  1. This would be a great opportunity to call them up and tell them that you’re hearing from readers in Florin and Guilder that they can’t find your book anywhere, and what are they thinking?

  2. So, what will you do with those giant Yap stone coins?

    Got a house that needs to be leveled?

  3. Larry, you have true hardcore fans for a reason: We love the book. I have no doubt the reviews will be Thumbs Up, 5 Stars and whatever top indicator there is out there.
    Hell, maybe the fans are already gathering in Facebook

  4. Believe it or not, I actually applied for an accounting job in Yap once. It was to be the actual accountant for the country. They needed somebody who knew SAP (which I did) but at the time my resume was a little weak. Now I would have a great shot. Love my current job too much to leave, but living on an island paradise would be pretty sweet.

    And they paid in US dollars. Actually provided a house too.

  5. I requested your book through my local public library two weeks ago because a.) cash is in short supply right now, and b.) having the library get your book would help publicize it a bit. They tell me that I’ll have to wait until at least July to be able to read it. I can hardly wait.

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