Matt Bracken's new book out

I have not read this one yet, as it was just released, but I have read the previous entries in the series. Matt is a dang good author.

This may be blasphemous in the gun world, but I like Enemies Foreign and Domestic more than I like Unintended Consequences. Both are good, but I think that Matt tells a better, leaner story, with more interesting characters.

Matt’s also a good guy. When I was first looking into self publishing, he was full of helpful advice. I hope that this new one kicks as much butt as the old ones. I need to get my order in and get some signed copies. I would recommend that you do too.

You guys are so awesome.
So long Gov.

5 thoughts on “Matt Bracken's new book out”

  1. It is an excellent read. I’m about half-way into the book and it’s hard to quite reading to do my job….

  2. Third book definately better then the second(so far -pg 356). Bracken definately had his time-machine/time-viewer working overtime when he started the series. working over

  3. I think EFAD is more realistic than UC, in that more bad shit happens to the good guys.

    Realism is not neccesarily what I’m seeking when I need escapism. 😉

  4. UC was by far more cathartic, but Bracken’s books are good. Living in one of the areas he wrote about in Reconquista, I see how it would actually, plausibly happen and its not to far off from the way he wrote it.

  5. I enjoyed all of these books, but I enjoyed UC more. I prefer books with a “what happens next?” quality. In Bracken’s books, the endings were fairly obvious from the beginning, and only the details needed to be filled in. The characters had specific goals from the beginning of the books, and were continually (through no fault of their own) sidetracked from their goals. I found this frustrating. In UC and MHI, you never knew exactly where the characters would end up.

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