Baen has posted the first SEVEN chapters of Monster Hunter International for free!

MHI is now available on Baen’s webscriptions. The first seven chapters are available for free. For something like $15 you can purchase the E version of my book, and FOUR others that are being released at the same time.  That is awesome.

Do me a favor and spread the word. I need to sell me some books!

So long Gov.
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17 thoughts on “Baen has posted the first SEVEN chapters of Monster Hunter International for free!”

  1. Monster Hunter International
    by Larry Correia

    The “half” shows up under a bunch of the books in that webscription. Does that mean the book is half price, or I’m only getting half the book?

    1. Right now, HALF of the book is available, specifically the first 15 chapters.

      Approximately a month from now, the rest of the book will be up for download, and at that time you’ll be able to download other formats, like .lit, doc, pdf, etc.

      I’d give a more clear answer, but right now Baen’s Bar is misbehaving (they really need to get better forum software, but the old guard wants to read things the old fashioned way: through email…very annoying).

      Once I find out exactly when we can expect the full book to get put up, I’ll post here.

      Do understand: when you pay your 15 bucks, you will get the FULL books, and you will get them a couple of months before the paperback release.

      Not only that, you can download them at any time in the future, in any format you wish, as much as you want. No DRM, ever.

      It’s a good deal, and it gives Larry even more sales, which means we get the sequel(s). Win-win situation.

      1. GAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!


        I just finished Chapter 15. That was one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a long while but now I gotta wait a month. grrrr. 🙂

      2. Yup, confirmed that it’s going to be roughly a month before the full book gets posted, probably June 14th or so.

        However, they should be posting the next part by the end of this month: 1/2 of the book on the 14th of May, then 3/4th of it end of May, then the full book mid June.

        Just keep an eye on the webscriptions site. 🙂

  2. Dang! Never read the original self-publish version, but after reading the sample, I’m hooked!


  3. Sweeeeet.

    Get ’em hooked. Make ’em wait. Then make ’em pay fer it.


  4. Larry…I’m confused.

    I read parts of your book on The High Road and really enjoyed it–you have a real talent.

    I tried to order the self-published version, and never got a reply.

    I periodically check Amazon, and it keeps saying something to the effect of “Coming Soon.”

    My daughter tried to order one for me last year, and never received a reply. It gets really frustrating trying to spend money with someone, and they won’t sell it to you–and you have to assume they want to sell books–at least they keep SAYING they want to.

    And all along, I keep seeing these snippets of comments from folks on various blogs and sites about how much they enjoyed the book. So there is a book out there? Someone was actually able to order and receive a copy of MHI?

    How in heck can I get a copy of the book? Paperback (soft cover) is preferred, but right now, I’d probably pay for a hard cover if that is all that is available.

    Your marketing guys need to get their stuff together. Why can’t I order a copy off this website?

    Thanks, and any consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Gordon Hutchinson
    Author “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab”
    “The Quest and the Quarry”

  5. Gordon, I just sent you an e-mail.

    The books that people have in their hands are the old self published version. That was discontinued when I got a publishing contract with Baen books. They are out there, but they are going for scalper’s prices.

    There are only a couple thousand in circulation, and I only printed them for a couple of months.

    The Baen version is not shipping until July 28th. If you go to Amazon and order it there, it will ship at the end of July. There are links to the book on Amazon on a bunch of different places on this blog.

    Sorry about not replying on the self-published version. There was no marketing guys, just me. I tried to reply to everyone, but the books ran out pretty quickly.

    1. Larry,
      I think I submitted this comment on the wrong page…. I thought I’d try here.

      Congrats on your success! I came across your story on line. Funny thing. I am self-published and because of a recommendation by Mike Resnick Toni is looking at my book. (Some dedicated fans who love my work and a video game contract on the book help get the attention from Mike.)

      But the thing is it’s been on her desk for nearly 6 months. Advised by Mike I sent an e-mail inquiry a month ago to make sure it was received… still nothing.

      Any advice on how to proceed? I’ve moved to the secluded northwest from the DC area. Signings are no longer feasible.

      How long did yo have to wait to hear back from Toni? Anything I should do or not do?

      I have an e-mail list waiting for book II that is now complete. I know they’d bug her at Baen’s Bar if they had an inkling it’d help me get nation wide. But Mike advised against that. I’m open to anything you can contribute to the situation.

      Thank you for taking precious time to help out a fellow POD (not crap) author.

      Lynn Hardy

  6. Congratulations again, Larry. You are an inspiration to the rest of us wannabe authors.

    Did they ditch the opening quote?

  7. Cool. I figured someone in corporate land might have had heart burn about it and ditched it. It’s nice to see the book will continue in its original form. It’s also nice to see my “work” published in something other than legal reporters. 😉

  8. A link from LawDog sent me over here and I am so glad!! I read the first seven chapters and immediately went to Amazon and pre-ordered your book. I have my own pitiful blog, which is barely off the ground, but for which I have high hopes… some day… My intention all along has been to do some book reviews, as I am a voracious reader. Your book will be getting a 5 star review.

    Congratulations on publication and good luck!

  9. I just finished your MHI book, outstanding!

    Great characters, impressive monsters. So, when is your next MHI book coming out?

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