Good riddance to the Great White Rino.

Well, Arlen Specter finally made it official and changed from an R to a D. Since he’s been voting Democrat for years, it is about friggin’ time.

The news is portraying this as some massive blow to the Republicans. Well, anybody who’s paid any attention to Arlen knows that he could absolutely never be counted on to hold the line on anything.

My understanding is that he was about to get trounced in the primary, and as you know, the most important thing in the world for a politician is to keep their job no matter what. 

I would much rather be in a smaller minority with people that I can actually trust, so I can rebuild, than in a larger minority, destined to stay that way forever because your own number will stab you in the back whenever it is convenient. What’s the point of being in a party that doesn’t stand for anything?

Now if he would just take John McCain and those two idiots from Maine with him, we could start over.

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5 thoughts on “Good riddance to the Great White Rino.”

  1. I listened to part of his press conference and he basically said that he wasn’t going to let the stupid republicans decide his future. So he switched too further his career and heaven forbid those stupid republicans ruin that.

  2. He changed parties because he knew he couldn’t win the Republican Primary. What an @$$hat.

    And the best part? This [censored] is my (non)representative!

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