This is a new one, apparently I was in the top 3% of fiction in '08?

I went onto Amazon to see how the preorders for the Baen edition of Monster Hunter International were doing (21,000 something on the bestseller list this morning, which ain’t bad considering I’ve still got 100 days before it comes out) and I stuck my name into the search engine.

The Amazon engine came up with another book that had my name in it, and it had an excerpt page.

So on page 28 of this book: it says that the original Infinity Edition of MHI, was in the top 3% of fiction last year.

Okay, I know how many books I sold. So I guess that just means that there are a LOT of books published, because I didn’t think I sold that many!

Ironically enough, Patriots, (which I haven’t read yet) was in the top 1%. See, us gun nuts do like to read.

By the way, if you just put Correia into the Amazon search engine, I’m the first thing that pops up. Take that, melodic stylings of Amy Correia! Who’s laughing now, Design and Construction of Pavements and Railtrack; Geotechnical Aspects and Processed Materials by Antonio Gomes Correia?! Yeah, I thought so… You better keep on walking…

I like the little thing on Amazon that shows you “people who bought this book also bought these”. It tells me a bit about my audience. 

You’ve got Ringo, Weber, and Williamson (that’s flattering) as well as other sci-fi and fantasy, World War Z and various zombie books (makes sense), Atlas Shrugged (Libertarians love killing monsters), James Rawles, Jeff Cooper, Matt Bracken, and Boston T. Party, (told you gun guys like to read), and On Killing (yep… that’s some light reading right there), and finally Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, just because it is, in fact, that awesome. 

And while I’m posting about the writing front, the rough draft of MHI:2 goes to Baen this weekend, as well as the outline for my Grimnoir Chronicles, which I’m hoping she likes. Meanwhile, the thriller, Dead Six, by me and Mike Kupari is coming along nicely, and we should have it totally wrapped up in the next two months. Baen gets first look at it, but it doesn’t really fit into their regular genres, so I’ll be shopping a publisher for it while Mike is off playing Mr. Cool-Military-Dude and using our tax dollars to blow stuff up. 

Since I’ve got half a dozen projects in various stages of completion, I’m probably going to need to get an agent before too long.  I still have that one script that I wrote for a produciton company that specializes in CGI for a Sci-Fi Original picture, but they’ve never given me an answer, so if you work for a production company that does that kind of thing, give me a call. Let’s do lunch. 🙂

So stuff is moving right along.

I've run into this moron before...

6 thoughts on “This is a new one, apparently I was in the top 3% of fiction in '08?”

  1. As an aside, I think Baen might start moving in the direction techno-thrillers with the Paladin of Shadows series (John Ringo’s Ghost books). So, you have a better than average chance of getting it published through Baen.

  2. I love working with Baen anyway.

    MHI was once compared to Anita Blake “without all the sex and angst”. Maybe Dead Six will be compared to John Ringo “With half the sex!” 🙂

  3. Studios only work through agents.

    Sending a generic premised script, and then suing when a similar movie is made is an old scam, so most studios refuse to open submissions that do not come from an established agent.

  4. That one will have to get its own post.

    But yes, the government has officially decided that I’m Hispanic. This of course, comes as a shock to the Azoreans, who were never aware of this fact.

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