10 thoughts on “Barack action figure”

  1. Epic. This is a truly great resource for avatar images! I can’t decide between the dual wield katanas or the one where he is drawing the bi-tone Glock? from his jacket…

  2. I wonder when the Japanese are planning to release the anime series about Obama fighting injustice around the world with his giant Lincoln mecha.

  3. The only problem with this action figure is that if you buy it, it takes all the guns away from your GI Joes and re-distributes Barbi’s property equally among all the other toys…

  4. Complete with a flag for trampling.

    And what’s with BH0 lying under the end table with fruit????

  5. Looks like somebody gave a Jack Bauer action figure a quickie dye job and a different set of accessories.

    And that’s probably precisely where they got it.

    …Hmmm, which is better? Banzai Barack with the katana or “Ahl be bock” Barack with the SPAS-12?

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