Got a new job

I was hired for a new job today. I’m really excited as this is one heck of a good opportunity and a really awesome company. 

I’ve been unemployed-writer guy for three months now. So for those of you worried about the writing, don’t. I’ve got one heck of a head start! In 3 months I revised my 2nd draft of a novel, wrote the rough draft of another novel, and I’m not 1/4 through ANOTHER one.

 So basically I’ve got about 3 1/2 books ready to sell depending on how MHI fares come July, MHI:2, Dead Six & Exodus (from Mr. Nightcrawler), and I’ve started the Grimnoir Chronicles.  I’m going to have to come up with a pen name so I don’t saturate the market. (“Oh man, not another Correia book. This guy never shuts up”)

I’m pumped for this new place.  It is back in the world of finance, but I’m excited about this one.  I’ve been a cog in a giant coroprate machine, I’ve been THE finance department of a small company that I started myself, and now I get to move into management of a mid-size operation that I’m really excited about.

Yay! Laptop works again.
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9 thoughts on “Got a new job”

  1. Yeah, seconded ont he Ringo thing, just no “Ghost” books, ‘kay?

    “Oh Larry Correia, no!” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, ja?

  2. Lordy, will you listen to him now?

    “Oh, my stars, I don’t want my books to be TOO famous!”

    Pfft. Like you’re fooling anyone. In 2015, the few remaining bookstores (after the coming apocalypse) will have an entire “Correia Section”. This will be aided by the fact that you’ll be one of the few surviving novelists. More will come along eventually, but you’ll have a window there where you’ll have huge market share.

  3. Wow! You wrote that much in 3.5 months! It took me longer than that to write the first draft of my first novel! Heck, I’ve been working on the rewrite of a second since November of last year ( and maybe longer, I can’t remember)!

    Then again, you’ve been unemployed the whole time, whereas I’m still stuck in school.

    BTW, any suggestions for how to find a publisher once I’m finally finished the rewrite (It’s the first novel in the series)? Thanks.

  4. You are in finance? I should have known, given your clear understanding of strange practices that cause the mind to shrink in fear upon a mere glance, gibbersih that means something to those introduced to the mystic arts, and the occasional undead beast (also known as the “deal that won’t die” or “the deal that should never have been.”)

    Maybe there is hope for the rest of us connected to the financial world as well.

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