More on the Dell Power Supply

I got lots of great offers of help, which is greatly appreciated. But I needed to post more information.

It came with a Dell Inspirion

65W-AC Adapter

Model No: LA65NS0-00

PA-12 Family

DP/N: DF263


Input: AC 100-240V – 1.5A(1.5A)


Output: DC 19.5V(19.5V) 3.34A(3.34A)

But now I’m worried that it isn’t the powersupply and that I broke the solder on the laptop itself. Darn it. I’m using my desktop, which is very old and slow, and it is in my “office” which is an unfinished room in the basement that is 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house. (which is good for the food storage though!) So it isn’t conducive to writing.

Got a new job
Anybody got a Dell laptop Power Supply sitting around they aren't using?

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  1. If it is the power supply, What does the end that plugs into the laptop look like? There is a very good chance I’ve got one that will work–Some Dells have fairly standard round ends, others have a square plug with a wing and three holes. I’ve got both types. I’d more than likely be willing to trade for a copy of MHI…

    If it is the tab to the plug, it is probably still repairable if you can get the case open that far. It isn’t likely to be high-tech soldering here.

  2. My solder from the mobo to the power unit broke too. That’s why I have an extra power cord. 🙁 All of a sudden the laptop wouldn’t turn on. Had to push down on the top of the keyboard at boot to get it to work and then it died a little while later. Turns out this is a design flaw on Dell’s part and the flexing of the connection is caused by repeated opening and shutting the lid.

    Mine was too old for a warranty repair and the repair was more than the computer was worth, so now the laptop sits in storage for who knows what… sorry Larry, broken equipment sucks.

    If it does turn out to be your cord, let me know, I have the same power supply and work down on 45th South, so I could meet up with you local.

  3. Would you like a beater laptop?

    I have a thinkpad 600 that still works fine. It’s old and slow, so I don’t use it … but openoffice works fine on it.

    I have it set up to do dual boot Win98/Ubuntu right now.

    I’ll trade it to you for some future product.

  4. That is a common problem with the Dell Inspiration. The terminals inside the case break away and then you are sunk. You must have the factory repair it or buy another laptop. Happened to my brother who uses (used) his in his business. He won’t have another Dell now.

  5. Does the power supply chirp or beep? If not, it’s probably not the power supply. I used to have a Dell Inspiron XPS, and went through five (yes, five) power supplies – and got them each replaced under warranty. Each power supply would beep or chirp when they went bad.

    Also, wiggling the cord did help sometimes.

    Another symptom was that upon startup, it would not have enough power to start up on AC – it would shut back down. I had to unplug it to set it back on battery power for startup.

  6. I forgot to mention, the solder points are fairly easy to repair if you’re handy with a soldering iron. Once the warranty expires, there’s no reason not to try unless you know someone who repairs laptops.

  7. I’ve done the solder repair on Dell (and Sony) laptops a number of times, and charge the cost of the part plus $50 to fix it.
    I’d be happy to do this repair for some Sig P220 mags or some PMAGs, and there’s no cost if I can’t fix it. I’m located in Utah Valley.

  8. If you can’t find someone to donate one, I could direct you to They have both universal power supplies and brand specific.

    They also have some fairly cheap laptops most of the time. Almost all of them will get you through some basic writing.

    I’m a computer tech, if you need any help picking stuff out, send an e-mail.

  9. Larry, I’d be happy to give you one of my spares as well. I’ve got a 2 year old gateway you can have, or a thinkpad t43.

    Presuming you don’t take Kris up that is.

    Funny enough, Kris and I are friends… doesn’t surprise me we made the same offer.

  10. That’s really nice of you guys.

    I’ll try the power supply first and see if that works. E-mail going out to Dave because he’s local.

    If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to get it fixed.

    Chris & Kris, thanks. That is really appreciated. But I do have this old desktop as a spare, so I can still write, it is just in a crappy unfinished office. 🙂

  11. If you determine that you still need one, PM me on WTA with an address and I’ll send you one FOC. I have stacks of these things.

    What kind of laptop is it? I also have a stack of laptops. Might have the parts for repairing yours.


  12. I’ve fixed dozens of laptops with the same problem…
    If you like, I can fix yours.
    Just need a soldering iron and some solder. I can do that next time I come out.

  13. To Thernlund,
    I have a Digital brand notebook, Model TS30G any chance you have a power supply adaptor for it. It has a U shape plug with three pins inside the laptop, I bought this from a guy who said it worked until the battery went down but he didn’t have a cord for it.

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