Anybody got a Dell laptop Power Supply sitting around they aren't using?

I do most of my writing on a Dell laptop. The battery is toast and only lasts about 1 minute if not plugged in, so I just keep in plugged in.  But that’s been fritzing out, so if you bump it, or look at it funny, it quits charging, and then 1 minute later the laptop hibernates. Which sucks when you’re on a 5,000 word writing spree and you have to keep stopping to jiggle your cord. (and yes, I know how that sounds)

Radio Shack has a universal laptop power supply, but it is $99. Which seems absurd for something that probably cost $3 to make in China.

So do any of you guys have a laptop power supply sitting around that you aren’t using? Mine is a Dell 65W-AC Adapter. Model No. LA65NS-0-00.  PA-12 family.

I don’t know if these things interchange, but I just need something, that preferably doesn’t cost $99.

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13 thoughts on “Anybody got a Dell laptop Power Supply sitting around they aren't using?”

  1. Try eBay, I’ve bought a dozen or so power supplies for laptops over the years, none for more than $20. I would recommend checking your current power supply with a meter, as that may not be the problem.

    The power jack on laptops are soldered onto the motherboard and, over time, the solder can become cracked or the jack will sometimes split or break. That means opening the case to replace or repair the jack.

    Check around the computer shops in your area, there’s probably be a Dell service tech close by. Heck, I’d do the repair just for your autograph on a new copy of MHI I’d buy & send you, but I’m in Kalifornyah…

  2. hheeeyyyyyyyyyyy…….

    Computer problems? While writing a book? You’re not copying that Drake fellow, are you?

    What next, saw off your ear & mail it to a lady of negotiable virtue?

  3. I know exactly what’s causing your problem, as I had the exact same problem. Poor design on Dell’s part.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a spare.

    Good luck. The various manufacturers of the power supplies are awfully proud of their products, and I looked at an aftermarket replacement one that was $70 and didn’t even actually charge the battery!

  4. Let me look in my stockpile – I have several hundred in boxes in the warehouse – if I can find one that will work & fit, it’s yours!

    I’ll reply hopefully sometime Monday.

  5. I dug through the spare parts/machine closet and found three in the PA-6 family, but nothing marked PA-12. If there’s any chance of compatibility, I’ll be happy to get more specific numbers for you/photos of the connector/etc.

  6. You’ll need to post the output Voltage and Wattage, and a photo of the connector, if you want something cobbled up. voltage needs to match exactly, wattage needs to be equal to or higher than the present unit.

  7. I have a PA-12 family power cord, but the model number is different. Take a good photo of the back of the unit (where th serial and model numbers are, if we can help, we’d be more than happy to.

  8. One PA-12 is as good as another. Dell has some sense in their heads- all their power supplies interchange. Unfortunately, I can’t hook you up with any, but if you need one, ebay isn’t a bad place. You can get one for $30 or so.

    BTW, what kind of Dell notebook is it? If it’s a Latitude D600 or an Inspiron 600m, drop me a line. I’ve got one that will be getting disposed of inside a month as it gets replaced. I plan to salvage the hard drive out of it, but the rest is useful as parts and the battery is in great shape.

  9. Thernlund, I think I found somebody who lives nearby with an extra. If it isn’t the same one, I’ll PM you.

  10. Sounds like everyone is having problems with their Dell power supply. Well I have to add my name to the list. Both my daughters have Dell computers and we are working on buying the 6th power supply. DELL GET YOUR *!%#$!@&^ act together and have someone build your company a reliable power supply.
    I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy another Dell product!!!!!!!!!!

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