Last night I was playing Call of Duty: World At War and my XBox 360 crashed. It was the dreaded Red Ring Of Death. This is my 2nd XBox that has done this, but at least this one is still under warranty.  I guess this is why they call it the Crash Box.

The sad thing is that I’m currently an unemployed writer. I need that Xbox like a crack head needs a fix. Maybe this is God telling me that I should be writing more.

Well, at least I managed to have the best multiplayer game of my life the night before. Ground War on Cliffside. 57 kills, 13 deaths. My FG42 was an extension of my murderous will, my bouncy bettys were at every turn, and I called in multiple packs of viscious Nazi schwein-hunds.  At one point I called in an arty strike that killed like their entire team. Between that and the achievements, I got like 1,200 points for one game. By the end, my character was wearing a necklace of human ears.

Ahh yeah. This is definately a sign that I should be writing more…

LTUE BYU Writing Conference
Going to BYU for the writer's convention

10 thoughts on “RED RING OF DEATH! XBox 360 crash… NOOOOOOO!”

  1. Crap I had that on a used one that I bought good thing you’ve still got it under warranty. Do you have a cooling fan on it? I bought one for my new one & haven’t had any problems since.

  2. Oh noes!

    My 360 belonged to someone else for over a year before I bought it and I have had it for about a year all with no issues. Luck of the draw I guess…

  3. Kristopher – That’s like offering a dope addict some crack. He’d NEVER get any writing done if he started playing WoW….

  4. Dude, I told you. Call up your Congressman. I’m sure they can get some hope, change, and a new X-Box for you in the Porkulus Bill!

  5. “By the end, my character was wearing a necklace of human ears.”

    Perhaps it’s just that your methods have become….unsound.

  6. Nature’s way of telling you to get a more reliable system. Like the PS3. And hey, look at that, Killzone 2’s coming out.

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