HR45, more idiot gun control legislation. Get ready for more Hope & Change

Here it comes again.

I will not register my guns. I will not lock up my guns. Screw them.

HR45 has not come up for any hearings yet, but Congress won’t let that hold them back. This is the same idiot congress that just passed a 1,400 page bill. A pork bill that is nothing but the sale of a lie, that nobody even knows what all is in it, that cost more than WWII, something that is almost 3 times longer than the Patriot act and passed even faster…

Yep. That’s Change you can believe in. So for all of you people who kept telling me how the democrats weren’t going to push gun control, we’ll see how that goes.  I want to smack these idiots upside their idiot heads. Our government is screwing us beyond all comprehension, and just printing more money to do it, and the idiots who voted for the idiots currently in charge can only justify their idiocy by saying that George Bush did it too.

We are so screwed.

Eric Holder says we're cowards
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16 thoughts on “HR45, more idiot gun control legislation. Get ready for more Hope & Change”

  1. I still don’t think it’ll pass–may not even make it out of committee. But even if it does, it’ll be challenged and overturned in about ten minutes. Full text is here:

    It’s stretching the hell out of the commerce clause–I can see an argument that gun *sales* might be able to be regulated under interstate commerce; it’d be weak but not necessarily wrong. But gun *ownership* has absolutely nothing to do with commerce, interstate or even local.

    Furthermore, his attempts to justify it based on public safety and homicide and whatnot, even aside from being flat-out wrong, are an intrusion on state police powers. Best precedent to use would be US v. Lopez, 1995, invalidating the Gun-Free School Zones Act.

    “In the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, Congress made it a federal offense ‘for any individual knowingly to possess a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone.’ The Act neither regulates a commercial activity nor contains a requirement that the possession be connected in any way to interstate commerce. We hold that the Act exceeds the authority of Congress…”
    –Rehnquist in the majority opinion

    If they can’t regulate possession on school grounds, there’s no way in hell they’ll be able to regulate possession in the home.

  2. Nick is right. The Constitution doesn’t grant the Congress the authority to pass a bill like this.

    It doesn’t matter, though. The passage of the “Stimulus” only serves to drive home the point that any limitation on government power specified in the Constiution has been brushed aside altogether.

    Probably half the stuff the Federal Government does can’t really be justified under the Constitution. Basically, though, the way it is now, the government can do whatever it wants until the Supreme Court strikes down the law.

    It’s been a downward slide for about twenty years in this regard. Today we just dropped off a cliff.

    I don’t really think this bill will pass either. If it doesn’t , though, there’ll be another.

  3. It can pass and probably will, The dems have all they need in the house and senate. The new NY senate appointment turned out to be playing a conservative rural rep on TV prior to being appointed. Obaminomics has 2 years to pass every wet dream the liberations have been juiced about. Also Hillary has only months to work state into what she wants it to be before she will expect a USSC nomination. (Remember the trail of bodies the clintons have left behind them.)
    The best thing the BHO could hope for would be a nomination to USSC for not himself but for his wife. Not until after a few years of socializing society change and conversion to peace.
    Remember 2 years to MAKEUP for everything denied and install socialism to boot.
    I never dreamed he was going to be so ambitious. I knew it and there is no fun in watching the train you are riding on approach that deep canyon missing the bridge that wasn’t built from funds instead payed to acorn. Turns me grouchy thinking how so many will never understand what they are standing for.

  4. Please, guys. Get a grip.

    Any idiot congressman (Carolyn McCarthy is a prime example) can introduce any bill. A single congressman can file anything.

    Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that a Republican congressman introduced a bill saying that the schools had to teach that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago and that Jesus rode an allosaurus. Would you then be willing to admit that the entire GOP was as crazy as that clown?

    Whackjobs from both parties introduce outlier bills all the time. They do it precisely because they know the bills won’t go anywhere and they can then go to some batshit-insane part of their constituency and say “whaddya want from me, I tried, now give me some more money.”

    Here’s a tip: Whenever you hear a congressman or senator proclaim: “I’ll introduce a constitutional amendment to _______,” they are doing nothing more than appeasing the crazies.

    HR 45 is going nowhere.

  5. Misfit, I sure hope you’re right. But then again, I just watched the Senate pass a bill that has a billion dollars for Acorn, 8 billion dollars for a bullet train from Las Vegas to Disney Land that won’t even break ground for 8 years, and a couple hundred million dollars for bee insurance.

    Some congressman could introduce legislation to bomb the moon with our entire nuclear arsenal to make a mural of Barack Obama and I’d give it a 70% chance of passing.

  6. Nick, Congress re-passed the Gun Free School Zone with some minor changes and threw in some language saying it was interstate commerce. That law is still on the books.

  7. License my guns? Hell no! Take a test on safety? Hell no! I use automatic weapons for hunting small animals, but use the pretext of self-defense as a way to justify my abnormal love of guns. The power I get from shooting a gun is immeasurable. Oooohhh, that does feel good, don’t it?

    Sure, I didn’t speak one word when Bush wiretapped my phone lines, but now I’m full of irrational fear of “big government” because it isn’t a Republican in office. These same irrational fears that I hold so dearly are the same ones that believe in a second civil war, a race war and legions of criminals who line up to break into my house and steal my valuable beer can collection. Over my dead body, you criminals!

    We need to exploit the second amendment to our own selfish needs. Sure it was meant as a way to keep up a militia that was necessary 200+ years ago and is no longer relevant, but I ignore that fact. I’m proud to carry a gun. Every time a child accidentally shoot himself, I am proud. Every time a school shooting takes place, I am proud. Every time someone murders their co-workers, I am proud. Don’t take that right away from them and don’t take that pride away from me!

    Semper Fi

    1. are you related to Obama?
      i find it hard to believe that there could be 2 families out there creating such idiotic, moronic, stupendously stupid, inbred, brain damaged offspring.


  9. These are placations for the people that put Obama and the democrat party in charge. They won’t pass because of the 2010 elections, those folks need to get re-elected. However, after the 2010 elections, if they’re still in power, look out!

  10. Leave it to stupid liberal lunkheads once theres a stupid liberal in the whitehouse to prepose more worthless gun control laws becuase liberals no longer use their brains

  11. Pathetic liberals they think if all the guns are collected and melted down into park benches everyone would live in harmony and peace becuase liberals have pea sized brains

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