More Daddy State

When liberals do it, it is a nanny state, when conservatives do it, I suppose it is because they want to be your Dad.

Mad Rocket Scientist gave me a heads up on this because it is local.

I’ve met Waddoups. I expect better than this, but I shouldn’t be surprised. Utahn’s absolutely hate big government from the left, but we have a contingent here that loves big government when it comes from our side. Some people just aren’t happy unless their meddling in someone’s business.

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7 thoughts on “More Daddy State”

  1. It really bugs that our elected officials think security to be of more importance than liberty. Sure, let’s increase the size of the government. Sure, let’s feed ever more information into databases. Sure, let’s regulate every aspect of people’s lives. Sure, let’s just make their decisions for them. Sure, let’s just tell them what to do. See where this goes? It’s all bad in my book.

  2. Whoa, hold the farkin’ horses, dude.

    That does not sound kosher with me. The government has absolutly no business building a database of bar patrons.

    Encourage tourism? Ah, no, that would actually discourage me. Good thing I’m not big on drinking…

    I get real nervous when my DL starts getting scanned or swiped into stuff other than the LEO checking my DL at a traffic stop.

  3. I heard about this and it pisses me off. Especially since it started life as a means of making Utah bar laws less retarded–ID’s would be scanned at the door like they do in a lot of casinos–solely for the purpose of validation, to better prevent against fakes–and then we could get rid of the stupid “private club” requirement. Now Waddoups has twisted it into a means of spying on those who dare to drink in Utah. Not to mention yet another way of blaming bartenders and owners for personal irresponsibility–supposedly a bartender at a packed club on a Saturday night is supposed to check and remind himself what each patron ordered at each of the previous stops and how long ago that was, and also have some idea of the person’s overall alcohol tolerance. If they don’t, they’ll get hit with a fine for overserving (instead of the blame being placed on the drunk asshole who didn’t know his limits).

    Of course, given that Waddoups thinks that seeing a bottle of vodka in a Chili’s is going to turn kids into alcoholics, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.

  4. Talking about dumb and an invasion of privacy. Instead of creating a database and if you feel you must do something to curb the dangers of alcoholism, Why don’t require that those business serving alcohol should have training in how to recognize and deal with the problem. There are programs like TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) that train those serving alcohol on how to detect and manage customers that have had a bit too much to drink.

  5. Wouldn’t be simpler to just take all restaurant owners outside and break their backs? Obviously this is meant to kill off restaurants and bars.

  6. OK then. Put the bar swipes into a database, and add the CCW registry to the mix.

    Traffic cop behinds you runs your tag. You have a CCW, and were in a bar two hours ago, and are now driving. Blue lights go on …

    Between Dems and their maternalism, and Rs and their paternalism, we should be forbidden and required to do everything all at once in less than a decade.

  7. Sounds like a solution in search of a problem. It sounds like Waddoups is just personally offended by drinking and is looking for reasons to start cracking down on it. He says restaurants are becoming more and more like bars, but I wonder how many bars he frequents, and can therefore make a comparison.

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