Obama's latest pick is an actual communist


News article is posted at We The Armed link above.

Carol Browner isn’t just a democrat with socialist leanings. She’s an actual socialist. She belongs to socialist organizations. Not only does she belong, she’s leadership.

Now she’s going to be the person in charge of raping our energy policy.  “Climate Change” is a myth that is going to be the propaganda weapon used to bring about world government. I like how since the Earth hasn’t really been warming, it is no longer Global Warming, it is Climate Change. Whatever. Either way, it’s an excuse to destroy freedom.

So, do you have warm fuzzies yet? How’s that Hope and Change feeling for ya?

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7 thoughts on “Obama's latest pick is an actual communist”

  1. Have you heard the latest?

    He had Bush declare a state of emergency for his inauguration, expected to end up costing over $15 mil. Not even in office yet and already cant help but waste money. This is going to be a long 4 years… (New York handles the New Years celebration every year with more people in a tighter space) If security is such a big deal, make it a private affair with only the press allowed to witness it, and put that $15 mil back into the country (every little bit helps).


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