Eat Sushi or DIE

I’ve never promoted a restaurant before, but I totally have to talk up Sushi Ya.


Okay, now when somebody tells you that you’re going out to dinner after the Glenn Beck Christmas show to all-you-can-eat sushi, you don’t imagine it is going to be very good.  All you can eat sushi usually sucks.


Plus this was all you can eat sushi, for only $20 for dinner. Which if you eat much sushi, (which I do) then you also know that’s dang cheap.  So I really wasn’t expecting much.


I’ve eaten sushi in about six different states now, in restaurants overlooking the ocean owned by 15th generation samurai sushi-warriors. My sushi standards are pretty tough.  Seriously, I’ve eaten at some good places, and even places that are near the top of the Zagat survey, and some trendy places that are super popular but have mediocre food. If it is raw, and out of the ocean, I’ve probably eaten one.  Remember Devil Fish from Mystery Science Theater? Awesome on crackers. The monsters from Humanoids from the Deep? Taste like yellow-tail.


But Sushi Ya was awesome. Everything was rolled fresh as you ordered. For $20 I was able to eat amazing sushi until I couldn’t walk. This stuff was excellent.  Seriously, it was far better than the expensive trendy places around Utah, and taste wise, rivaled the fancy food-snob places I’ve eaten.


Mrs. Correia is not a fan of seaweed. It usually makes her puke. But she loved Sushi Ya.


They’ve got traditional sushi on the A and B sections, and the C section is a bunch of weird custom creations. The stuff from C was mind blowing. The owner came out and suggested his personal favorites. They were the best rolls I’ve ever had.


Sushi Ya

2440 Fort Union Blvd.

Salt Lake City, UT 84121

(801) 944-3933


Go check it out. Please, keep these guys in business. I’ve got a new favorite place to eat. Service was great too.

HOLY FREAKING CRAP! MHI German copy for $842.99!

11 thoughts on “Eat Sushi or DIE”

  1. When they add Puffer to the sushi menu, it’s frequently “Eat Sushi AND Die.”

    As you can tell, I’m not a sushi fan. Yes, I’ve eaten it—several locations. Never found any that I liked.

  2. That’s a gross exaggeration Crucis. Puffer sushi is frequently just eaten, and occasionally eaten and accompanied by tingly lips, which means you need to find somewhere else to eat puffer, and then rarely someone will keel over and that particular sushi chef will stop serving puffer.

  3. Haven’t been there. I’ve heard that it’s okay for the price but not spectacular. Right now my favorites are Mikado and Tsunami. Granted, I never have to pay for the bill, but we usually spend about $200 for 6 people when we go. I guess I’ll have to make some time and actually try it.

  4. Okay, just went to Sushi Ya with my wife. Like I said, place is okay. The fish wasn’t as fresh as it could be and the tempura batter was overly thick. Most of the sushi rolls seemed to be very heavy and it seemed like they put every roll in some kind of sauce. Sushi is not supposed to be heavy, but light. I felt the same way as if I had a Big Mac. I’m not likely to go there again. I guess I’m a sushi snob.

  5. Gotta disagree Steve.

    There were lots of items on the menu with no sauce. In fact, they’ve got all the traditional negri types with no sauce. Their custom stuff had sauces, but the regulars were pretty normal.

    As for fresh, we live in Utah. Theirs was as fresh as anything I’ve had elsewhere in this state.

    As for heavy, beats me. I ate about four pounds of sushi, and felt fine, but I’ve got an iron gullet. No gall bladder though, so the Big Mac leaves me dead. But that’s really a question of fat content. If it is low fat, I can eat quantities that would kill a normal man.

    Yes, the seared Tuna at Typhoon is better, but for equivelent quantities, I would have to get a home equity loan to eat the amount there that I can get for $20 at Sushi Ya.

    And I’d take either over Happy Sumo any day.

  6. Why would anyone in their right mind want to eat raw fish? Unless, of course, they can’t figure out how to start a fire, heh, heh, heh.

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