Well, this sucks…

Barack Obama, historic win, blah blah blah.

It was a historic win all right. Over half of America decided to elect a Marxist to be the leader of our country. We picked a dude who probably couldn’t pass a background check for a secret security clearance because of his friends, associates, and dealings.  Our new president has squat experience and the only legislative thing he’s ever taken a stand on was infanticide.  He’s unqualified, unprincipled, morally bankrupt, and now he’s in charge.

I’m mad.

I’m mad at the American people. How stupid are we? Just how badly do you want to rob your neighbors? If the economy is in the crapper, why in the hell would you pick more democrats to run stuff?

I’m mad at the media. We had a full on Soviet style propaganda machine for the last year pushing Obama. People are stupid, and ate it up.  Most of the Obama supporters I talked to had zero idea what he actually said he was in favor of.  People were uneducated and stupid.  Obama was treated like a rockstar, and over half of America fell for the BS.  Don’t worry, once the democrat super majority pushes through a new Fairness Doctrine, they’ll crush talk radio and the internet, then they can have an information stranglehold that Stalin would have been proud of.

I’m mad at George Bush. How bad do you have to suck to get this kind of payback?  I’m mad at the republicans. This is what you get for abandoning your roots. Screw you. Idiots. When we had the bailout you should have listened to Newt Gingrich instead of trying to out-socialist the other side.

I’m really mad at John McCain. That’s what we get for picking a moderate democrat to be our nominee. I said it at the time, and I was right then. McCain ran as a wishy-washy middle of the road democrat, until the last month when he decided to try and be an actual conservative republican, but by then it was too late.  Why vote for Democrat Lite when you can vote for the Socialist Buffet?

I keep hearing idiots talk about how it is the economy. If McCain had gone against the Bailout then things could have been different, but he was just the same, (i.e. crappy) as all the other parasites up there.

Nancy Pelosi is now going to set the agenda. Yes, that lunatic gets to steer the country, and she’s got a president who’ll sign her crazy laws. You haven’t seen anything yet.

I predict the first order of business will be socialized medicine. We will see the wholesale destruction of the greatest medical care in the world.  You think the economy is bad now? Wait until the government takes over another giant chunk of it.  Medical care will degrade, that’s an absolute promise.

We will have more gun control. Yes, it is electoral suicide in a few years, but Nancy and Harry were already talking about how they’ve got a clear mandate for CHANGE so they can do all sorts of nifty stuff.  Nancy’s a true believer, she’s got the votes, so there will be more gun control. Period.

Yes, we got the Heller Decision. But that doesn’t mean they won’t pass something and then worry about the legislative challenges until after the entire US gun industry has been destroyed. 

Taxes will go up. Because democrats are too stupid to pay attention to basic economics. When taxes go up, it hurts EVERYTHING.  Oh well, ya’ll asked for it. Punish those darn rich people who actually employ people and run companies. Because guess what suckers?  They’re going to pass the cost onto somebody.

Joe Biden told us that Barack will be face a major test right off the bat. No duh. He’s weak. Predators know he’s weak.  Expect people like Putin and Chavez to use this opportunity to smack America in the face and grow their influence. Iran is having a friggin’ party right now.

On that note, how in the hell can the Jewish vote have gone to Barack? This man is supported by Hezbolla and Hamas for a reason.  But while I’m on hypocrits, how can Teddy Kennedy support the man who’s political mentor dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan?  I guess it is all about expediency.

Expect more energy problems. We’ve learned in the last week just how they feel about coal. Until they invent a turbine you can run with good feelings or positive karma, the democrat’s energy policy will be shit.  We’ll gut our economy to sacrifce at the altar of the Prophet Al Gore.

All of the ageing liberal supreme court justices will retire now, so that Barack can replace them with 3 twenty-year old Ruth Bader Ginsbergs.  Regardless of his crappy presidency, we’ll be dealing with that legacy FOREVER.

The only good thing that may come from this is that the republcans might be forced to grow a pair. They abandoned their morals in order to be just like the democrats, and they paid for it.  We need leaders. We need people with actual morals and a concrete philosophy.  We need our party to step up and quit being more of the same.

Gun Sales up ten billion percent
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  1. “The only good thing that may come from this is that the republcans might be forced to grow a pair. They abandoned their morals in order to be just like the democrats, and they paid for it. We need leaders. We need people with actual morals and a concrete philosophy. We need our party to step up and quit being more of the same.”

    Don’t hold your breath. You’ll need the oxygen. That sound you hear is the vacuum created by the RINOs running even further to the left

  2. (sorry, hit submit too fast).

    We need to break the two party system. It no longer serves any purpose but to extend the party’s power. I don’t know how to do it or what to replace it with, but the system is broken and it will become irreparable within a generation if something’s not done.

  3. “I predict the first order of business will be socialized medicine”

    Actually I think the first orders of business will be the Fairness Doctrine and the Employee Free Choice Act. Radical agendas are easier to push if no one finds out about them, and expanded unions will provide a lovely slush fund to further strengthen their hold on the levers of power.

  4. As I posted in a Facebook gun group…

    I honestly don’t think it’s going to be that big a deal. The Democrats know that gun control is a losing proposition for them. They don’t want to go back to 1994 and fuck up all the gains they’ve made. Will Feinstein and Kennedy and McCarthy try to pass more? Of course they will; they’ve been doing it even with a Republican in control of the presidency. But the majority of Democrats, particularly those elected by narrow margins in swing or traditionally Republican states, aren’t going to touch gun control with a ten foot pole.

    Stocking up is never a bad idea. But this idea that we’ll wake up tomorrow morning and it will be illegal to own guns or to not display the hammer and sickle prominently is ridiculous reactionary hysteria.

    Oh, and for the record, comparing Obama to Stalin is pretty much exactly as retarded as comparing Bush to Hitler. When Obama’s killed 23 million citizens and made people afraid to stop clapping at his speeches because the FBI will imprison them, then come back and tell me how terrible he is. But supporting the Fairness Doctrine, while admittedly mostly bullshit, is hardly building a gulag system. Supporting a few tax-funded programs does not a Stalinist make, and until the right-wing pundits recognize that there are, in fact, more ideologies in the world than “[neo]conservative” and “Maoist,” they’ll continue to be irrelevant to everyone except those dumb enough to take them seriously.

  5. Nick: We are going to compare Obambi to Stalin regardless of your opinion.

    Why should we be any better behaved then the far left was during the Bush admin? They can learn to take it as well as shoveling it out.

    Obambi won’t know what hit his sorry ass, If I have any say in the matter.

    If we are going to fix this in2010, we need to start becoming political hardasses right now.

    No quarter motherf*ckers, no quarter. We will be the ones going home and f*cking the prom queen in 2012.

  6. Your right on one thing; This is the chance to get true conservatives back into DC, be they new blood republicans or another party steps up to fill the void.

    The Dems will screw up, count on it. They are hell on wheels when united against a common enemy, but sooner than later they will splinter into their core groups and start backstabbing each other. They just can’t help it.

  7. Nick,
    I hope your right about the gun control, but I don’t think so. Madame Nancy will push through with ballless Reid (traitor!) as much as she can get away with it, using her billy club of power to force those semi conservative dems to get in line. She’s done it regularly, often using the assistance she and Schumer used to help them get elected as leverage.

    I didn’t notice any directo comparisons to Stalin, but to Obama’s ties to Marxism. Obama is a Marxist, this is beyond dispute. Stalin? Yes a reach at this point, but we’ll see in the next four years…

    It’s ironic your condemnation of right wing pundits beacause their continued use of two bickering social philosophies. I don’t know who your listening to because I listen to Beck and Crummy and neither land in that pile. Hmmm maybe you should get out more.

  8. 1022 stalled last February. It has gone nowhere.

    And why does conservative always have to be fundie-conservative? Why can’t we be small-L libertarian-liberal and not piss everyone off that doesn’t think/want to hear about how Jesus invented democracy?

    The answer to the enemy is not to become their antithesis, but to see what they exploited to defeat us and determine if it’s a fault. Religious fundamentalism is as dangerous in domestic politics as it is when somebody wearing a sheet waves around an AK on the other side of the world.

  9. “On that note, how in the hell can the Jewish vote have gone to Barack? This man is supported by Hezbolla and Hamas for a reason.”

    As a convert in progress, I have no freaking clue! I blame it on the hippy nature of a lot of Jews. We all want a better world but it won’t come from a Government Program. On the nature of gun control, did they just forget the lessons of the past?

    *shakes head in shame*

  10. “Nancy Pelosi is now going to set the agenda. Yes, that lunatic gets to steer the country, and she’s got a president who’ll sign her crazy laws. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

    I agree; she scares me more than anyone else.

  11. Nick, you can have all the faith you want in those blue dog democrats not voting for gun control, but it isn’t some moderate that sets the agenda. It is Berklyite flake Nancy Pelosi.

    If you think democrats aren’t going to go for guns, you’re just exercising your wishful thinking.

    And the Stalin comparison was about how they’re going for 100% media control, like unto Stalin of old. Yeah, you’re right, I’m totally exagerating, since they only control like 90% of the media in America. They would never exercise an iron fist over talk radio and the internet.

    And a year ago I wouldn’t have thought to see the government buying stock in banks, black panthers “patrolling” polling places, ACORN registering 1.3 million people, and a junior senator who couldn’t pass a background check as president, so whatever.

  12. As an Orthodox Jew, I might be able to explain why so much of the Jewish vote went to Obama. The Orthodox voted overwhelmingly for McCain (latest number put it at about 94%). The more secular Jewish vote has become tied in with the Democrats… they do not push religion and action, but rather “feelings”. Thus, when they search for true meaning in their lives, they fall prey to the Democrat propaganda and kneel at the altar of liberalism.

    That is why they were so eager to join the communist party in the US and in Russia… when they gave up practicing their religion, they needed something else to fill that void… and since they no longer care about G-d, they place the State in the position that He held.

    I am ashamed of them, for failing to not only hold true to the teachings of their ancestors, but also for forgetting history. They have a right to make their own decisions, but they also have to live with them. This is not the first time, and it will not be the last.

    Thankfully, statistics will save my coreligionists. The secular are breeding themselves out of existence, they are not having enough children to replace themselves, and of those they do have, a majority are intermarrying. On the other hand, the Orthodox are growing rapidly and very few intermarry. The numbers show that within 3 generations, the secular Jews will be almost non-existent in this country.

    It came too late for this election, or even the next few… but there is still hope!

  13. Kristopher: I’m not defending people who make the Bush-Hitler comparison. I think they’re retards too. I don’t care for anyone who deliberately lowers the level of political discourse and lessens the reality of what people like Hitler and Stalin actually did. On the same note, if you’re going to “behave like the far left during the Bush administration” now, does that mean that Democrats and liberals get to treat all right-wingers like the neocons have treated them the last eight years? Do we get to call you traitors and America haters and terrorist sympathizers if you don’t agree with every single action taken by our new Commander in Chief? Do we get to question your patriotism at every turn? I love this country, and yet for the last eight years I and people like me have been called traitors by the far right, without so much as a whimper from the so-called “liberal” media. If there is a liberal media, they don’t have any fucking balls, that’s for sure. And Larry, please tell me how a perceived bias in certain corporate media outlets is anything like total control over the media. Even if Obama manages to do everything he wants with regard to the Fairness Doctrine, you honestly think it’ll be like we’re living in China? Fox News will still be right wing. MSNBC will still be relatively left. Bloggers and internet news sources will still have whatever bias they want. You think you could have this blog in China?

    Hyrum and Larry both, I don’t believe that the majority of Democrats will go for gun control, and it has nothing to do with optimism or faith in the system. The exact opposite actually. Politicians won’t do anything that will hurt their chances at reelection. Feinstein and McCarthy can get away with it because all their constituents want gun control. But if you think that the party as a whole is going to risk losing the way they did 12 years ago over their beliefs on an issue that for most of them is not particularly central (but is an important issue, and in some cases the single issue, for a lot of voters), you’re the one that has too much faith in our elected officials. Especially since they don’t have a 60-seat Senate majority.

    As for Larry’s other issues…keep in mind, who else voted to bail out the banks? That’s right, McCain, just like a lot of other Republicans. It was a stupid move on all of their parts, but that’s not a partisan issue. There was one Black Panther incident–a few guys in Philadelphia. The cops took care of it. Somehow, I don’t remember right-wing bloggers being as upset by the reports out of Ohio in 2004 that the new Diebold voting machines were recording Kerry votes in the Bush column, and the election commission did nothing about it despite it being first reported a half hour after the polls opened; or the Republican party in 2000 dropping fliers in Florida districts with lots of black voters reminding people to “vote November 3!”…when the election was November 2. There’s been sketchy shit about the elections for years, but now that your guy lost you’re actually concerned. As far as ACORN, keep in mind those were false registrations, not false votes. What happened is a few minimum wagers decided to meet their quota and go home early by making up names. No extra votes for Obama (or McCain for that matter) were cast or counted. Someone tried to register Jimmy Johns; that doesn’t mean that Jimmy Johns was falsely counted as a vote for Obama. With regard to Ayers…you go ahead and keep believing what O’Reilly and Hannity and Palin want you to believe, I know I’m not going to change your mind. Suffice it to say that most of what they’ve gotten you to believe is a load of crap.

  14. On a lighter note, here’s an entry from a different blog I read which you guys should appreciate:



    1. All property-owning classes will report for field work in our new collective sorghum farms at 4:15 AM tomorrow. Subversives and malingerers will not be tolerated. The Politburo (formerly Congress) will compile a list of non-contributors in need of re-education in Siberia (formerly Alaska).

    2. All pregnant women must report for mandatory coat-hanger abortions by Friday. All children under 4 will also be retroactively aborted.

    3. The top income tax bracket is increased from 36% to “confiscatory”. This term is to be followed with maniacal laughter and songs of praise for Comrade Lenin.

    4. Members of the Politburo will meet at 6:00 AM Thursday morning to sign a formal instrument of surrender to Radical Islam. Field work may be interrupted six times daily for prayer toward Mecca (formerly Harrisburg, PA).

    5. In tribute to Comrade Obama’s closest personal friend, William Ayers, it is now illegal to not bomb your state capitol.

    I know you will all cooperate and put significant effort into making our transition to Commie Islam smooth and seamless. Allaobama be praised. You must work to meet our sorghum production targets for the motherland. Never forget our enemy – bourgeois capitalism and prosperity.”

  15. I think some people can’t appreciate satire. See, sometimes, in order to get your point across, you exxagerate for comedic effect.

    I also think any suggestion that the Democrats won’t go for gun control is wishful thinking. The Democrat party has vaulted left, having been taken over by the “progessives”. People owning guns, especially useful ones (i.e., those scary “assault weapons”) is incompatible with “progressive” ideaology. For whatever reason, these people, that have spent the last eight years screaming over how facist the Bush Administration is, turn around and want the state to have a total monopoly on the use of force. *shrug* Your guess is as good as mine, folks.

    (Actually, I know why. As long as we hold elections from time to time, things are “democratic” and thus any power or action taken by the government is done so with the mandate of the people and is therefore okay. Unless, of course, it’s taken by Republicans. As long as it’s NOT Republicans, though, “the people”, voiced by the Government, always does the right thing.)

    It won’t be right away. Next time some nutjob shoots up an easy target, like a school, where there are no cops, no security, and the people are disarmed, though, watch out. We could another assault weapons ban in a heartbeat.

    Maybe they’ll pay for it at the polls, maybe not. Maybe the Blue Dogs aren’t a myth and maybe they’ll actually stand up to Pelosi, maybe not. A lot of gun owners don’t consider an assault weapons ban to be “gun control”, though. After all, why does anyone really need a gun like that?

    A lot of people these days have no concern for, or concept of, freedom. I point to as my example the unfortunate young lady at that Obama rally, insisting that if he was elected she wouldn’t have to worry about paying her mortgage or putting gas in her car.

    *sigh* Such ignorant servillity would be disheartening if I had any faith left in mankind. But that’s the way people are.

    Anyway, we’ve had eight years of expanding government, expanding spending, and expanding federal power under the Bush Administration. Prepare for at least four more of the same. The Democrats haven’t repealed the Patriot Act, y’all might’ve noticed (for all of their teeth-gnashing over it). Politicians might decry new laws and powers when the other side passes them, but as soon as they have the reigns…well, they tend to be less concerned then, don’t they?

    So now all the powers of the Patriot Act and the Bailout Bill fall into the hands of our new hard-left, effectively one-party government. Super!

  16. In fairness, the Democrats did allow some of the more odious portions of the PATRIOT Act to sunset–for example, the clause allowing the check of library records.

    And I’m right with you when it comes to liberals, and anyone who’s anti-government in a number of cases, being anti-gun rights. But while the Democrats enjoy their own reelections, as do all politicians, they’re not quite as openly hegemonic as the Bush administration (several of whose members were signatories to or supporters of things like the People for a New American Century, which makes no bones about calling for world domination), and thus I expect them for the most part to be more useless than actively destructive.

    I’m not saying don’t get yourself an extra AR or AK just in case. But I honestly don’t think that we need to be as concerned about the change in presidency as most gun owners have been in recent weeks.

  17. Nick…that’s because you probably weren’t politically aware yet, or a gun owner yet (assuming you’re a gun owner now), under the LAST assault weapons ban. You probably weren’t paying attention back in the days when putting a collapsible stock on an AR-15 could get you THROWN IN FEDERAL PRISON.

    This wasn’t some hurt-your-feelings questioning of your patriotism by one of those dreaded “neo-cons”. It was you going to fucking prison.

    You probably don’t remember the excesses of the ATF under the Clinton Administration and Janet Reno, either. Larry, as a firearms retailer, has good reason to be concerned. They were actively targeted for a number of years.

    Oh, and speaking of questioning patriotism…Joe Biden has already set that in motion. Not paying higher taxes is unpatriotic. Opposing President-Elect Obama on most anything means you’re racist. Opposing nationalized health care means you just hate people and enjoy seeing them suffer.

    “You think you could have this blog in China?”

    Do YOU honestly think they will never try to extend “fairness doctrine” to the internet? Read your history. Read up on some of the things that happened under Presidents like Wilson and FDR.

  18. It’s not that government censoring of the internet will happen today or tomorrow.

    It is happening in places that consider themselves more enlightened than China, though.


    You’ve got to think long-term, and look at trends that are getting put into place. So far:

    -It’s okay for the governemnt to grab power in emergency, be it war or financial meltdown
    -Those powers never really go away, because the crisis might return
    -Election results are increasingly questionable
    -Censorship is okay if the government declares the medium to be a “limited resource” (and there ARE only so many servers on the internet)

    The next step will be an “economic bill of rights”. Suddenly, if you don’t have health insurance, it’s because your rights are being violated, ad nauseum. So any increase in power or action the government takes to right these perceived wrongs is okay, because it’s actually defending people’s rights!

    People who have $100 a month cell phone plans and $500 a month car payments and mortgage payments that are half their income, decrying that they can’t afford health insurance, will have it given to them, courtesy of the taxpayer, paid for by money the treasury just prints as it needs.

    It may or may not actually go this way, but it’s something that must be kept in mind. Any power the government is given will invariably be abused. The trick is to limit the damage that abuse will entail.

    Oh, and Nick? While I’m not questioning that being branded a liberal on a college campus (especially for eight years running) is indeed an alienating and lonely situation, if people are calling you names for what you think you should really just stop talking to them.


    Don’t worry about what people say on the internet. Keep in mind a very important theorem:


  19. He will come for the guns. If not first, top five.
    Obama’s election reminds me way too much of Chavez’s coming to power. Inept & unprepared was still the darling of those who wanted “change.” The media was unrelenting on attacking the government and the other candidates and Chavez cruised to an easy victory (It was found out much later that some in the “impartial” media were actually involved in the 2 coup attempts and that he had some serious financial backing from wealthy industrialist and investors for the campaign). Chavez played it safe and popular until he got a new constitutional congress installed, made a mickey mouse constitution, eliminated the old congressional system by a puppet assembly full of his rabid followers who selected a equally rabid puppet supreme court and then went full blast with his communist agenda. One of the first things he did was to get La Ley del Desarme (Law of Disarmament) passed. All gun permits were invalidated (you need one to own a gun and has to be specific to that gun) and you had a 30 day grace period to re-register of face nasty penalties. Of course this was done in the name of keeping the citizens safe from crime but it seems it backfired just a tad since Caracas, the capital city is now number one in murders in the world (104 murders per 100,000) however pro-Chavez goons do no seem to have troubles acquiring and misusing guns in their crimes which include taking care of those who may raise their voices against Hugo… or provide security for visiting notables like Sean Penn or Cindy Sheehan or Danny Glover.
    With the guns out of the way, the rest of the agenda was easy to accomplish. Expropriation of private property takes only from the time Chavez can pick up a phone and issues the order (he has done that live on TV too) to whenever the local goon squad gets together, drives over the location and breaks in.

    We are in for interesting times. Somehow I think the Framers are watching from above waiting to see what we will do.

  20. Nick:

    I intend to win … I’m not heading for the hills.

    I will do my best to make life hell for the leftards, and put conservatives in office.

    You don’t get that done by playing nice.

  21. I am with Kristopher. Only Libs move to other countries when they don’t like the President (at least until they figure out that taxes out there are worse then here and return like they said nothing) but this is MY country and I intend to fight for it.

  22. Well look at it this way Mr. Corriea.

    At least your store will be selling a lot of EBR’s now.

    Gotta keep on trucking & doing what you can. Think about it this way, for every gun you sell, you help keep America more free.

  23. So I’m guessing no matter what the dems do, now’s a good time to start investing in an AR, huh? Or at least the lower receiver?

    I live in Chicago, Hellinois. If you guys think the mania looks bad from where you are, you should see it here. People just about think BHO is the new Messiah. They look at him all starry eyed and act as if though he has all the answers. And yet..they forget. The answer to all our problems starts with US, individually, not with some assbag politicians.

    Imagine an educated, informed populace? Imagine an armed citizenry not dependent on cops for protection? Imagine low taxes because people have pride and take care of some stuff generally outside the realm of their responsibility? holy shit, I’m onto something here!

  24. Who is footstamping here, Jericho?

    I advocate getting into your local Precinct committee, and being a hardass.

    Make RINOs radioactive, attack the left at every last opportunity, do whatever it takes to get conservatives into office. The neo-con compromisers can FOAD …

    And as well, anyone who makes noises about stockpiling weapons, but can’t be bothered to fight the political battle up until the last line is crossed.

    Join your local Republican Precinct committee first … then stockpile ammo.

  25. Sorry Kristopher, I was probably projecting some of the annoying behavior from some of my compatriots there. I’m just really frustrated with people who say that they’re going to fight in dramatic terms, and really mean “I’m gonna yell at liberals on the Internet all day long and do nothing else.”

  26. I’m mad at the American people. How stupid are we?

    Dumb enough to vote for George W. Bush, twice, a “conservative” who trashed most of the Bill of Rights. It took 212 years to get the deficit to about $5 trillion and eight years to double it.

    The GOP threw aside almost everything they once held dear. Fiscal conservatism. Rule of law. Limited government (remember Terry Schiavo). Minding our own business.

    Right now, Obama doesn’t have the votes for gun control, not with the “blue dog” Democrats. But if the Republican do not get their shit together, if they keep on the “culture wars” path, if they don’t realize that by only appealing to ‘the base” they will never get more than 40-45% of the vote, then the GOP will be out of power for the next decade, if not longer.

    The longer the GOP is not a credible opposition force, the more the Democrats will be tempted to try to do more of their base’s wish-list.

    So if you want to protect your 2nd Amendment rights, you guys ought to stop whining about Obama and the Democrats and, instead, start working to drag the GOP from marching the rest of the way off the cliff that the party seems to be so eager to be heading for.

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