Haven't blogged as much lately…

I’ve been rather busy, http://www.tsgnet.com/pres.php?id=357563&altf=Mbssz1&altl=Dpssfjb

On day one I’m abolishing HUD, the Department of Education, the BATF, and getting rid of the Capital Gains tax. And that’s just before lunch. After lunch I’m going to call Barack Obama and give him until sundown to give INS a birth certificate or I’m deporting his illegal ass back to Kenya. 

Seriously though, I need to blog about a bunch of stuff, but have been too busy with real life. Apparently everyone in America who’s ever thought about purchasing a gun is doing so between now and Tuesday. I’ve sold just about every evil black rifle we’ve had in stock and am scrambling to find more.  It has been CRAZY.

I was just interviewed for a friend’s top-secret security clearance as a reference. I’m willing to bet that if my friend’s house had been purchased by a convicted rackateer in exchange for legislative favors, hung out with domestic terrorists, had publically been chummy with a Hezbolla supporter, publically expoused Marxist philosophy, had sat on the board of an organization that was involved in massive voter fraud, and couldn’t even prove that he was born here, my poor buddy wouldn’t be able to get a simple security clearance… let alone run for friggin’ president. 


I hope to write something tomorrow. Lawdog put me up for a Superior Scribbler link, which is cool, because he is the ‘DAWG, and one of the best writer’s I’ve ever known. Plus I need to review such awesome movies as Feast II (save your money, seriously, especially if you liked the first one, this one really sucked) and Trailer Park of Terror (actually really good, and Trace Adkins makes a very believable Satan for some reason).  I need to talk about Dan Cooper of Cooper Rifles,  (one gun company exec endorses Obama so it makes headlines, as opposed to the 9000 others that endorsed McCain, the 1000 that endorsed Barr, and 50 or so of us who endorsed Cthulu), before his company said “oh snap” and fired his trash.  Chicago PD is getting ready for a mega-riot, whether Obama wins in celebration, or loses in frustration, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the jackasses that support him. 

So we’ve got a couple of days left to find out if 49% of Americans (and 2% of fabricated Acornians) are as stupid about political history as the media wants me to believe they are… Here goes nothing.

Well, this sucks...
Got some more Spartans in stock

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