Trouble on The High Road

As some of you have seen, there has been a lot of trouble on


If you’ve been following this little internet soap-opera on some of the other boards, let me just say that either way, you’re not getting the whole story, regardless of who you’re listening too.


I’ve been a moderator at THR since it was founded. I was the 5th person to register. I feel like I put a lot of time into making the board what it eventually turned in to. Over the last few years I’ve not been nearly as active, but owning your own business, writing books, teaching, and working 70 hours a week does that to you. 


A few months ago it was discovered that THR was worth a significant amount of money. We were the largest gun board that didn’t have any advertising on it. A company approached us with an offer.  And then everything went to hell.


There was an ownership dispute between the founder, Oleg Volk, and the guy who did the technical heavy lifting, Derek Zeanah. This went on for a few months in private. Attempts at mediation by some of the mod staff, myself included, failed.


Oleg then decided to take the fight public. Which was the breaking point for me. The value of THR isn’t in any physical assets or a domain name, it is in the community. That’s what brings us to where we are right now.


I’m not picking a side in this fight. Effective yesterday, I resigned as a moderator at THR. Trust me when I say that as an insider that this isn’t quite as black and white as you may think it is. I do believe Oleg is the owner of THR, but that Derek deserved just compensation for his efforts. I can’t support either side when I think both of them aren’t making good decisions.  I’ve been friends with Oleg for many years, and I’ve always respected Derek. I’m good friends with many of the staff at THR, and it sucks to have friends pick sides.


I’m going to miss THR. It was the best forum on the web. Ironically, as I look at my best friends in real life, I originally met over half of them on TFL or THR. I’ll remain a member over there, but I have no idea how this drama is going to play out or if it will survive what’s coming. My company has a web forum at I’ve offered it as a hookup place for members at THR should anything bad happen suddenly.


This whole thing has left me sad, and a frankly, a little pissed off. I expected better from some people, and I was let down.    

Somebody on the internets doesn't like me...
Annoucement, I'm not teaching Concealed Carry at Cabelas anymore

2 thoughts on “Trouble on The High Road”

  1. Larry,

    You are correct that Derek deserved just compensation. Please recall that the first thing I wanted to do when we had a potential sponsor was to make sure that he would be compensated. The “warfare” period began when his reaction to my proposal was to lock me out of my own forum.

    I tried reaching you and Coronach by phone today to discuss post-THR plans. Maybe we can connect tomorrow.


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