Annoucement, I'm not teaching Concealed Carry at Cabelas anymore

Ever since Cabelas opened in Lehi, Utah, I have taught their CCW classes. I’ve taught well over 2,000 people there, most of those for free, and they have never once had a single complaint about my class. In fact, every bit of feedback they’ve ever gotten has been positive.


But once again, in the corporate world, being good doesn’t necessarily get you rewarded.  I was recently notified that Cabela’s Corporate has instructed the locals that they will be using a new instructor.


So looks like I’m done teaching at Cabelas, through no fault of my own. Somebody in Nebraska, or wherever, said use this other dude. I have no idea who he is, or how good of an instructor he is.  Apparently he thinks he’s pretty good, because he costs a bunch more.


My class was $40.  His is $75.  His includes finger prints and photos.  Mine included optional finger prints, photos, notarization, and delivery to BCI for an additional $20.  So thanks to the help of Dr. Dave Gardner (notary and finger printer extraordinaire) who has been helping me for the last few months, you got more services for less.


Also, I taught anyone in the military, Active, Reserve, or Guard for free. I taught anyone who worked at any Utah school for free, teachers, admin, I don’t care if you’re the janitor, work in a school, free CCW.  And finally, I taught any student of any Utah college or university for free. 


I’m told the new guy might possibly offer a small discount for military. 


I put my money where my mouth is. I’ve taught over $20,000 worth of free CCW classes to military, students, and teachers in the last year. And one of the primary reasons I was able to get away with that was because I had a really large classroom to work with.  It takes me 5 hours to teach a few people in their kitchen or a room full of 50 people.


I’ll still keep teaching those groups for free, because I’m stubborn like that, but right now I’m limited to teaching at my shop in Draper. For those of you that have been in some of the bigger classes I taught there, keep in mind that usually half the people in the room weren’t paying anything.


In the past I just told students to refer their friends to Cabelas to get into a class.  Can’t do that anymore, so please contact me at FBMG for your CCW instruction. 


If you were planning on going to Cabelas for your class, especially if you were in one of the free groups, be sure to let them know your opinion of their new arrangement.   

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11 thoughts on “Annoucement, I'm not teaching Concealed Carry at Cabelas anymore”

  1. Wow, congratulations on your long history of giving to the community! I’m just getting my CCW instruction up and rolling and I appreciate your example. So what’s with these “so called” big shots thinking they can charge out the nose for something that others are doing for a more reasonable price? I’m sure that Cabelas is going to dip their fingers in this guys earnings…again, sorry to hear about what happened.

    Utah CCW instructor

  2. Dammit! I’ve been meaning to go to your classes for a couple months now (I turned 21 in July) but kept forgetting to do it. Well, I’ll have to take the ones down at FBMG. Thanks for continuing to rock.

  3. I have seen and assisted in several of Larry’s classes. While admittedly I’m biased, I think you get a better quality of instruction than you would with, you know, some freaking guy they pulled out of nowhere to please corporate.

    Mainly, Larry cares. He cares about you successfully defending yourself. He cares about you knowing the laws, your rights and your responsibilities, so you don’t get into trouble. He cares enough to give up twenty large in a time when all of us could use some extra cash.

    Larry’s class is WORTH $75.00. The cost is $40.

  4. Ya know, I want to like Cabelas. But over and over they show me why I shouldn’t. Things like this, along with some very questionable “support” for a local non-profit where I’m privy to the internals, means Cabelas doesn’t get my business anymore.

    Keep sticking to your beliefs Larry. You’re a better man than most.

  5. That’s bullshit! I took your class at cabela’s back in Feb. I’m one of the military soldiers that benefited from your generosity, which made it possible for me to afford my concealed permit. I want to say thank you for that. I intend to make a formal complaint to cabela’s immediately following this. Thanks again for all you’ve done for your community. P.S. I can’t wait for MHI 2. How much would it cost to get a sneak peek?

  6. I can’t find the FBMG website to contact you there, but I would love to take classes from you or someone else that you would trust to give me the kind of training that you give your students. I loved the piece you wrote on the 1389 Blog which echoes my changing mindset, but with a lot more evidence to back it up. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

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